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Friends face to face

posted 12/14/2007 3:28:14 PM |
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This was posted in my "The List" blog by someone most of us are all too familiar with...........and it's a comment she has made more that once....

You people live on this site... consider yourselves best friends yet have probably never seen each other more than once in your lives...

Ok..she seems to be fixated with the notion that to be "best friends" that means we should be physically face to face.....Why? Is there a rule in life out there somewhere that states in order to be best of friends that we should sit down, face to face, in order to be friends? I always thought friendship was one of respect, liking, having same common interests, views, and yes, even the occasional disagreement. I never thought people had to physically be in one another's presence in order to be friends.

What's your thoughts?

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Dec 14 @ 3:33PM  
My thoughts oh this is even if u met a person online or havent met face to face doesnt mean u cant be best friends a best friend is some one whos there when u need them and some one who cares and respects you and some one you can confide in weather its face to face or online i have many friends from online on consider best friends and i havent met them just because i havent met them doesnt mean they arent part of my life or that they arent special to me

Dec 14 @ 3:36PM  
Hi Suga I consider De and you to be one of my Closest and best Friends we have ner met Face to face Like you said if you have the same interests and You can
Emtionally Be there for each other than yes you can Be best friends and don't have to meet face to face.

Dec 14 @ 3:42PM  
Yup ...your right Sugar...I consider my friends on here as real friends...they proved that when I was sick and lots of other times too.... Shit I'd be on here twentyfour hrs a day if I could ...lots of good people to talk too...but now I gotta wash some panties ...I'll be back later....

Dec 14 @ 3:54PM  
Well I have been fortunate I have gotten to meet some of the people in real life that I have met on here........and each of them was special to me prior to meeting them....yes it would be nice if we could get together.....hell Nacho and I have talked about that many times that we wish we lived next door to each other.......but thats not how it is.......I wish all of my friends lived near me or i them.....I would love to be able to open my door and have one of you standing there.....invite you in and have coffee with you........God thats what life is suppose to be all about.....when i was getting ready to have my surgery......friends here who I had gotten to know offered to come help me afterwards........and they were serious.......I have met a lot of wonderful people in my life.....and there are none that can beat the loving friends I have right some people we are just type set on line..........for us we know the truth.......


Dec 14 @ 4:00PM  
Personally, it doesn't matter what someone like that thinks, I certainly wouldn't waste my time worrying over that. Most everyone on here enjoys people they regularly talk with on here, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Dec 14 @ 4:35PM  
our best friends live in Spokane, Wa. we live in Texas... we do get to see them from time to time thanks to my job... but we still only talk most of the time by text- message, online or on the phone... but they are still our best friends... we have meet some great folks on here, Dayna is one and there are others... and I agree with every one else... in this day and age why do you have to meet face to face to be friends... as long as you enjoy talking to each other and have a good time what does it matter... hugs yall... K & C

Dec 14 @ 5:04PM  
It's a different world; two thousand years ago, your "friends" were the people in your village. Nowadays, you can have friends that you only ever talk to on the phone (and YES, the internet)...but are those people somehow less human? How about friendly? Is it remotely possible that a human, with a keyboard or phone, can make a friendly connection?

I think the fact we're all members here attests to the truth of this.

Dec 14 @ 5:18PM  
It's a different world; two thousand years ago, your "friends" were the people in your village
So that's what she's basing this on!? Back in her younger years??? Sorry, Sug, couldn't resist! Seriously tho, I could give a flying rat's posterior region what she or anyone else thinks about the friendship thing. I know how close some of us are on here, some of the best friendships of my life have been made here. Some I talk to daily and not just on here, usually on the phone. She and others have made those comments I'm sure as they are just jealous because they have never found that special closeness with anyone whether online or in person!

Dec 14 @ 5:23PM  
No problem LBS... Unlike someone we all know...I do not believe in "pick and choose" with comments on my blogs...everyone is free to speak his/her mind...And quite honestly.........I could really give a rats ass what she's just I got to wondering just why should it be a "requirement" friends meet face to face...

There has been a some wonderful answers here....thanks everyone!

Dec 14 @ 5:49PM  

Dec 14 @ 5:52PM  
No what I am basing this on is that sociologist and psychologist are so very concerned that children especially but adult have given up the thing called real friendship and turned to this thing called the computer. they sit at a screen and type and think they are having a real human experience but it is not... This is not something I am making up... If you go into the literature of sociologist papers, anthropologists, and psycologists you will see this... and why are we worried. because our society is falling apart... marriages dont work, children are alienated and people who study what makes people work know that the computer and its affect on real friendships and family is a most serious problem.. why do you tell your kids.. get off that computer got outside and play with other kids. because that is being human....... do you finally get it please bentan explain it to them they will listen to you and you know what I am talking about... yes sometimes too much knowledge is a bad thing... but not too often...its usually ignorance and not understanding that hurts

Dec 14 @ 5:53PM  
^^^ Dayna you sick ogre lemme out!!!

