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To the nut and all who viewed this feud.

posted 12/8/2007 11:59:48 AM |
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Now the nut is claiming to write history books for History Graduate Classes. So I say prove it - what books?

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To the nut and all who viewed this feud.
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Dec 8 @ 12:09PM  
i gots me 1 of them thar books..........i likes even comes wit a pak of 24 different colored ya dont have to spend extra money be sure to stay in the lines n dont let ur little sister eat the crayons

Dec 8 @ 12:20PM  
I never said that I said I attended Graduate school in history and had written in history books. Which I have on the high school level..... Street Law... Mock Trial.... Ohio... (dept of ed)

Dec 8 @ 12:22PM  
All these people ganging up on one woman and trust me I have a whole lot of friends. Why are they afraid of me......?

Dec 8 @ 12:26PM  
All these people ganging up on one woman and trust me I have a whole lot of friends. Why are they afraid of me......?
Elena, as I have told you before, to have an education is a good thing, to assume that you are better than everyone else because you do have it, is wrong. As for your "friends" funny thing about friends, they usually come to your rescue and aid when people are "ganging up" on you. But they have been mysteriously absent here haven't they. If you find the group here so far beneath you both educationally and socially why not take your haggard ass out of here and go to some site where your brains and views can truly be appreciated? Sorry Mick, didn't mean to hijack you here this much, she's just a tad irritating.

Dec 8 @ 12:28PM  
And one more little thing Elena, if you're gonna start a pissing contest, better bring your umbrella, cos your ass is gonna get wet.

Dec 8 @ 12:33PM  
All these people ganging up on one woman and trust me I have a whole lot of friends. Why are they afraid of me......?
Just because you hear voices in your head..........doesnt mean you have friends..........and afraid of kind is like will float for a while but you will sink to the bottom.........we are not afraid of you........sick of you and your kind....but not afraid of you..........personally i just classify you as another fucktard we deal with here...............


Dec 8 @ 12:42PM  
is ur pussy in the shitter.........try the new and improved........FUCK OFF.......guaranteed to dry ur pussy n git the shit smell off

Dec 8 @ 12:44PM  
Sorry Mick , i just want to put my .02 worth in . I happen to like the people on this site . I don`t get it ?? Why is she always coming back here to this site ,if the people don`t like her?? Lady, maybe u need to get a life ! Sorry again Mick ,

Dec 8 @ 1:06PM  
Sorry Mick Im going to use your blog as i wont post on the nut jobs blog her newest blog

Some others who criticized the country they loved: kick em out
posted 12/8/2007 12:59:11 PM | 0 kudos what's this?
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Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, John Adam, John Q. Adams, Abe Lincolon, Franklin Roosevelt, Eiesenhower, anyone want to add to the list.......

Yes they did but they worked towards improving it not just sit on thier ass and spout shit..........i will say it again if your not part of the solution YOU are part of the fucking problem............


Dec 8 @ 1:18PM  
kinda funny she knew you was talkin about her without mentionin names

Dec 8 @ 1:24PM  
Ya know a great education is a wonderful thing but without the same amount of street smarts to go along with it you are still a dumb ass. Just my worthless .02 worth.

Dec 8 @ 1:30PM  
I haven't said much...just sitting quietly on the sidelines nursing a cold.

Why are they afraid of me......?
Oh fuck lady we aren't afraid of you we are simply tired of your diatribe.

I am weary of your obsessive whining, ridiculing and touting so called facts. It must be very lonely as you keep climbing higher into your ivory tower.

I think you underestimated your audience here on AMD. The members are a force of combined intelligence. They are not the young supple minds you once filled with hate and bigotry. I am only thankful my child was not exposed to your teaching and thinking.

Dec 8 @ 2:13PM  
Just because you hear voices in your head.

OMG Dayna you can not write funny shit like that and let me read it when I am drinking. I don't look good covered in mountain dew.

