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I am a Smoker, lol

posted 12/11/2007 5:47:32 PM |
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Yep, trying to quit smoking. Can't do it all at once as they have been a crutch for many years. Have lived on caffiene to for a long time now, too. I am cutting way back on that too. I'm getting to the point that it drives me more than I like, so I've decided that it's high time that I quit or at least cut back as much as I can possibly stand, lol.

Getting older, you know. Gotta start taking better care of myself and quit being such an asshole. It's going to a slow process and I've got to center myself and take it one day at a time.

Drinking water now trying to purify my system from all the caffiene that I've polluted myself with over the years. You know, in many ways I think that the caffiene has been more harmfull to me than the cigarettes although I think that I can limit my amount of caffiene and still have a couple of cups of coffee a day.

I've got friends who are willing to help me thru my rages, lol - I'll call them that.

Hey, wish me luck - I'm going to need it.

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Dec 11 @ 5:56PM  
good luck! and you're right, you're definitely gonna need it
i've tried to quit so many times myself and it's just not easy. o_O

Dec 11 @ 5:56PM  
good luck! and you're right, you're definitely gonna need it
i've tried to quit so many times myself and it's just not easy. o_O

Dec 11 @ 5:56PM  
Good Luck!
Any addiction is hard to overcome trying to do two at the same time. Yikes!

Dec 11 @ 6:25PM  
Try committ lozenges. They helped me stop smoking after smoking for 40 years. Good luck to you.

Dec 11 @ 6:44PM  
Good luck, Tom. I hope you lick it and stay off those cancer sticks.

Dec 11 @ 6:48PM  
Good luck, Tom.
I've got that caffeine addiction. Mine is in the form of diet pop instead of coffee. I have cut down quite a bit since summer though.

Dec 11 @ 6:52PM  
for what it's worth ....i stole/took a page outta AA.....i never realy QUIT......that's wayyyyyy to big a job especilly since i had over 25yrs in as a smoker...........what i did.......ask an AA member ...........i just stopped smoking RIGHT i only worried bout that MINUTE........not 10mins or 10hrs or 10days later.......just that minute RIGHT THEN..........and we all know ANYONE can NOT smoke for a minute right? ummm btw that was in summer of ask me ......i MAY smoke later tonight........but right now? naww i'll pass......

Dec 11 @ 6:57PM  
I agree with Steve, right now seems to be the perfect time to stop smoking! Steve, glad you beat that nasty habit!

Dec 11 @ 7:07PM  
I have come to learn that smoking is an STD. I still do it. The upside is that women with a similar addiction gravitate to it as birds of a feather flock together.

Dec 11 @ 8:02PM  
Good luck sugar plum... but.. umm where's the pic? I miss seein ya!

Dec 11 @ 8:24PM  
Pick up this book by Allen Carr, "The Easy Way to Quit Smoking". My stepsister read it and quit. Then she introduced it to my stepmother and she quit. She told me about it and I was skeptical about it at first. I was at my stepmother's so I read it in a single day and quit. Borders doesn't carry it, and they only had it at one Barnes and Nobles out of all the ones I called. Best bet would be to order it online. Don't quit until you read the entire book. You quit after you read the last page, as it states in the book. Believe me I've smoked for 10 years and tried to quit numerous times. Every time I tried to quit my friends would tell me I better buy a pack of cigarettes because they couldn't deal with me being an asshole. I know how difficult it is to quit. My entire day would be ruined if I couldn't get cigarettes. That's how addicted I was. The book is like 15 dollars. That's about 3 packs of cigarettes here. If you read it and it helps you quit, tell others. Good luck!

Dec 11 @ 8:28PM  
I probably should state I've been cigarette free for about 11 months. I don't know the price of cigarettes here anymore. But I haven't heard of them going up, so I assume they are still about $5.15 to $5.45 depending if you get them from a party store or a gas station.

Dec 11 @ 9:00PM  
well lets see I started smokin back in "71 and I quit in Oct. of 2005 do i miss it hell yeah I only quit to prove a point, still drink coffee changed my routines around abit the patch did it for me in 10 days twizzlers after if i can just quit eatin goood luck if ya need to rant just give me a "write"

Dec 11 @ 9:42PM  
Good luck Tom. You will feel better, trust me after 10 years i'm so glad i quit, now if i could give up the caffien too

Dec 11 @ 10:06PM  
I wish you all the willpower and strength you need.

Dec 11 @ 10:36PM  
Good luck!

A bit of advice that was the catalyst to successfully quitting for me...

Three days. That's how long your body takes to cleanse itself of nicotine.

Think about that; if you go three measly days without smoking, your body will have eliminated all trace of the actual substance you are addicted to. That means that from Day Four on, everything else is mental. Every craving, every nervous moment, every bar trip, every gas station countertop temptation... ALL OF IT.

Are you gonna let your mind beat you at this game?

Dec 11 @ 10:47PM  
I wish you everything! I tried to quit in January with no success. It's so hard.

Dec 11 @ 10:54PM  
Good luck in your challenge!! In my case it really was mind over matter - smoked for 12 years, and quit in August of this year. Have not looked back!!! The begining was hard, but I set my mind to it, and just got through it!! My hardest times were the habit times - in the morning, on my way to work, right after work, right after dinner and before bed. I just found other things to replace those habit times!! Good luck again!!

Dec 12 @ 4:26AM  
Yes, I know it's going to be hard and many people will not like me for awhile. Thank God for friends though. I've been running thru life at too fast a pace and need to slow down - if just a bit, lol.

I want to thank my friends here, too, as smoking is such an easy habit and the coffee is such a "pickme up" . It's been a long time on both of these so I've got to take it slowly and start realizing what I've been doing to myself all these years. It's going to be hard, I know but I've got to take it one step at a time.

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I am a Smoker, lol