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It's easy to get sucked in

posted 12/8/2007 2:50:45 PM |
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tagged: rant

I should know better by now....... but a new (to me) monkey scampered in and started flinging poo all over the place. It's hard NOT to respond to such a shit storm so one gets sucked in. I swore I would ignore those agitators after the last fracas...... but I made a few comments trying to insert a little intelligence & sanity into the mix...... where none was clearly wanted or needed.

I"ve noticed there are 2 types of people who come in here and make wild, inflamitory statements. The first are shit stirrers. They just like getting people agitated for the fun of it. The second are morons who are honestly stupid.

I'm really not sure which one blondie is and I'm not asking for an answer. The first type won't admit it, and the second won't recognize themselves anyway.
Either way, I won't be reading her blogs anymore. I like a good intelligent discourse........ but hers are too idiotic and one sided.

I did want to make a comment on a previous blog: "Some others who criticized the country they loved: Kick em out"
I'm not really sure what point she was trying to make. ('m not sure she does either, but I digress) Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, John Adam, John Q. Adams were all born ENGLISHMEN and the country they loved was England. In a manner of speaking.... they did leave... English rule, that is.
Lincoln criticized slavery and did something about it.
Roosevelt criticized the state of the American economy and did something about it.
Not sure what Eisenhower criticized.... any moron can throw out a list of name with NO supporting facts.

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Dec 8 @ 2:53PM  
they were all willing to go to war. the wack job is for surrender.

Dec 8 @ 3:14PM  
glad i was not the only one who had no idea as to the contents of that blog

Dec 8 @ 3:16PM  
You forgot the 3rd time of person the moronic shit stirrer that is so stupid she thinks she's smart.............

This is from her essay:

The person I would like to meet
I am looking for an intelligent, well read. funny, funloving, good natured man with a great sense of humor, which, would pretty well describe myself. I only date Democrats. Absolutely no Republicans
Now i thought it was hysterical when she said that she was intellignet, well read, funny, fun loving and good natured,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but i almost wet myself laughing at the last part.......God i have known for a long time people are attracted to others in different ways......some like them tall some like them short some like them thin some like them chubby but Democrat vs Republic.............Kinda like saying I dont want any men who is from Texas or I dont want someone who drinks coffee or someone who calls his mother on sundays......tho i do have to say I bet there are a lot of republicans breathing a sigh of relief that she wouldnt be interested in them.............

Dec 8 @ 4:24PM  

I only date Democrats. Absolutely no Republicans
I dont know that i believe her..............


Dec 8 @ 5:40PM  
Which type am I? No, I'm serious. I want to know.. am I a stirrer or a moron?

Dec 8 @ 7:11PM  
It seems to me that by tossing out the names of men like Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, John Adam, John Q. Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower she is attempting to infer that she is being persecuted as were some of the greatest patriots in history.

Those men and thousands of other men and women have fought, shed blood and in many cases gave their lives in the formation and protection of this great nation from all outsiders who would challenge the founding principals, freedoms and liberties that all Americans enjoy and it never fails for some twit like this Jane Fonda wanna be to hop on a high horse and go riding off on a damn fool mission to save the world when 9 times out of 10 they manage to get more people killed than would have died in the first place.

I've said it before & I will say it again: Lady bring your battle scars, combat ribbons and DD-214's to the table and then you can speak up all you want or sit over in the corner and shut up.

Dec 8 @ 9:08PM  
Which type of the two kinds am I? LOL.....

Dec 9 @ 1:04AM  
gots my DD 214 right where do i sit

Dec 9 @ 1:05AM  
Dayna does not want any republicans from TX

Dec 9 @ 4:35AM  
Which type am I? No, I'm serious. I want to know.. am I a stirrer or a moron?

You dear stir morons in that giant cauldron if yours. Is the soup 'bout ready? I'm damn hungry!

Dec 9 @ 6:36AM  
Dayna does not want any republicans from TX
Aw John, thats not why I didnt want you............its the sheep thing I tell ewe.............

Dec 9 @ 6:38AM  
at least there is no broke back mountain goin on around these neck of the woods

Dec 9 @ 6:49AM  
at least there is no broke back mountain goin on around these neck of the woods
Theres not...........then who are these two guys you sent me a picture of?


Dec 9 @ 10:07AM  
s the soup 'bout ready? I'm damn hungry!

It's almost there, just needs a dash of somethin for flavor. Nutjobs taste funny.

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