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For Fucks Sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted 12/13/2007 11:56:21 PM |
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Damn!!!! Well, here's to hoping to "save" Ynots blog

There were people called Crusaders (Christians) and when they came into the moslem holy land in Africa the brown skin Moslem people who read the Koran and were of the faith of Islam scream grab your children terrorists on horses are invading our land... why are they here? One mans terroist in one age is another mans terroirist in another why are you so blind you refuse to see my point dont you understand when you demonize a man that you make joke that when I turn it in to a horror story one step away from the genocide of the holocost you are so blind or ignorant you can only call me crazy. If there truly is a Jesus he is weeping right now for your blindness and if there are southern towns that bigoted than Jesus will surely destroy them for I am of the tribe of Judah a daughter of Jeseus himself of the holy family of Mary of the home of betheleham and of the family of David from whom Jeseus came and our tribe is great and strong and we were not destroyed in the holocaust.... only a small percentage of Moslems are terrorists.... this joke was in horrible taste and for you people to laugh was why I brought shame on you and still you refuse to see even in my huge metaphor and Jesues spoke in Metaphors your people are not christians you have no idea what it means to forgive or have compassion so once again I am glad you think I am crazy and hate me... god forbid you should ever think I was shallow and unseeining like you. you asked me who was my biggest cheerleader sorry folks its benten... he is not like you either. he admires me he knows I am right. he think I have one of the best mind ever on this website. but I am just too controversial. benton is able to work with you because he will not ask you to go farther than you want to. He does not say half the stuff he wants to because you would do the same thing to him you do to me. so he censors himself I dont. I wont tell you my other friends. Benson can take care of himself. Are you proud you make Benson censor himself you viscous assholes.. and you are a viscious mob. But fuck you I dont care.. I spent the last 20 year of my life living in very wealthy neighborhood and have not worked since the mid 1990s due to a horrible chroic pain condition so I have live with nice rich liberal people somewhat isolated ...and they aint anything like you... fuck off

HERE!!!! Here's your own little blog to rant and rave in!!!!!!!!!

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Dec 14 @ 12:00AM  
Oh's BENTAN...not Benson!! gee!!!!!!!!

Dec 14 @ 12:02AM  
and of course you saw her new blog.............

Meet the Clique tomorrow: EXtra read all about it
posted 12/13/2007 11:52:25 PM | 0 kudos what's this?
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Some say there is no clique: they do... but we know better.. so many have wrote me with juicy stories.. I have learned their names and I feel like a gossip columnist.. Now I know you cant tell stories about indiviuals on this website so I have disguised their names so you will never guess who they are... and of course this is just some fun snippets... Who says Aunt Elena cant be fun...

Wow i am so scared........well since i dont belong to a clique I probably dont have a reason to be but since she keeps saying i am I am still not scared.........anyone can read my blogs and know who i am and anyone can read her blogs and comments and see that she is MENTALLY ILL............................


Dec 14 @ 12:05AM  
Yeah...there goes that word clique again....

Like you, anyone can read my blogs, my profile, my essays...and HEY!! I've still got my pics up....I have NOTHING to hide.

Dec 14 @ 12:10AM  
Oh yeah...and did I mention..........I DON'T censor comments...everyone is free to comment..unlike someone else who is threatening to spread gossip.....

She better tread real carefully......

Dec 14 @ 12:14AM  
Yeah what is with that and her new blog.. LOL
Poor Ynot sorry I got to taken away..
Well I'm part of that so called clique.. Boo-hoo on me... I'm so bad..

Dec 14 @ 12:25AM  
her comment from Ynots blog.......

thats exactly how ewebitch works benton did not say these things to me particuly to be in confidence.. its just the reality of this website...and the last thing I want is for you to turn against him... as I stated he is a strong minded man and can handle himself... you folks are the most close minded people I know... yes The Crusades of Christians were monstrous in the arabs lands and they lasted from the 11the Century until the 13th century and they used the most terroristic tools of their days. Lets not forget the Inquisition that was christian against Christian. The worst of the Clique is Ewe Bitch and her leggy friend. I am Jewish and she misinterpreted what I said on purpose and called me crazy when I was simply using metaphor to show how mean it is to make fun and dehunaninize and the next step is the gas chambers. Ewe Bitch is a racict. I guess a Jew would know a racist. Someone who lost half her family in the holocaust knows a racist all right a Ewe bitch is it..... if I ever saw one
Wow its going to come to a surprise to my family.......since my granddaughter is half black and my children and neices and nephews are all native

