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Touch or Be Touched?

posted 12/10/2007 8:04:53 AM |
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Seems like a simple enough question, doesn't it?

And most of us will answer with Both. I want to touch and I want to be touched.

Close your eyes and just imagine,it's quiet, the lights are dim, you're both in a very sensual mood, no interuptions. But just this one time, for what ever reason only one of you will touch the other.....for now anyways.... Would you rather feel being touched, or feel someone elses skin, lips and desire as you touched them?

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Dec 10 @ 8:23AM  
hard question

Dec 10 @ 8:25AM  
Treas.....what an awesome and original question.............i would rather touch.....i would rather touch him, watching what each thing i do and how it effects him,,,,,,what thing do i do to turn him on the most........what kind of things excites him......looking into his eyes watching it cloud with passion as i touched him and kissed him....I would rather be licking his nipples than him licking mine......stroking his cock instead of him stroking my pussy........because everything that I do to turn him on........would be turning me on.........a lot of the sexual excitement for me is how I am turning my lover on.........

Whew......need a shower........see ya later.

Dec 10 @ 8:39AM  
i'm a greedy woman i want to be touched

Dec 10 @ 8:43AM  
touch them. i'm a toucher haha. i've got roaming hands and i'd rather feel every inch of their body for the entire time we're laying there

Dec 10 @ 8:58AM  

I want to be the one touching. One because I love the soft smooth way a woman feel. And two because to me the importance of pleasing her comes first and formost with me. Pleasing her is what pleases me.

Dec 10 @ 9:02AM  
Whew......need a shower........
Damn woman, after reading that answer, I almost need a shower.....lmao.

But I completely agree with you on every word of it..
There is nothing more of a turn me....than knowing his full desires and being able to create and satisfy them.

Dec 10 @ 10:06AM  
both, I enjoy caressing him while he's sleeping watching him awake with the awareness of what is going on then enjoy when he takes over

Dec 10 @ 10:24AM  
Sorry, I am greedy.. I want it all.. touch and be touched.

Dec 10 @ 10:29AM  
Ewe_wish....couldn't said it better myself!! Whew!

Dec 10 @ 10:57AM  
I am a toucher and I love the thrill it gives me knowing my touch is enjoyed. I have only met one man in my life that truly could touch me in a way that made my mind stop. I still adore him!!

Dec 10 @ 11:27AM  
I'm selfish and greedy...I like to be touched.

I'll even leave ya a green thing-a-ma-jiggy....just don't let DeDe see it.

Dec 10 @ 12:53PM  
Super question!
See me, Touch me, Feel me, Heal me (The Who -Tommy was right!)
Both are great but the question was if you could only do one.
I prefer to be touched, caressed, held, squeezed, pinched, nibbled and so on…….

Dec 10 @ 12:56PM  
Would you rather feel being touched, or feel someone elses skin, lips and desire as you touched them?


Dec 10 @ 1:18PM  
For some reason, I find this an easy question. If only one of us was allowed to be touched, I would enjoy being the one who is doing the touching and caressing. I love to feel a woman's skin and experiment with various sensitivity levels on her.

Dec 10 @ 2:54PM  
What a great question CL! Also a hard one to answer. If there could only be one, then I would have to say it would be me doing the touching. I LOVE TO TOUCH!!! Just the thoughts of my hands, fingers, lips caressing a wonderful hard body,mmmm. God there's something to be said about that, like time to take a shower !!

Dec 10 @ 3:35PM  
Wait ... lemme ask 'em fingers.

Dec 10 @ 3:47PM  
I want Ewe_Wish to touch me

Dec 10 @ 6:55PM  
I am VERY much into touching others.....

BUT........ having said that....... since you wanted us to pick just one..... I'd like to be touched by someone who's as much into it as I am.

Dec 10 @ 9:47PM  
Oh maaan, cl, I need to choose???

Since I am one who loves to do the touching, letting my fingers, lips, and tongue dance and glide over a womans skin, I think.........I would love to be the one receiving the touches. It never really has happened to me, to let someone do that, it would be interesting.

Do I have any volunteers for this?

Dec 10 @ 10:03PM  
Do I have any volunteers for this?
Well Griz, I guess since it is my blog, it would be only right that I would volunteer for such a task....
Especially since I love to touch....... but umm can I use more than just my umm fingers? I'm just askin'

Dec 10 @ 10:23PM  
Well darlin, I think I just might let you use whatever you may have available

Dec 10 @ 10:41PM  
I'm stubborn...I want we both have a turn to touch and be touched

Dec 10 @ 11:47PM  
Well darlin, I think I just might let you use whatever you may have available
Hmm, this could prove to be rather interesting......

Dec 12 @ 3:57AM  
I'm with Nacho and 31sunshine, I'm greedy too and have to have both.

In all honesty, if I had to choose one I would want to be wait, did the wait a sec, be touched....err, hold on, do the touching....oh screw it, I WANT THE WHOLE DAMN THING!!!!!!

Dec 13 @ 12:25AM  
Damn Ewe_Wish! Your response was as powerful as the question! Personally, I'd want to take turns doing it, the interest of answering the question...I would rather touch her

Dec 13 @ 1:08AM  
If I am not allowed to touch, then my hands better be restrained. Just sayin'...

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Touch or Be Touched?