No I do not believe face-to-face is necessary for a human connection to occur. I mean for example I'm sure we have all heard of prisoner-of-war personnel who are confined to their own cells but communicate by Morse code and other such signals. It's not the medium of connection that matters.

Dec 14 @ 6:04PM  
The elderly who are alone and not visited will die very quiclkly those who are seen often and are in a situation of great stimualation have many more years of life. Newborns who receive no stimulation become babies who suffer from failure to trive diasease and some even die... a baby who is severely neglected can be 2 years old and weigh the same as a 3 month old ask dumbblond she is a therapist she can tell you I am telling you the truth about everything I say people desperately need one on one communication aske her

Dec 14 @ 6:09PM  
I am not talking about human communication. I am talking about your emotional needs from your friendships which is gotten from facial smiles touches. the sound of voices in other words stiumulation of your 5 senses got it not just the sense of touch from the computer we need the things we evolved from to have in our lives face to face communication to fill our emotional needs that is what is lacking in people they are so emotionally empty...

Dec 14 @ 6:11PM  
my mother became housebound at the age of 70.....due to severe illnesses she couldnt go out with having to be on Oxygen and her medicine she was ok to take care of a point....I worked full time and took care of my late husband who had alzheimers........I bought my mom a computer and showed her how to get on the internet......she made a lot of friends on yahoo messenger and when she passed a way at age 77 the doctor who was a family friend said that the computer is probably what kept her going as long as it did....btw my mom lived in minnesota and two of her friends one from the state of Washington and one from the state of North Carolina both came to the funeral when she died.......she never got to meet them when she was alive.....thats friends...

Dec 14 @ 6:15PM  
People are screaming SEX buy experts know what they really want is face to face community becasuse we evolved in small groups and we have not changed fast enough yet to be about to do without that kind of emotional needs. this is complex and I know it. but we lived in small groups for a million years and our bodies have not evolved yet to not be able to not constantly see people and get feedback from that... That is all I have been trying to say... we need each other because it was gods plan...

Dec 14 @ 6:20PM  
Ewe bitch what is your point except to brag... what you say is meaningless in my dialogue... bring up some scientific point otherwise shut up... I took care of my mom and granny too... you are such a pain in the ass...

Dec 14 @ 6:23PM  
Ewe bitch what is your point except to brag... what you say is meaningless in my dialogue... bring up some scientific point otherwise shut up... I took care of my mom and granny too... you are such a pain in the ass...
My point was only that friends can be made online.....gee I am sorry I upset you........I realize that when your as mentally ill as you are....anyone that differs from you is a pain in the ass.......I hope that you get the help you need so that you can start making friends prayers are still with you.

Dec 14 @ 6:24PM  
Do you people really want to understand where I am coming from or as benten told me just find more personal information to attact me ... this is why I think you should spend less time on the fucking computer and more time finding friends in your neighborhood and going out to lunch with themor going out and volunteering. this is my last day.. I volunteer 4 afternoons a week starting next week again and have no fucking time for you.. and my boyfriend an author in Minnesota is out of the hospital so I will be having him come here soon bye bye. elena

Dec 14 @ 6:33PM  
ewe bitch having only a degree in stupidy are not qualified to decide my sanity or not. I having a degree in psychology and many friends who are noted psychologist can asure you I am quite sane just dont have much patience for people who leak diariahha out of their computer all of the time thinking it has something to add to the dialogue... ...Yes you can have a few computer friends but one would think that If I told my fellow psycholgist that I knew a group of people who had 25 computer friends they kept up with regularly they would want to set up a group therapy meeting right away... anyone want to join you people are addicted ........ bye.... I gotcha....... ADDICTED WE NOW KNOW THERE ARE COMPUTER ADDICTED PEOPLE ALL OVER THE INTERNET AND I WAS TRYING NICELY TO TELL YOU GUYS YOUR GETTING CLOSE....

Dec 14 @ 6:38PM  
Elena you have showed no proof you have a degree in anything........the stuff you have spouted on this site I am sure, you have learned laying on that couch not talking to someone on that couch........but sputter your BS cause really I dont care........You with your own words have proven to everyone your mentally ill, and maybe you do have friends......tho i still doubt the voices in your head count.....but I really am serious when i say You are in my prayers........I hope you the best in the upcoming year...........


Dec 14 @ 6:48PM  
OK MISSY forget I insulted you... you mean nothing I said about us being evolved for small group life and not having the time to emotionally be ready for a computer life makes sense to you... than read the book Future Shock... and look up the term cultural lag... than please email at my email I will keep it open.. I will give you my real name and my boyfriends name if you email me and you can look us up on google if you give me your real name so I can be sure you dont abuse it than you will know I am for real... I really did run a hosptial but it has been demolished so I no longer know how much info remains wanna see my teaching certificates and degrees I can email them to you send me your associates degree ok... I will pray for you too.. so its not possible that people really are in a crisis today because society is just too complex for people evolved for a small group hunting and gathering society huh. geee I better throw all my textbooks away...