As for you Elena........mental illness has no race........You are a sick individual whose only agenda here is to stir the shit.........I do feel sorry for you however......what a sad lonely existance you have that all you look forward to in life is coming on a dating site and stir the people names and LIE.....and damn your good at the lying part arent you? But hell when your mentally ill you can get by with that.......I truly feel sorry for have nothing in your sad, little pathetic one to voice those oh so righteous opinions of one to say poor elena.....let me help you......and thats very sad........and you can keep emailing me lady.....but i dont read your bs in private email i just report them.........You are the have a problem with any of the human race that does agree with sad your life is..... I hope you take your meds now and get some sleep.......i am sure this isnt helping you with your manic episodes........night night.....sweet dreams

Dec 14 @ 12:31AM  
And your ability to feel sorry for a creature such as she is one reason I admire and respect you Dayna.

I can't feel sorry for her...and I've told you why.

Dec 14 @ 12:33AM  
Normally I keep out of this kind of stuff..But this whole thing with her is getting really old. Just like her.

I am here to stay. No one can make me leave..I keep my politcal views to myself.

Yeah I may be a bitch and I am damn proud of it

The name calling is for kids. No one takes sides around here. Most people don't give a fuck...We are here to have fun...But certain people like to ruin it for other's.

No names being mentioned

Dec 14 @ 12:37AM  
From: vivaciousel1950
To: themama
Date: 12/14/2007 12:24 AM
Subject: hi mama clique membe
ohhh like your not a member of the clique just a big ole ho ya all know who you ar now you tell ewebitch to take her antipschotic meds cause it sure is gonna be hard for her to have to be sure a psychopathic liar all the time without them ... elena

This is what I got from our dear sweet nutjob.. LOL...

Dec 14 @ 12:39AM  
Clique, is that a pen??

Dec 14 @ 12:39AM  
your right... but some members of this clique ( not you) decided that everyone had to conform to their narrow minded ideas or were not welcome on this site
This is from her blog......since i already know she wouldnt approve what I need to go back and recheck your facts....i agree without your meds your memory might be a bit faulty.......but you attacked me first this time........I never said anything in your blogs at all......still came after me.........after I wrote my America Love it or Leave it who is it that goes after ppl cause they dont conform to what you say well lady thats you.....

Dec 14 @ 12:41AM  
your right... but some members of this clique ( not you) decided that everyone had to conform to their narrow minded ideas or were not welcome on this site

Since I know she will never post a comment of mine....I'll just do a paste and copy from her own blog.

See? She is obsessed with this imaginary "clique". Personally, I do not see any "clique" what I see is a community of people who like to blog and have fun. Yes, people have others have pointed out...if we all agreed all the could get pretty dull on this planet...But..disagreeing doesn't need to escalate to name calling, threatening to expose "juicy gossip"..that's just plain stupid and childish.


Dec 14 @ 12:43AM  
Holy shit.........themama does mental illness usually cause ppl to spell that badly......and elena anyone who knows me knows i dont take medications of any kind........God Elena.......what is your point.....even as mentally ill as you are......does calling ppl names and lying about them really make you feel better about yourself.........GOD i am begging you please get some mental health if you cant afford it......most communities have a free mental health clinic or at least go on a sliding scale..........PLEASE GET SOME HELP

Dec 14 @ 12:48AM  
AGAIN!!! Is this woman for real???? And i do use woman loosely. Will someone pls shut her the fuck up!!

Overbearing pompous ass of an idiot, who thinks she knows it all!!!!!!!! In all actuality she knows nothing of what she speaks of

Sorry had to put my .02 in!

Dec 14 @ 12:52AM  
Everyone...I will apologize for the ongoing drama here. I will not however apologize for standing up for myself against unwarranted attacks....that's not the type of person I am.

Most here know that I'm normally easy going with a sometimes sarcastic sense of humor. And of course...anything else nice anyone wants to say................. ya know..................

