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who here thinks incest is ok?

posted 12/10/2007 7:54:53 PM |
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i dont and just thinking about it makes me feel sick

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Dec 10 @ 8:02PM  
I think it's wrong and sick as well!

Dec 10 @ 8:05PM  
So what did your read or hear that led you to think about the matter? OMG now it's infected my mind too.

Dec 10 @ 8:07PM  
I'm just about the sickest bastard you're going to meet and even I don't think incest is ok. Sex with turkeys just might be ok though. Is a turkey smart enough to consent?

Dec 10 @ 8:08PM  
some guy told me incest is ok
and i should try it
and i said hell no

Dec 10 @ 8:09PM  
Define incest.

If you mean blood relatives, then yes I'm 100% totally against it and think it's beyond revolting.

Yet...what if we're talking about step-siblings, that have different parents altogether. Personally, I don't think I could do it if the step- status was already in place.

However, if we became related after our relationship started, that might be a different story.


Dec 10 @ 8:10PM  
i mean blood relatives
and cousins and such

Dec 10 @ 8:12PM  
What guy? Some on-line guy or a real life guy? You can block an on-line guy easily enough.

Dec 10 @ 8:14PM  
some guy on my im
i deleted him

Dec 10 @ 8:15PM  
It's supposed to make people sick thinking about it, so that they will not want to do it. There are genetic reasons, family, and moral reasons, and laws against it. Of course there are sick people who cannot control themselves and need to be locked up.

Dec 10 @ 8:16PM  

Dec 10 @ 8:17PM  
We all know it's wrong but we haven't heard from anyone from the hills practising same or for that matter, anyone that's been on the Jerry Springer show
Reminds me of the definition of Relative Humidity:
The sweat that runs down the crack of your butt while your screwing your brother's wife.

Dec 10 @ 8:19PM  
it is always inappropriate to mix familial roles in such a way that crosses those boundaries, although a little fantasy play in that regard can be fun...

Dec 10 @ 8:21PM  
I'd like to know what YOU yourself think of it....and why you felt the need to seek others opinions? Was it something that you couldn't decide upon by yourself?

Dec 10 @ 8:25PM  
About cousins, here's a site (albeit biased) with some interesting facts:

I haven't thought or researched a whole lot about this matter, but it seems to me most moral (not legal) arguments against incest apart from social taboos (which change from society to society) center around either Biblical or genetic arguments. For those of us who are not Biblical followers, the genetic argument would seem to be most compelling one against sexual relations with blood-relatives. But I dunno, perhaps there are other reasons I am missing and someone else can talk about them.

Dec 10 @ 8:27PM  
i know i dont approve of incest
i just want to know if others disaprove or not
so dont bring drama to my blog

Dec 10 @ 8:30PM  

Incest is not ok. Its SICK

Dec 10 @ 8:30PM  
I'd like to know what YOU yourself think of it....and why you felt the need to seek others opinions? Was it something that you couldn't decide upon by yourself?

Um ... did you actually read her blog? She already said she doesn't think it's ok. Besides there is nothing wrong with throwing something out for discussion.

Dec 10 @ 8:34PM  
Sorry lildevilgirl...I apologize...I didn't mean to offend or bring drama. Guess it was a question that startled me in my ripe old age. Again...I apologize.

Dec 10 @ 8:40PM  
My first thought of incest would pertain to immediate family members, brother, sisters, parents, aunt, uncles, etc. Frankly I never thought about it beyond that towards 1st or 2nd. cousins.

I do know in certain cultures it is acceptable and Franklin D. Roosevelt himself married Eleanor, his 5th. cousin. So how far removed is acceptable?

Dec 10 @ 8:52PM  
Incest is the best put your sister to the test!!!!!

Seriously though.....its bad, mmmkay?

Dec 10 @ 9:19PM  
First cousin marriages are quite common.
26 states allow first cousin marriages; most people can marry their cousin in the US.
It is estimated that 20 percent of all couples worldwide are first cousins. It is also estimated that 80 percent of all marriages historically have been between first cousins!
Albert Einstein married his first cousin. And so did Charles Darwin, who had exceptional children.


Dec 10 @ 9:21PM  

Dec 10 @ 9:27PM  
Damn it Why go down the street when you can go down the hall. I don't think its a good thing, but I think most states say no 4th cousins or under so 5ths is ok....... rrriiiight

Dec 10 @ 9:28PM  
Damn it Why go down the street when you can go down the hall. I don't think its a good thing, but I think most states say no 4th cousins or under so 5ths is ok....... rrriiiight

Dec 10 @ 10:02PM  

Dec 10 @ 10:18PM  
That's what I think of it!!

Dec 10 @ 10:35PM  
Only one word comes to mind !
No way, Shape or Form! Its Wrong!!!! My 2 Cents


Dec 10 @ 10:43PM  
Please tell dumb Blond that I had 100s of kids raped my mom and dad, uncle and auntie, brother and so on as young as 1 and a half and I really didnt think that those kids could conjure it as fun. Most came to our program thru the Hospital as attempted suidide victims in their teens, after a life of alcohol and drug abuse. I guess she really is a dumb blonde after. all

Dec 10 @ 10:51PM  
80% of all marriages are between first cousins??????????????? i am not even going to look into that preposterous claim...