Dec 14 @ 6:53PM  
Elena.......your not that important in my life to give you access to my real friends here know who i am and where i i dont need to prove who i am but as far as i will offer the ovlive branch stay away from me and I will stay away from you.....simple easy...Elena.....please take my next words to heart.....anyone who knows me knows I am very spirtirual and dont make jokes or use it as jabs......You are in my prayers........And i really do hope that life gets better for you .....Happy Holidays.

Dec 14 @ 7:19PM  
it is not the issue :you people wanted to know why I wrote about not staying on a community here on the internet too long now you know... it it better to be involved in your own community for mental health whether you believe me or not With the olive branch than you can also accept that I do have degrees. Please look up the term cultural lag.. look up the book I suggested it was written in the 70s and it is unbelievable. If you want to watch a movie about vampires and a man alone in NY in the theaters today written by a guy in the 50s called I Am Legend than it wont hurt you to Read Future Shock a book written in the 70s prophesizing everything that will happen if computers take the 21st century It is considered a masterpiece... This whole fucking blog was about my constantly harping on this. this is why.. people need to be with each other face to face either because of evolution or because its what god wanted have it either way.... and you know how much little kids need to be exposed to each other well so do you!!!!!..... otherwise you can become addicts from lack of getting your emotional need met.... that how people become computer addicts is not emotinally filling enough but you do need another fix.... and goddam that how addiction works and that makes a lot of sense... happy holiday... get youself a lot of family and friend fixes elena

Dec 14 @ 8:01PM  
sorry to but in miss sugar..................but that vivaciousel1950 needs to back the hell off of ewe...............if you are so intelligent vivacious then i suggest you use your brains and use the friggin spell check! learn to use the correct word in the correct context. and your man is out of the hospital? did he finally get out of the nut ward he must have checked himself into to get away from an ignorant piece of you. sorry everyone else. but i think this wench is way too full of herself and trying to show off an education that is sorely lacking. LOVE YA EWE.

Dec 14 @ 8:02PM  
pardon me..............i meant butt in not but in. i am human. i err.

Dec 14 @ 8:26PM  
Well DAMMIT!!!!!! I post a blog about friends and all...and who buts in to spew more insults? I'm NOT even going to say the name...we all know it too well.

Read up Miss "I've got a degree is psychology" or whatever new one you want to rattle off about.......................

I have friends..both here online and in my community...I go to work, where, again, I have friends I talk with..hell...we even have get togethers sometimes. I this 5 sense interaction you want to gripe about.........honestly..........I believe you are a project your shortfalls on the rest of us.

I don't give a rats ass how much imaginary freakin damned money you have, I don't give a rats ass about your imaginary "wealthy freakin neighborhood" you supposedly live in or used to live, I don't give a damn that you supposedly can collect $75,000 yearly alimony sitting on your freakin fat ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's ALL in your head!!!! Because my "dear"...if you were "all that" sure as hell wouldn't be broadcasting it to the damn world!!!!!!!

Ewe is a friend, because unlike me...she can indeed feel sorry for one like you...but me..on the other hand...I feel nothing but contempt...and my patience with you is fast approaching the end of it's limit!

Dec 14 @ 8:29PM  
I this 5 sense interaction you want to gripe about.


I really need to proof read!

"I GET this 5 sense interaction you want to gripe about."

Oh case you can't figure it out...I can OWE UP TO my mistakes...and yes, even LAUGH at them.

Dec 14 @ 8:55PM  
sugar you werent the only one who needed to proof read! i had to re write as well. but somehow i dont think that the viv-bitch will ever look back at anything she has done................i think that she has never learned from her mistakes because in her mind she makes none...........easy to think that you make no mistakes when you spend all of your time trying to point out other peoples so called mistakes or shortcomings

Dec 14 @ 8:59PM  
well I was lookin for the list SHE was suppose to post today guess her mind was so full of insulting ewe_wish she forgot what she was doing???? Just sayin

Dec 14 @ 9:10PM  
I know Lisa...I'm still waiting on this list she told everyone to look for. Then again...this IS the same woman who told Ewe and others that she found someone on another she is supposedly leaving this site...but the same day...says her boyfriend just got out of the hospital.

Oh what a tangled web she weaves...and it is unraveling fast.

Dec 15 @ 3:12PM  
Why the fuck did I not see this blog yesterday??? I mean where was I in LALA land, Damn!!

And the point at hand, whoever said that is a fucking moron. Ok thats all I have to say!! Thank you for listening!!

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