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Elana why won't you post my last comment!!!!!!!!!

posted 12/12/2007 12:36:24 AM |
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Well I posted a comment on her blog she approved that on but when I went to go to defend myself as to why I'm on this site she won't post it.. Not nice Elena...
So her I go I'm not her To Cheat as she says I am.. I have said that in another blog of mine to why married people are on sex/adult sites... Found alot of friends on AMD... Husband is also on site.. Here for some fun before we get to Bitter and old to have it.. LOL.. Last time I check as I told her this is an adult site not a site to view her politics as in her blogs for her to go find another site for those kind of blogs...
Wow just checked my mail also and this is what she thinks of me not nice at all.. Why are people like this aloud on this site....

but I think this is a sick place for a husband and wife to "play" expecially you advertising yourself like that... dont you think there are healthier ways for you to express your sexuality... in fact knowing you and your husband are both on here together seems almost to a level of "swinging" which the americn psychological assoc. finds deviant. I am not going to put your comments up because they are worthless as are you and hubby...

Like I said too In my comment learn how to spell.......Elena

She is so nice isn't she...

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Elana why won't you post my last comment!!!!!!!!!
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Dec 12 @ 12:46AM  
Sorry you had to experience her particular brand of sickness. It's a quite common disease, "stickupmydumbassitis" It seems to affect only older psuedo educated individuals with more alleged morals than common sense. Just because they can't get laid they assume no one else should either. Just let her insults roll off your back like the piss water they are, have fun and enjoy the site as you see fit. It's none of her or anyone else's business as to why you and hubby are here. Just my .02

Dec 12 @ 12:47AM  
mama, she is a very lonely old woman that doesn't get out much apparently. I mean seriously, she isn't nice, shes a total bitch!

Thank the spirits she isn't in control of anything except her little mind, and sometimes I think she doesn't have that either. Apparently she doesn't have sex, or maybe no one wants to have sex with her, She really doesn't no what deviant is! And never will, until her closed minded attitude goes away, and I don't think thats going to happen any time soon!

Have fun sweety, I do, and so does my honey! And No its not deviant, only her mind is!

Dec 12 @ 12:55AM  
Thank you... I needed that.. ladyboot and dede.... Yes I now how she is and yes it is rolling off my back.. We have alot of fun here.. thats what it is for right???

Dec 12 @ 12:57AM  
It's easy tp try to judge people you don't know on the internet.

Dec 12 @ 1:03AM  
Your right mdx, it is very easy to judge people on the internet. But when its people who continually have the attitude she has, its easy to see how she really is, or isn't!

Dec 12 @ 1:05AM  
I know Elena will read this........WOMAN THIS IS A SWINGERS AND SINGLES SITE..........NO FUCKING WONDER YOU ARE ALMOST IN YOUR 60's AND STILL SINGLE...........Why don't you go to church to meet a man? Why are you here?

Dec 12 @ 1:17AM  
just cause a woman is over 50 and single doesnt mean anything...i am not a mean person yet still single...

Dec 12 @ 4:22AM  
I'm with everyone else, why should you care what anyone thinks? Continue having fun!

Dec 12 @ 4:41AM  
in fact knowing you and your husband are both on here together seems almost to a level of "swinging" which the americn psychological assoc. finds deviant.

Just a word to the wise. Whether the definition of the site has been changed or not, it used to say that AMD was an adult swingers and dating site. Seems to me that swingers advertising and seeking fun on a swingers site is acceptable. And so too are the people here who wish to date but are not looking for sex. As it is a swingers and dating site All are welcome and should be encouraged to have fun. The only thing that should not be tollerated is people being dishonest. And as themama and her husband are both members and honest to what they search then I feel that they should be encouraged to have all the fun they wish to have.

It is not anyones job to determine who should or should not be here. So keep on keeping on and have all the fun you want.

Dec 12 @ 4:42AM  
Husband is also on site.. Here for some fun before we get to Bitter and old to have it..

looks like SHE waited too she's too bitter and old AND fuckin mean n nasty so abusing people must be her only fun..............damn shame

Dec 12 @ 8:17AM  
I agree with dumbblonde

just cause a woman is over 50 and single doesnt mean anything...i am not a mean person yet still single...

I'm 47 and I'm a sweetie and still single I just can't seem to find the one man who makes my toes curl or if I do he's got issues I refuse to deal with sooooooo

Dec 12 @ 8:24AM  
I wrote a comment to one of her blogs but she didn't post ut, guess cause I wasn't sympathetic to her whining , but that's her chioice. Besides I kinda get the feeling that she has placed herself upon a pedastal above everyone else or so she thinks, but she doesn't realize that the fall from the pedastal hurts a lot when you fall from it or a kicked from it. She sounds like a bitter old prude that wants to think that she is better than everyone else. She ain't worth the trouble.

Dec 12 @ 8:49AM  
She doesn't post my comments anymore, says I'm part of the clique. WHAT???? She is all about insulting people, calls everyone idiots, wishes them to die, and tells them to fuck off. It doesn't bother me, as it's coming from someone who is just full of shit...good thing it's finally coming out of her constipated ass....but now she has diarreah.

Dec 12 @ 9:38AM  
Good morning everyone... Went and checked on her blog to see what other comments were on it this morning and to find out she deleted it I wonder why????
Oh well!!!!!!!!!

Dec 12 @ 9:46AM  
Lovely old Aunty E really knows her psychology... from the couchee's position hon.

Actually the studies being done on Poly relationships shows them to be more stable and loving due to the open and honest communications going on.

Remember this Aunty E, it's only cheating if one partner doesn't agree to it. Otherwise, it's part of their normal relationship and none of anyone else' business.