Dec 10 @ 11:05PM  
I ran a school and residential center for mentally ill teens. Incest victims of fathers mothers, brothers.. uncles, aunts. children as young as 18 monts . drug addicts alcoholics. prostitutes. the children were mostly brought to us after a suicide attempt . this is not a laughing matter. not one evev to encourage in sex play ever

Adult cousins is not really an incest issue. that is a genetics issue and should be considered whenever having children

Dec 10 @ 11:30PM  
i have a couple cousins and aunts that are smoking hot....the aunts are only by marriage not blood....when i think of incest i think of parents, sister, brother that sort....which is totally sick in my book.. for cousins and aunts i dunno what i would do if i was put in that situation...... ....guess it's a good thing they live 1,000 miles from no worries....

Dec 10 @ 11:31PM  
80% of all marriages are between first cousins??????????????? i am not even going to look into that preposterous claim...

I think the keyword is "historically". In the past, more inbreeding occurred because people tended not to travel far from their place of birth. See the following excerpt from Discover Magazine.

The traditional view of human inbreeding was that we did it, in essence, because we could not get the car on Saturday night. Until the past century, families tended to remain in the same area for generations, and men typically went courting no more than about five miles from homeā€”the distance they could walk out and back on their day off from work. As a result, according to Robin Fox, a professor of anthropology at Rutgers University, it's likely that 80 percent of all marriages in history have been between second cousins or closer.

Dec 10 @ 11:58PM  
Wail Durn!! do ya reckon this means I can't be a takin ole Purvis to tha famly reunion ta pick up gals no more??? Heza gonna be heart broked.

Seriously, I don't believe in it even though 1st cousin marriages are very common in this area.

Dec 11 @ 12:04AM  
In our modern world it is the best thing not to cross boundaries.... in primitive cultures let them decide what is best for them.... if a boundry is crossed such as a 1st or 2nd cousin, or even adult step siblings, it is not the end of the world.... it has to do with the relationship not being exploitatiive and a mutual rescpect.... but isnt that what we always are going for. not trying to hurt or use someone and not trying to hurt the family....your in good mental health... elena

Dec 11 @ 12:21AM  
Wail Durn!! do ya reckon this means I can't be a takin ole Purvis to tha famly reunion ta pick up gals no more???
What do you mean picking up cheating on me already...........cuz...........

Dec 11 @ 1:39AM  
Sick, truely sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who would wanna have sex with there dad or uncle, or brother, sister, just plain wrong, on every level!

Dec 11 @ 4:51AM  
Let's get back to basics. Son's are sexually attracted to their mothers as daughters are to their fathers and vice-versa, and often the attraction remains a sexual fantasy. Brothers and sisters indulge from curiosity. Who made incest taboo ? Society did but it stems from the days when the result of incest was a birth of an unhealthy child as there was no effective contraception. Is the sexual act itself less satisfying ? I think its the same if not perhaps moreso.

Dec 11 @ 6:23AM  
It's hoot to see the remarks of people who regard evolution and genetic whatever, quoting Darwin and all cling to religious and cultural morals who'd otherwise comdemn science. And folks with graduate degrees cant understand the concept of role-playing, having discreet, consentual fun between unrelated adults. A dumblonde sis to raise me right could be very helpful when mom's not bent over backwards on the task...

Dec 11 @ 8:32AM  
First off, just word itself is nasty! Secondly, the idea is nasty!
I read all the comments before I decided to post and though it is a very serious subject, some of the posts made me laugh .... Ewe_Wish & free2spoilu, ya'll are plum crazy!

Dec 11 @ 9:28PM  
If your mom and dad were to get a divorce, would they still be brother and sister?
If anyone hears that from their friends or peers then they have serious problems. Either that or you live in Tennesse. Just kidding. All humor aside. Fuck no, that is fucking repulsive. Seriously, any family members whether step, half or what the fuck ever should not be knocking boots. That is just disgusting. I even think third, fourth, fifth cousins are a no, no.

Dec 12 @ 9:48AM  
We say the brain is the largest sex organ. Why? Because the 'mind' gives meaning to things, and in that meaning, chases its tail.

Why does sex have that 'naughty' capacity? Because as a herd, we've said 'thou shalt not' and 'thou shalt.' We gave sex meanings, and then we get aroused by not just the touch, but the meanings of the touch that most have agreed to, and then followed around.

So why does incest make us go 'ewwwwwww?' Because we choose to make boundaries around blood relatives. We do. Not some biological drive or anything similar. We do. We'd rub against anything if the mind wasn't there saying 'yes' or 'no.' And beneath it all, in so many forms, is sex is power. Meanings make power. Size of animal is power. Muscle mass is power.

We've decided to make children off-limits for adults because we noted the role of power and decided it was too lop-sided, but it took us centuries to come to that conclusion. We made rape illegal, but it took a long time for it to be meaningful, and we still want to blame women.

If you're not coercing the other, if the age is above an age of consent that we've assigned, why is incest so horrible? Only because we want it to be...not because it 'is', beyond our wanting it to be. If we want to live by rules, fine...but it's important to recognize that we both put in the fence posts, and then agree there is a fence, when in fact...the fence has no wire.


Dec 18 @ 4:52AM  
incest is in the same sick category as child molestation..............just so totally sick and wrong

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who here thinks incest is ok?