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Making A List and Checking It Twice (or 3 times)

posted 12/16/2007 12:06:11 PM |
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Christmas isn't for over a week yet, so imagine my surprise when I got an early visit from Santa last night.
Okay, I've been a really good girl this year, but this was totally unexpected..

He was clearly upset and told me that he needed help. He reached in his coat and pulled out this long list on gold scrolls that seemed like it had no ending. He continued to tell me that he had been checking this list, twice. And he had many names marked with naughty (I think I know a few of them) and many many names marked as nice. But he needed help figuring out a few.
I couldn't imagine how I was supposed to help him. If he couldn't figure it out then..... but as he showed me the part of the list he needed help with I recognized quite a few of those names. At first glance there was,


and the list went on and on.......... Hey, I knew these people. They are all on AMD. Hell, quite a few of them are on my friends list. I talk with these people all the time. Oh My Gosh, what had they done that Santa couldn't decide about them? I knew a few things, but wasn't sure Santa knew about them, so I'm keeping my mouth shut. Maybe I should rethink who I'm friends with if it's gonna get me in trouble with the big guy.
He told me that I needed to go through the whole list of everyone on AMD and make sure they get put on the list where the belong. But he even added a few extra catagories since he knew this was going to be so difficult.
But I'm on a short time limit so I need help.
Here's what everyone needs to do....... First, honestly decide which list YOU should be on. And you will notice how that is spelled. Then pick 3 people on AMD ( any 3) and put them all on the lists that they honestly belong on. Telling why might win you extra points with the big guy....and I'd just like to know.

Here are the list titles....

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Dec 16 @ 12:09PM  
You just tell Santa.......I am really nice when I am naughty

but the three he needs help with...........

Sumdaysoon will be on the nice list.........unless he comes visit me........
NachoBaby is always nice.......especially when your naughty........
Borty is really nice.........if you send him your naughty panties...

Dec 16 @ 12:35PM  
you forgot the nice not having sex one okay sounded good I'm ummm umm


so glad I didn't make the difficult list Santa has in his pocket

Dec 16 @ 12:38PM  
Does it count if I WANT TO BE NAUGHTY????

Dec 16 @ 12:40PM  
Darn it, I forgot to finish the question.......

Bentan - Naughty/Nice

Sums - Very Naughty

Borty - Wants to be very Naughty, but he's too nice!!!

Dec 16 @ 1:00PM  
Ewe Wish...Naughty/nice...depends on her mood and what color panties she has on.
NachoBaby..Naughty...keeps insisting I wear the pleated skirt..
Valentine...Naughty....wants me to be naughty
Ladybootscooter...Naughty....does strange things with her boots

Dec 16 @ 1:04PM  
I wasn't on his list!

And I good, I promise, well until I'm bad then well you know!

Dec 16 @ 1:11PM  

DeDe...naughty ....begs for stuff then runs away....

Dec 16 @ 1:12PM  
I'm safely ensconced on Santa's NICE list, aren't I?

Dec 16 @ 1:19PM  
Looknforever....Naughty/nice...goes to all the malls and sits on Santas knee alittle too long...does the same thing with the easter bunny....

Dec 16 @ 1:30PM  

I want to be on the Naughty/Nice List

Nice - Maggiemae for certain

Naughty - Straddle

Naughty/Bad - Ash...BTW..where has she been?

This is not fair...too many to choose from.


Dec 16 @ 1:32PM  
Now where does YNOT belong???

Dec 16 @ 1:34PM  
DeDe...naughty ....begs for stuff then runs away.

Since when is "begging" naughty??

Dec 16 @ 1:34PM  
Just because I did not put your name on this blog does not mean your name was not on his list. EVERYONE on AMD was on his list, just not placed in a catagory yet. These were just who I saw at first glance.....So pick ANYone off of AMD and put them on a list. and don't forget yourself.

I, of course should be on the umm Naughty/Nice list. Well just cause...

My 3, hmm difficult decision.....

LilGriz---- Naughty/Nice list. Because he's just so much fun but still always a sweetheart. I've gotten to know him ,maybe I should have put him on naughty/naughty list.

Sumdaysoon--- Naughty/Naughty list. there really should have been a Really Naughty list for him... It's Sum, Need I say more?

Looking4Ever--- Naughty/Nice list. She is such a sweetheart but umm Don't I remember reading somewhere about a plaid skirt and kneesocks? Maybe she was playing schholgirl for Santa already....


Dec 16 @ 1:52PM  
Tool Shed - Naughty but sexy, I mean umm nice yea thats it!

Sumday - Very naughty!

Desert Smile - Naughty always!

oh oh oh one more!

Sugarnspice - shes bad bad bad bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 16 @ 2:46PM  
I gotta pick three

1) YNOT - Naughty/Bad

2) Ewe_Wish - Naughty/Nice

3) MrKnowuWell - Naughty/Bad

Dec 16 @ 3:53PM  
Looking4Ever--- Naughty/Nice list. She is such a sweetheart but umm Don't I remember reading somewhere about a plaid skirt and kneesocks? Maybe she was playing schoolgirl for Santa already....

I'll never tell.... Oh! Damn! I forgot there are pictures from MI. Um, but Santa? Well, I can play for Santa if it gets me what I want... However, I really had someone else in mind for that...

Dec 16 @ 4:26PM  
me......i'm on the nice list always......except when i ain't.......

dede - yea she's on my list...... ---------- nice/naughty
dayna - can't wait to get on her list ------------ nice/naughty
lisa - its our secret ----------------------------------- nice/naughty

santa claus only cums once a year better do a job huh????..........

Dec 16 @ 4:52PM  
santa claus only cums once a year
Unfotunately thats true......but its down a chimney.......

Dec 16 @ 8:39PM  
Ok...I was starting to feel just a wee bit left out here...till I came across this:

Sugarnspice - shes bad bad bad bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahem sis I be DeDe... Now you KNOW I'm NICE!!! geez!!!!!! (see if I leave her anymore green thing-a-ma-jiggy's*

Oh well...I still lubs her anyway.

And since I already said...I think I should be on the NICE list...cause I'm so nice..everyone here at AMD will agree....(psssssssst!! sis I be DeDe and I be Dayna...NO TELLING!!!!!! )

The other 3...ok

Ynot....Naughty/Nice....c'mon, do I really hafta say? Just look a his "cocky" Santa on his pic.

DeDe54....Naughty...did you read that last blog of hers?

Borty...Naughty/Nice.....he's a sweetheart...but has this thing for panties...

*leaves a purple thing-a-ma-jiggy on the table*.

yeah yeah...I know..they're green..but I'm coloring them purple so DeDe doesn't see.

Dec 16 @ 9:29PM  
I put myself on the Naughty/Nice list!

Dec 16 @ 9:30PM  
Dickslippery - Naughty
Borty - Naughty/Nice
Maggiemae - Nice

All self explanatory

Dec 16 @ 10:02PM  
Here goes a try at thinking this out

Nice - Holly

Naughty/Nice - This I think needs to go to Dayna - For her sarcastic wit, but she's always there when you need help

Naughty - Yes DeDe, always begging and demanding, and Kudo Whores have to be naughty

Naughty/Bad - Sorry Sum, but I think you really deserve this one.


Dec 17 @ 11:30AM  
I'm not on any list, cause the last time Santa visited my house he was frantically scrambling back up the chimney with buckshot in his ass! Yes, He got away.

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Making A List and Checking It Twice (or 3 times)