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Is Ignorance Bliss?

posted 12/13/2007 12:22:02 AM |
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Sometimes I really wonder where the old saying ignorance is bliss came from.
Cause personally, it doesn't seem very bliss when you find ignorance in your face or the blogs time after time again. Especially by someone that is new and all of the sudden wants to talk about how dumb the women on here are.

Good thing he's not looking for more than sex.....Oh, excuse me, to make love to some woman. Not so sure that's gonna happen either, but hey what do I know?

Maybe ignorance is bliss......when you keep it contained.

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Dec 13 @ 12:28AM  

Dec 13 @ 12:34AM  
annoys me

Dec 13 @ 12:36AM  
Who's calling women dumb?

Dec 13 @ 12:37AM  
If ignorance is bliss, he's the happiest fucker on the planet.

Dec 13 @ 12:38AM  
he isnt ignorant...that means a lack of knowledge..he is just downright RUDE!

Dec 13 @ 12:41AM  
..he is just downright RUDE!
and crude..........

I would have left you a kudo but i gave my last one to mica.........guess youll have to wrestle him for it.............

Dec 13 @ 12:48AM  
i would love to wrestle mica!

Dec 13 @ 12:51AM  
i gave my last one to mica.........guess youll have to wrestle him for it..
Can I do that when I'm not so tired? lol

If ignorance is bliss, he's the happiest fucker on the planet.
And the rudest......I can think of a lot of words that would fit here....None of which are nice.

Dec 13 @ 12:53AM  
i would love to wrestle mica!
DB, I imagine you just spoke for a lot of women..... there would be a line a country mile long.

Dec 13 @ 12:55AM  
So when he says he wants to "make love", I'm kinda wondering if "love" is like a codename for some kind of Molotov cocktail.

Dec 13 @ 12:59AM  
i wouldnt mine wrestleing mica
although im a weak link lol

Dec 13 @ 3:18AM  
Erratic sentence structure annoys me.

Dec 13 @ 4:20AM  
Good ole Doctor Dickhead. His manners are as ugly as his face. Three blogs from this clown tonight no less. Seemed discouraged and drunk on the third

He claims to loves to fly his plane. Hopefully he took off after his last post in search of Amelia Earhart and found her.

Dec 13 @ 5:07AM  
Well I can see that I have gotta get out more often.. Cause "Yall" have taught me a Couple of New Words.. Like...."Fucktard"? huh? lol "Doctor Dickhead" that one I knew but not all together! lol
And Yall have seen his type before I'm sure!!! Just "Iggy" him! and He will go away!

Dec 13 @ 7:44AM  
Well sein as how Dayna was out of Kudos I left ya one of mine.

If ignorance is bliss then we got some damn blissful people on here and ole Purvis done figgured out how to solve the problem.

He says put all the ignorant people and all the assholes in a room with a bucket of vasaline and a bottle of viagra and let em fuck each other silly.

Dec 13 @ 8:09AM  
He wrote me this email after i went to bed

To: Ewe_Wish
Date: 12/13/2007 01:52 AM
Subject: No Subject

report spam
You are a dumb as ,cant you find a man who wants to fuck your fat ass!

so i wrote back.

Well when you wrote me the other day dumb ass YOU DID!!!

Dec 13 @ 8:20AM  
He doesn't get it either that typing in all caps is yelling, ignorance is not a strong enough word for that individual.

Dec 13 @ 8:32AM  
Well sein as how Dayna was out of Kudos I left ya one of mine.
Aw isnt he sweet.............I bet Purvis told him too.....

Dec 13 @ 11:08AM  
Ignorance is bliss????? Seriously????? Wow!!! I never knew!!!! And I was always so "blissfully" happy ya know.

Dec 13 @ 11:14AM  
Gorram Peckerweasel ! Geebus jumpin up and down on a pogo stick. I maybe are a dumb blond but even I know shit when I smell it!


Dec 13 @ 3:08PM  
Isn't he that little guy that yells...DA PLANE...DA PLANE....

Dec 13 @ 3:36PM  
Is it just me or does that guy look a little like the late former new york manager Billy Martin?

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Is Ignorance Bliss?