Dec 14 @ 12:58AM  
Well Sugar I agree with you I hate to see and be involved in this kinda drama.....its such a shame.......especially when its with someone who is so obviously mentally ill and probably certifiably insane when off her medications.........but you like everyone else.........has a right to stick up for yourself......and it was good of you to stop the on pouring comments for Ynot to have to sift thru looking for personal emails.........i cant believe a joke a simple joke could be taken and made into a fight...........I wonder if it would have been as bad if the Democrat had went bang.....that joke could have certainly been about any three different people whatsoever..............

Dec 14 @ 1:05AM  
I agree....I can't believe a simple joke got this carried away. It's totally insane.

Dec 14 @ 2:22AM  
I have some leftover meds of my own....She is more than welcome to them

Dec 14 @ 2:29AM  
but there are other races like arabs and people like the moslems and so you can still be a racist.. just not against those people you jackass those are the people I am talking about but you are too uneducated to look beyond american borders to the middle east 1 million christians were burned at the stake as witches and heritics by the inquisition is that not extremism as bad as suicide bombers... they were tortured til they admitted their guilt. wont anyone admit guilt if tortured does that make any more sense than what the arabs do.. but you wont make any concessions for them.... start calling me crazy but my blog about this is getting kudos... so you are racist because you go after arabs with not knowing anything about their history or what the europeans did to them in the 19th and early 20th century to make them hate us and european so much. and what we did recently... or to understand it is only a few doing it but you hate them all or act like you do and that is racism

Dec 14 @ 2:55AM  
Some of my stupid jokes on here get kudos too....That doesnt mean shit.

Dec 14 @ 4:00AM  
I just got back home and saw Steve's blog go from humorous to negative shit. It all started out as something funny that most of us normal people can relate to. But then as I read on down nearing the end and saw the same troublemaker seeking attention once again in the blogs, and a lot of my friends falling for it once again by posting comments arguing back and forth with that person. People can argue about free speech all they want, but if I had this same person causing trouble in one of my blogs like I have seen them do with many blogs on here lately I would have deleted their stupid ass and blocked them as well. People need to ignore this person and quit giving them the power to cause so much uproar on this site. This is suppose to be a fun site to where we can all have fun and relax without someone blogging and causing trouble about the same damn things in their blogs. These days I normally try to stay out of negative drama, I have certainly had my fair shair of it off and on for over a year now. That's my two cents and I'm sticking to it!

Dec 14 @ 5:23AM  
dam i just posted a joke

Dec 14 @ 7:34AM  
start calling me crazy but my blog about this is getting kudos
I apologize for the Crazy need our forgiveness and support......mental illness is not an easy thing im for kudos.......I have no doubt that you get some kudos.........I never said everything you say is totally wrong.........but instead of trying to teach you tried to force feed.......once in a while you do make a valid point.......unfortunately most of us are so sick of your sickness and mouth.........we tend not to bother even picking out the good points you make.........You dont want a debate, Elena........You never want to beat us into submission to believe your way..........You call us sheep but in reality you want us to be just want to be the sheppard......with you there is no gray area..........its your way or the highway..........I do have you in my prayers Elena........and I dont joke about that at all..........I pray that you get the help you need, I pray that you can start getting honest with yourself.....and I will keep you in my prayers hoping for a better life for you........

Dec 14 @ 9:28AM  
Hey wait I said bang and I'm a democrat.... My life does come first don't matter what race you are if you come after me with a knife I will shoot...
And I guess so ewe-wish...Mental-illness does make her spell real bad.. LOL

Dec 14 @ 10:12AM  
so you can still be a racist..

I'm going to make this so clear you would break that beak on your face pounding it on the glass

I am NOT racist

enough said

Dec 14 @ 10:30AM  
humm I guess I'm racist I believe in right verses wrong. I believe each person has a right to thier belief, I believe what a person does is thier business not anyone elses. I believe if sugar is my friend and you don't like oh well that is my business not yours....So I guess these things make me a racist so okay I am

Dec 14 @ 11:19AM  
So I guess these things make me a racist so okay I am

Come to think of it.....she (Vivacious..Eleana..whatever the hell ya want to call her)..throws out derogatory words every time she racial slurs...(I've seen her use the N word plenty of times)....and yet...she calls US racist? wtf is up with that?

Dec 14 @ 12:38PM  

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