As for our lady friend. Part of being educated is learning tolerance and respect. It is not rubbing peoples noses in it or belittling them. I learnt a long time ago that you can not necessarily judge a person by their education level. Intelligence is what you are born with. Wisdom is what you do with it.
Sounds to me like you are a little lacking in the wisdom dept.

As for everyone else. Rarely is anything gained from pissing competitions. Let her live in her own little vacuum void. I truly think we are all better than being reduced to her level.

Merry Christmas.

Dec 8 @ 2:16PM  
ok I just proved I am an idiot too because I only pasted half the quote.

Just because you hear voices in your head..........doesnt mean you have friends....

Btw dayna I am stealing that line. It is my new signature.

Dec 8 @ 2:55PM  
Hey thanks to all who replied. I tried to answer them all (even the crazy one)
I guess it would be better to ignore her blogs, so we don't encourage her. Some of the things she said in private e mails to me is (1) the non white people on here are encouraging her and they don't like "us" Whoever "us" is.
(2) request for dates have never been higher. Little does she know she has pissed some people off so much they want to met and kill her.
(3) I should never contact her again or post on her blogs. Well Nut Lady, I didn't post on your last blog because it said you had to approve it. And if you block my e mails, it just means you don't want to hear the truth.
So go write your books, spend your $ 75,000 in alimony and date your blog up dolls. I laugh at you and pity you at the same time.

Dec 8 @ 3:54PM  
non white people on here are encouraging her and they don't like "us" Whoever "us" is
Non white?? like who?? Damn she's listening to the little green voices in her head again I suppose! Personally I wish she'd take her happy ass to some other country and try spewing her bullshit there, a good stoning might do her a world of good.

Dec 8 @ 4:50PM  
Sorry, I had to make a comment on her blog about freedom of speech (hint: it's about the government censorship) and the War of Texas Independence. If she's writing history books, I hope her formal research is better than what goes into her blog posts...

I'm gonna guess she's going to "censor" me and not approve either posting...but hey, I could be wrong.

Dec 8 @ 4:51PM  
Lying is the least of her problems........I've said my piece..........

Dec 8 @ 5:42PM  
a good stoning might do her a world of good.

One obnoxious female speaks,
and another female
who describes her religion as "spiritual,"
calls for a
neo-Nazi lynch mob.
I wondered when the American female lunatic fringe
would catch up with the
bloodthirsty practitioners of Sharia.


Dec 8 @ 5:46PM  
Just be damned Glad she isn't Dianic Asnet.. or she would be havin your junk for dinner.

Dec 8 @ 6:15PM  
A pox on thy coven, NBaby!

Dec 8 @ 6:16PM  
oh Asnet, if I were as bloodthirsty as my not so distant ancestors you would have had problems months ago. If you don't like the "catfight" as you keep calling it, keep your pussy ass out of it.

Dec 8 @ 6:18PM  
A pox on thy coven, NBaby!
It's official, you really are a dumbass huh???

Dec 8 @ 6:22PM  
shall we challenge to a pox duel dahhhhhlin?

Dec 8 @ 6:23PM  
Pick the state where you want to be prosecuted for menacing, loudmouth.

Dec 8 @ 6:28PM  
I'll assume you were speaking to moi? I don't believe I threatened you in any manner whatsoever. I simply pointed out that my ancestors wouldn't have tolerated your ass this long. Not a threat. A factual statement. You Sir, and I use that term very loosely, have attacked me in many various forms since joining our happy little group and I have left you alone and ignored you at the behest of a friend that for some unknown reason feels you have something worthwhile to contribute here. Having said that, I will also say however friendship goes only so far. So unless you'd like for me to get really nasty in this little game of insults you seem so happy to hurl, back off.

Dec 8 @ 6:28PM  
Woops ...
sorry NB.
We crossed in the mail.
Pick your pox.
I take Ebola.


Dec 8 @ 6:34PM  
You apologize for your shameful wisecrack about stoning
and I will not only "back off" but consider you a lady.
I don't care for lynch mobs.
Stop fomenting them.