Dec 12 @ 10:01AM  
I don't personally care what someone writes as long as it is open to retort. Because this is a blog zone, posting a thought or idea also opens it up for comment or discussion and if people don't want to be credited or challenged then they just need to write whatever their thoughts are in a personal diary.

The default in this forum is to manually approve comments and it really should be the other way and automatically approve unless you change the settings. A lot of the newcumers don't realize this and have to check and approve every single comment and with some topics it can be a duanting task.

I have quit commenting on blogs that require approval and in the end it becomes the bloggers' loss.

Dec 12 @ 10:11AM  
She only exists if we acknowledge her existence.
Do not read her blogs & Do not comment on her blogs and she will eventually go away.
If she makes an outrageous statement and nobody reads or comments...... her fun is gone.

Dec 12 @ 10:14AM  

From: vivaciousel1950
To: sugarnspice005
Date: 12/11/2007 11:12 PM
Subject: you are such a fucking moron

I want to throw Up... there are liberal republicans,,, moderate republicans and conservative ones and liberal and moderate and conservative democrats... the conservative dixiectats were the one who wanted to keep schools segregated during civil rights days. Now that you know how really stupid you are I want you to go out buy a gun and blow your brains out... or go out and get a college education. one or the other.... oh my god my daughter knew that informatiion in junior high school you really are stupid...

I mean gee....I was never mean or bitchy to this witch.....all I'm guilty of was pointing something out. And yes..she's been reported...and every time she emails me..she's going to be reported. This broad clearly needs some tranquilizers or something.

Dec 12 @ 10:41AM  
Wow sugar... she sure is not nice... What nasty words....
She really thinks she is better then everyone else...
If you read this blog Elena I will say again to you this is the time of year to be Joyful and caring not mean and nasty... Happy Holidays.

Dec 12 @ 10:41AM  
You will find that there are people here who will only allow comments if your comment agrees with them......many times I believe its about being a control freak and wanting to be right......but unfrotunately that is their right to do here........I agree that auto approval should be the default to protect the new people from taking crap.........but when its someone who has been here for a while obviously they already know about the settings......the choice you have is like you did and blog your comment or just let it go.........I allow anyone to comment on my blogs as long as they have not been blocked in the past.......that doesnt normally happen and usually only happens when i get nasty and/or threatening emails......I have thought about this for a while......and I have changed my mind on censoring comments........I will always allow anyone to comment on my blogs.....even if they disagree with me........even if they get nasty with me......BUT i will no longer tolerate someone coming into my blogs and getting nasty with anyone else who has posted on my blog,,,,,,if someone targets a poster on my blog in their post it will be deleted........and that is my right.........

Understand something.......some people are not well mentally.........and we need to feel sorry for them.......and as slo hand said if we ignore them they will eventually give up and go away................

As for how you live your life long as you are comfortable with it and are honest with it.........its really no body elses business............

Dec 12 @ 10:52AM  

Understand something.......some people are not well mentally.........and we need to feel sorry for them.......

Normally, I do...but not this bitch...I'm sorry but she hit a very raw nerve with this comment:
I want you to go out buy a gun and blow your brains out..

My late fiance did suicide...and guess what....that is how...he put a damn 38 in his mouth and pulled the trigger...and I found him when I got home from an errand I was running...for that bitch to so "casually" throw out a comment like's got me riled. I know...she didn't know...but you know what? IF she is so "smart"..which she proves daily she isn't, she would have THOUGHT before writing. There has been those who have gotten me mad, upset, whatever...but before letting loose with such venom..I stop and tell myself I don't know their just "shut up". Yeah..I've told myself "shut up" a few times. Like I just don't know.

Dec 12 @ 10:57AM  
Ok....let this old fart put her .02 worth in....k? I'm 63 and for what it's worth, I like sex, I like swingin' and I believe to each his or her own...for gaud and let live!! I'm single and it's by CHOICE for the time being. Those who stand in judgment on others lifestyles are pathetic creatures who have no life of their own. Consider the source mama....people like her aren't worth gettin' upset over. Get those shoulders back and keep your head up and enjoy life...fuck the idiots!

Dec 12 @ 11:55AM  
Each to their own, Live and let live. And any other platitudes you care to add.
The point is we have the great freedom of speech in all its forms. Someone’s personal censorship is also their freedom and right.
I don’t agree with censorship in any form and that’s my right.
We also have “the pursuit of happiness.” No one ever guaranteed we are going to receive happiness just that we can pursue it. Let the chase begin!

Dec 12 @ 12:01PM  
Thank you Soft-touch for your 02. Keep having fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 12 @ 12:37PM  
Just for that, I will no longer let Elana lick my pussy while my husband fucks her from behind ...

Dec 12 @ 1:27PM  
my hubby also has an account on here and we are both having the time of our lives!! To each his own, as long as you aren't hurting anyone else. My father-in-law always says "If you mind your own business, you won't have anytime to mind anyone else's". Smart man, isn't he?

Dec 12 @ 4:13PM  
Misery loves company...she's lonely and craves ANY form of attention she can get.

Ignore her and those like her, mama. Enjoy!

Dec 13 @ 1:30PM  
are we grown people here? i mean why care what someone else says? it's your life and if you let it affect you then you have the problem right? i have many people on here judging me and why? insecure? who knows but it doesnt affect me at all i get a laugh out of it really, just shows me who they really are, just do what you feel is right for you and whoever you're with and if anyone else doesnt like it then to bad right? as long as you dont hurt anyone who has the right to say anything? just my thoughts

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Elana why won't you post my last comment!!!!!!!!!