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Well, at Least We're Finally "Winning" this Thing...Right? Part One

posted 12/13/2007 8:07:59 AM |
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tagged: whig

I know I usually handle the roll of class clown around here (otherwise ther'd be no class at all! Ba-dump bump!), but from time 2 time I get a wild hair up my ass and talk about some real shit that iz going on. I think that's what I am about 2 do here. I can't really be sure until I'm done, but I think I am about 2 piss some fucking Republicans off.

Cuz this time I wanna talk about the fucking fiasco they started and that we can't seem 2 get away from over in the goddamn desert. I'm a fucking patriot, people. I believe in EVERYTHING this fucked up country of ours stands 4, and I will be the first one 2 stand up and say that the shit izn't fucking perfect. Sure...maybe the lines are long in the food stamp lines and maybe we are in desperate need of healthcare reform and maybe, just maybe we fucked off a GRIP of fellow Americans by ignoring the OBVIOUS danger 2 New Orleans B4 it wuz 2 late, maybe all of that shit iz true. This iz still the best fucking nation on the goddamn planet!

But that's just my opinion. Not everyone on this floating rock we call home agrees with me, and a good portion of those who dissent live in...U guessed it, Iraq! Many others are travelling 2 Iraq even as we speak. Do U know why this iz? Becuz even if Ur cousin duz own a fucking gas station in Oxnard, it iz still a lot closer 2 just walk across the desert from Iran or Syria and pick up a weapon and start shooting at HumVees than it iz 2 hop a fucking plane, make it through all the fucking security check points, set up a terror cell, plan and commit Ur act of jihad against the infidels without the FBI or the NSA or the CIA or even the Broward County Sheriff's Department catching wind of it and shutting Ur Islamic ass down. With all of that bullshit 2 deal with, it just makes much better sense 2 do it this way. U see, even the most noble of jihads must be fiscally sound or it eventually it iz gonna just slip N2 a bunch of assholes running around in the desert with no fucking shoes, food or ammo. But I'll bet U that his bitch will have her fucking berka, huh? we are ass deep in someone else's jihad in some godforsaken piece of shit desert, fighting 4 a bunch of fucking goddamn oil we are NEVER going 2 get 2 use becuz the fucking polar caps are goddamn melting, but hey, with any luck that will be sometime after Dick Cheney and G.W. have made thier way back 2 the private sector (AKA Haliburton Oil, thank U very much!) and all the riches not being in government has promised them! Hell, they're both old motherfuckers...they may even die B4 the climate change becomes an issue (don't count on it boys)! Fuck me if Evel Knievel didn't make it the fuck outta here in time. That's really 2 bad, cuz another year or two and I'm pretty fucking sure he coulda jumped the North Pole.

So I have established that we have a few idiots in charge. Well, maybe I didn't quite establish it, but U really can just take my word on that one. Who the fuck else but a bunch of idiots would start a war we CANT win right in the middle of a war that we ARE winning, making it so we lose BOTH fucking wars? Wait a minute...somebody else did that a while ago...I can't seem 2 remember...OH! I know! It wuz Adolph fucking Hiltler U fucking twits! Let's wuz 1943 and he wuz probably going 2 have an invasion force on the ground in England within in a year or so on the outside when he fucking went bananas and invaded Russia! U know what that did? I'll tell U that gave the US enough time 2 get an invasion force of its own across the pond 2 fuck up any plans Hitler had of spending New Year's Eve 1944 underneath Big Ben, that's what it did. As 4 the rest of the war" Well...I won't bore U with all the petty details, but I'm just gonna say it wuz a Comrade who found his retarded ass and his hag down in that bunker a couple of years later and let U draw Ur own conclusions.

I'm sure he had advisors that were telling him that invading Russia wuz a good move (with enough power or money U can find someone 2 tell U whatthefuckever U want 2 hear) but history begs 2 differ with them. Had he stuck 2 the original game plan U motherfuckers might just be reading this blog in German (but I doubt it)! I'll betcha Argit01 would be, though!


Keeping U posted


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Dec 13 @ 5:20PM  
WOW.....I didn't know you were that smart.....

Dec 13 @ 8:36PM  
I like myth and fantasy, but not on this subject.
It's as sensitive to me as
Vietnam and Iraq are to some others.
The fact is that witnesses said
Hitler and Eva Braun took poison.

Dec 13 @ 9:07PM  
The fact is that witnesses said Hitler and Eva Braun took poison.

HONESTLY - Who really gives a rats ass what they took? U wanna know what Hitler took? I'll tell U what he took...He took the fucking COWARD'S way out of a fucking mess he goddamn created his own damned self, that's what he fucking took! He knew that the advancing Soviet Army remembered the Battle for Moscow and would love nothing better than parading him in front of their kangaroo court system B4 quietly slipping a bullet N2 his skull somewhere in some Siberian Gulag a billion miles away from the nearest warm cooked meal! Faced with that REALITY he chose 2 check out early and painlessly - a fate his "final solution" unfortunately failed 2 offer his 6,000,000 victims.

I think I may have gone over two-cents worth on this comment.


Dec 13 @ 9:12PM  
WOW.....I didn't know you were that smart.....

Fuck U, bitch! U KNOW U FUCKING WANT ME!!! Send me pictures of Urself naked and preggers, so I can jerk off and pretend Ur baby iz mine.

WOW - from time 2 time I even freak myself out a little bit...


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Well, at Least We're Finally "Winning" this Thing...Right? Part One