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This may or may not be the place for this question........

posted 12/17/2007 4:34:56 AM |
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tagged: fun, music, opinion, people

After months of posting videos that either seemed funny, interesting, soothing, inspiring, or of a personal nature......I am open to your feedback.

Whether good, bad, or indifferent.....I would like to know. After nearly 140 postings, I began to wonder today....are people being offended by so many? Do others have a preference? Do I really want to open a forum for criticism?

I made the decision that I will continue to enjoy my videos anyway. So, taking the time to find out others opinions should be a positive situation. If they like...its all good. If not, at least we have shared this opportunity to voice what is on our collective minds....rather than continue to foment negative feelings towards one another.

I realize that the best case scenario is to bury one's head in the sand & continue to ignore that other people exist on this site, figuratively. That is not my way. And, on this anniverary of a personal nature, I will utilize one of the lessons learned long ago.

Here's your chance, folks.....let's hear it.

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This may or may not be the place for this question........
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Dec 17 @ 5:12AM  
Oh, and keeping with the ways of this place....Wanna fuck????

Dec 17 @ 7:22AM  
Usually the number of hits on the post and hits/comments ratio tell the whole story. Look at it as your personal Nielsen ratings. You merely compare these numbers to the numbers of the posts by others.

In the case of blogs, I can say that the number of posts has risen to the point that a blog post would be on page one for about 24 hours this summer and now it will be there maybe 12 hours. The result is that the number of views and comments has dropped on individual posts as readers are more selective based upon the poster and subject.

What may be an idea to stay in the forefront is to to invite commentators to your friends list. That way they can more easily track your posts and you can announce new ones in a bulletin that goes to the bulletin section of friends home pages.

Beyond that, I have no comments as I do not view on line videos.

Hope this helps a little.

Dec 17 @ 7:46AM  
I go in spurts posting videos........I wont post anything for a couple weeks and that i will post 10-15 of them in a day..................Now i dont always check the vidoes but there are times that I go to ppls profiles that I know like the same kind of music and listen to thier videos...............Sadly thereis not a lot of ppl that post but the ones of us that do make up for it........lmaio You just keep posting videos..............

Dec 17 @ 7:48AM  
I know that I have enjoyed many of the videos you've posted but I don't always remember to go look at them. I try to leave a comment when I do though. Whether you should post them or not? That is entirely up to you.

Dec 17 @ 8:21AM  
I totally agreee that it is up to you whether you continue to post videos or not.
Unfortunately I don't get to watch the videos. I know I have missed out on quite a few that I'm sure I would have liked. Damn dial-up. lol

I hope that whatever the anniversary is, there are some good thoughts and memories to go with it. Or good ones to be made from it.


Dec 17 @ 8:56AM  
MamMam if this is a part of the site you enjoy more power to you. I go through the video post almost everyday and play about 75%. If someone doesn't like you choices they can skip over them.

Dec 17 @ 9:17AM  
I don't watch the video's very often..I think I may have posted one or two of them myself..

Dec 17 @ 9:37AM  
about once a week I cruise over to the video's sorry to say I only tried once to post one and it didn't work so I don't try anymore

Dec 17 @ 10:48AM  
I enjoy most of your videos.. there are an occasional few that don't float my boat but hey that's life right? I may not always remember to comment cuz I'm blond and dangerous. But hey... keep on posting! Someone is sure to like what you post.

And yes... yes I do!

Dec 17 @ 9:10PM  
I always enjoy your videos! Post whatever you want, and you can definitely keep sending them to me!! As to your other comment........
Oh, and keeping with the ways of this place....Wanna fuck????

Is this a formal invitation????

Dec 17 @ 10:25PM  
I always enjoy your videos, though I may not always comment. Heck I love dance videos so I post them and hope someone else will get out of their chair and start moving.

If I post them long enough, I keep thinking someone will come up to me and ask "wanna dance" (my version of wanna fuck).

Post those you enjoy that is what the place is about.

Dec 18 @ 6:00AM  
Thank you for the feedback......

Good (most), bad (not really), and indifferent....all is acceptable and appreciated. I want to thank each of you for taking the time to voice your opinion and to make a comment.
WoW....thanks for the info and suggestions
Ewe......I know that I post my fair share ...have to keep up this site's daily average, yano
L4E......I have seen and I am grateful for your comments
CL........Thanks for the good wishes
Hornytoad..You are fully correct...each have their choice
Aly.......I have seen one of your videos, and, if I am correct....made a comment
Lisa46...Too bad you had a bad/unsatisfying experience with the videos
Nacho...Not a problem, you Remarkable Rodent....personal tastes are a wonderful thing....btw, is that tail of yours feeling frisky?
LBS.....Thank you & will cooperate......Sheesh! Do I have to make this formal, too?
DS.......It is good to know that you have enjoyed them...I have viewed several of yours, and I will state that most have been interesting & fun...Thanks for & please continue posting

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This may or may not be the place for this question........