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Is Communication Deaf?

posted 12/14/2007 2:06:11 PM |
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I read something earlier that talked about communication between two people. What a novel concept. Communication.....hmm.
Okay, I'm being a tad bit of a smartass here but at the same time I'm being serious.

Whether we are in a comfortable existing relationship, starting a new one or just getting to know someone, communication is Always a good starting point.
It lets them know where they stand with you as well as where you stand with them. But listening is a part of it, as well as talking. Pay attention to what they are really saying.

Some people think that just because you flirt with them, you want to have a relationship with them. Some people flirt. It's just who they are. I've always teased that I probably flirted with the doctor that delivered me. Although now looking back, I sure hope not. lol Hell, some people have sex and it only means that there was evidently some type of attraction there, at that moment. It doesn't mean they want to jump into anything, unless that is something that you both agree on. But it's always nice to know where each of you stand on the issue. Communicating keeps you and them from guessing.

Sometimes communication can go astray even between friends. Especially if they are of the opposite sex. At times one can think there is more there than there actually is and when the other doesn't share these feelings it can lead to a lot of hurt and maybe even anger between them.

Often when people have been together for long periods they tend to take each other for granted thinking they don't need to communicate anymore. Then one day someone says "Hey, I want out, I'm not happy." and the other has no idea where that came from. But is devastated. And usually by this point the relationship can't be saved. They no longer know how to communicate with each other.

Is it really that difficult for so many people to open up those lines or keep them open with each other? To get to really know someone other than who you might think they are, or what you want them to be?

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Dec 14 @ 2:09PM  
great blog! yep i like to communicate with my partner but you know the other person has to HEAR what your saying and that is also a problem sometimes..

Dec 14 @ 2:20PM  
Being honest with what you want is a start but as Lisa said sometimes they are not listening......I think sometimes I think people can hear one thing but want something so much they change the words they hear.....selective hearing........For instance.......Subject A says I dont want to have a long term relationship....Subject B..wants to have a relationship with Subject A so Subject B interjects the word to Subject B.....what Subject A has just said.......I dont want to have a long term relationship now.....and so B goes further into interjecting that when A is ready it will be with B....instead of just taking what A has said for what it was meant............Human nature is such that typically we hear what we want to our feeling (emotions) want us to hear.......and sadly that does not give a great line to communication and leads to misunderstandings.

Great Blog.....Treas.

Dec 14 @ 2:45PM  
In school they teach us to not dangle a participle... (whatever the hell that is) ... but they don't teach a darn thing about real life communication skills. All too often.... when one person is speaking..... the other person is SO busy formulating their answer.... they don't hear most of what is actually said. One thing I learned in counseling is.... when the other person is speaking:
1) Listen intently
2) When they finish, repeat back a summary of what you heard to verify you understand what they really said/meant.
3) At that point, respond to the topic at hand.

In short, listen, mirror, and respond.

Most people quit talking because the other person quit listening long before.

Dec 14 @ 3:10PM  
Great blog CL

Communication is very important in any relationship. Family, friends, workplace, and personal/intimate relationships.

Sometimes we need to stop and listen to each other.

*leaves a green thing-a-ma-jiggy....makes sure DeDe doesn't see it.*

Dec 14 @ 4:16PM  
This is Keith ( the male half of this couple) I'm on my 3rd marriage and talking and listening are top priority... Christene and I talk all the time, we listen to each other, we get along great... we live in a 1998 Peterbuilt truck... or living area is smaller than most bathrooms... it is 98"x 66"... and we dont fight at all... EVER... we talk through everything... this life aint for everyone but it is what I do... I do it well... but I have to deal with people all the time, customers, shippers and receivers, and the G.P. I have to be able to tell them how to load my trailer ( to be able to keep things on it ) to keep people from being hurt or killed... sorry, you have to talk, listen and be heard... so there ya go... hugs yall... K & C

Dec 14 @ 4:17PM  
I agree with everyone here, good blog. Throwing a kudo your way!

Dec 14 @ 5:49PM  
Great blog my friend! I think communication extends to the non-verbal realm as well e.g. bodily cues like the way you look at someone, tone of voice etc. Developing a good understanding of non-verbal communication is important 'cos it can provide advance warning of potential problems and prompt direct verbal communication.

Speaking of which, how long have you been blind to my subtle advances.

Dec 14 @ 8:12PM  
Amen! Very very true!
I cant deal with Mind readers! If a Person has something to Say.... Say it! Dont hold it back till ya Bust!.. Hell its not even healthy,it even adds Stress to our Lives!!!!
Good Blog!

Dec 14 @ 10:45PM  
I haven't the faintest idea of what your talking about...

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Is Communication Deaf?