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posted 12/12/2007 12:29:45 AM |
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I just noticed I have had a decline in wanna fuck mail lately. Now whats up with that, I mean come on, since I have been Kudo Whore, my wanna fucks are not even registering on my register here. Being the Reigning Kudo Whore, I do demand some respect, and wanna fuck emails, don't I???

Or is it, I demand kudos, and no respect, and no wanna fuck emails? Don't matter, on with my bitching!!

I mean, have I lost my charisma, or something. I mean my looks are deceiving, I do look better in person than my pics, I think.

Now, I demand my green thingy ma bobs for ever thing i endure here dammit!!! I mean peeps giving green thingy ma bobs to other people, and not me? I'm confused, I thought they were all for me, me I tell you!!

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Dec 12 @ 12:34AM  
There's a kudo AND a wanna fuck, all wrapped up in one!

Dec 12 @ 12:35AM  
Well, some people just don't know how to appreciate anything. Your profile pic makes me drool!

Dec 12 @ 12:36AM  
i get those to

Dec 12 @ 12:42AM  
[QUOTEThere's a kudo AND a wanna fuck, all wrapped up in one![/quote]
wooooooooooohoooooooooooo finally a man that knows whats up!!

Your profile pic makes me drool!

Drool away darlin, if you leave a green thingy ma bob!!! [QUOTE]

Dec 12 @ 12:44AM  
*Walks in slips on the floor* Damn it just slipped on fuck mail again De sis wanna fuck hahahahaha NOW PICK UP YOU FUCKEN FUCK MAIL WILL ya can cause some one damage if they slip on it Peanut butter jelly time peanut butter kelly time u gotta love the dancing penis ermmmmmmm sorry Bananna heheeeee Oh yes leaves sis a green thing a mabob

Dec 12 @ 1:13AM  
OK, I hate to sound like a new guy, but I am...what the fuck is a green thingy ma bob? LOL Perhaps this is it?

Dec 12 @ 1:15AM  
If I give ya a green slippery thingie and a coupla wanna fucks will you puleeze quit whinin'

Dec 12 @ 1:21AM  
If I give ya a green slippery thingie and a coupla wanna fucks will you puleeze quit whinin'

Ummm No, u like it when I whine! and ty for the green thingy ma bob!

Dec 12 @ 1:23AM  

Problem Solved sweety.

Oh ! Here's your kudo.

Dec 12 @ 1:29AM  
Tool Shed...the thingamabobs she is talking about are Kudos...see the little grrn thingie at the top of the blog? DeDe is the annointed Kudo Whore and is constantly whining for them. Personally, I can't wait to get rid of them (you get 5 a day, to give away) because it's well documented that the more kudos you get, the less sex you have. Ewe_Wish has even done some investigating on this matter...


Dec 12 @ 1:33AM  
it's well documented that the more kudos you get, the less sex you have

Now thats not true!!! I get it when I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honest!!!

And btw, I love the new pic l4e, AND I don't whine, i demand, there is a difference ya no!!

Dec 12 @ 3:44AM  
I wont ask ya if ya "wanna Fuck" thats just rude to me!.., But I will ask ya if I can Play "Motor Boat", in those awesome Boobs of yours
and How do we give away our "Green thingys"?

Dec 12 @ 4:28AM  
hey,no fair....I've been away for a week and a half on business..honest.

you wanna a fuck ? I always wanna fuck, but all vic says is go fuck yerself

ok ,a green thingy ma bob just cos i likes ya.

Dec 12 @ 4:49AM  
hard to tell De hadnt seen em in person yet lol howver a kudo and a wannafuck to all your hard work and dedication

Dec 12 @ 4:51AM  
leaves sis a green thing a mabob

been thinking. All things considered should it be called a green thingy maBOOB

Jus sayin is all

Dec 12 @ 5:03AM  
* rushes in all panicky and panting * Here ya go ma'am, one large Wannafuck pizza with a bottle of Kudo Kola! And our late delivery policy entitles you to a free boobie rub too.

Dec 12 @ 7:58AM  
[QUOTE] How do we give away our "Green thingys"?
Thats ok.. I Went back and Read the "Instructions' lmfao!!! Yep a Man read the Instruction.. ! (Of course it was a Lil late in the game though! lol)
Here's one for ya!!!! lol

Dec 12 @ 8:21AM  

Here is your green thingy..

Dec 12 @ 9:00AM  
Okay, okay DeDe wanna fuck? Here's your green thingy. At least she didn't use the grandkids to get it this time Geez.

Dec 12 @ 9:33AM  
I'll just leave you a kudo............oh hell............wanna fuck?

Dec 12 @ 9:36AM  
My Dearest Ms. DeDe,

If I offer up the Kudos would you consent to some coital pleasure?

Oh hell with it.. De.. wanna fuck? Here's your green.

Dec 12 @ 10:12AM  
Lets Fuck!
....with respect for your womanly need.....
Lets Fuck! Lets Fuck! Lets Fuck! Lets Fuck! Lets Fuck! Lets Fuck! Lets Fuck! Lets Fuck! Lets Fuck! Lets Fuck!

Dec 12 @ 10:32AM  
Ok people...she whining she's NOT getting "wanna fuck"'s load up her inbox folks!!!!!

Oh...and here's the green thing-a-ma-jiggy she "demanded" (although to me it sounded like whining )


Dec 12 @ 11:01AM  
I'll give you a kudo and hope that Santa brings you all the wanna fuck emails that you desire,

Dec 12 @ 11:34AM  
Ok darlin. I will give you all my kudo's every time we fuck that way you kill 2 birds with one stone and have a nice regular supply of Kudo's and cock.

Dec 12 @ 12:33PM  
How about a wanna LICK instead of wanna FUCK?

- you can LICK me all you want, and I'll let my husband fuck you!

So Merry Fucking Christmas and a Happy Fucking New Year!!!


Dec 12 @ 2:09PM  
Once again,
spoken like a true Kudo Whore.
Keep Up the Good Work!!

Dec 13 @ 1:15PM  
Kudos away!

Dec 13 @ 1:19PM  
wow....from the looks at those huge hott ass ta ta's...which i'd love to fuck,if the rest of you is just as hott,i'd be going down on ya till LockJaw sat in,and then fuck ya for the next 22,that'd make one hell of a

Dec 13 @ 10:14PM  
Here ya go DeDE, just for making me laugh

Dec 23 @ 11:00AM  
*misses her sooo much leaves a kudo n slinks out *

Dec 24 @ 4:48PM  
Huff, I still dont see why SSSHHE get to be kudo whore,,,,I like wanna fucks and green thangs too. If our reigning queen ever steps down, some one let me know, so I can spring into action.
heres ya thang

Dec 28 @ 1:44AM  
ok, DeDe, here's a wanna fuck and a kudo for the kudo whore! I would like to play windshield wiper on your chest! (Moving head left to right, kissing in each direction each time)

Dec 28 @ 7:35PM  
You and me both Partner-In-Crime, are the men a wee bit gunshy these days? I've been seeing a severe drop-off in my 'Wanna Fuck' invites too^

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