Dec 8 @ 6:41PM  
I was refering to the fact that she has downed this country in every way imaginable and yet she doesn't seem to understand that she would be stoned to death in the street for the comments she makes were she to say those things in any other country. She enjoys many freedoms here that she apparently takes for granted and then to come on here, scold, degrade and say it's all in the name of it being Christmas and what would Jesus do?? Bah Humbug. I don't care for lynch mobs either, nor do I believe that some battles are to be considered great victories and others great massacres depending upon which side you were fighting on. However I will not apologize for voicing my opinions of our own dear Aunty El to you or anyone else.

Dec 8 @ 8:45PM  
I don't care for lynch mobs
But isnt that what you were trying to get going with the non auto approvals......starting thread listing the non approvers for others to see....Again if your not part of the solution your part of the problem..........

Dec 8 @ 9:38PM  
But isnt that what you were trying to get going with the non auto approvals......starting thread listing the non approvers for others to see....Again if your not part of the solution your part of the problem..........

Of course not. One of the basic rules you haven't learned Dayna is not to attribute derogatory motives to people you disagree with. (And you don't understand the difference between an argument and a lynch mob! They are different ... take the word of somebody who was once caught by a lynch mob of people attacking pro-Nazi demonstrators in Boston.)

That list was posted for very different reasons. Since you haven't expressed any interest in them, I'll list them here for others:

1) to identify people using that technique to control an arena of public debate.
There were several specific instances of flat-out liars wrapping themselves in the flag and God etc. The American novelist Sinclair Lewis once wrote "When facism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."

2) To save some time for people who chose to use the list to screen out those who want to suppress free speech and democratic debate. Jefferson, Madison and John Stuart Mill didn't favor free speech because somebody flipped a coin and it came up heads. They wanted to have debate, something many AMDs clearly don't like.

3) Nobody had suggested the practical solution you recommended ... click postacomment before you read anything. And I think it would be good if you aired or re-aired the other ideas you have about this nuisance factor on the site.

I'm not blessed with your certainty, D. I'm not sure whether I'm part of a problem or a solution. I think I favor a democracy with open debate, sticking to the point, staying away from politics and religion as much as possible, no name-calling, no threats of violence or encouragement of violence against people we don't agree with or don't like, keeping a civil tone and avoiding abusiveness.

I also want to add that Bush's policy of repeated troop rotation to make up for the fact that our military is undermanned and underwomaned is despicable. I am sorry it is causing you pain.


Dec 8 @ 9:50PM  
The one thing you havent learned Asnet.......its not ok to attack someone and then whine cause someone attacked you..........if you want ppl to play fair.....i would suggest you start out by playing fair first........calling ppl neo-nazi just because you disagree with them is bullshit........but i guess as far as your concern the rules only apply to everyone else but not you..........You attacked ppl and listed their names just because they wouldnt fucking auto approve never considered.....even for a brief fucking moment they were new and didnt know that you could auto approve them you just listed their names You were kinda like our own Hitler here you made up your mind they were wrong and decided to go after them...........

Just as in this had no idea of the history that we have with this particular just decided the rest of us were wrong........well i hope you and that fucking psycho bitch have a long fruitful deserve each other and it would really be a shame to mess up two houses.......just hope your a democrat cause the bitch dont date republicans.

Dec 8 @ 10:05PM  
My only comment is WOW!!!

Dec 9 @ 12:34AM  
Peace on earth.
Good will towards men.
Merry Christmas to all,
and to all a good night!

Dec 9 @ 1:09AM  

There is no question that EW can make it up faster than anyone in his right mind would attempt to rebut it.

Dec 9 @ 4:15AM  
Anybody hungry? I brought cake! And just for the record I love military history, especially that of the Middle-East. Recommendations appreciated.

Dec 9 @ 5:01AM  
There is no question that EW can make it up faster than anyone in his right mind would attempt to rebut it.
You know what asnet I dont have to make anything up to prove my point.....nor do I have to go into ppls blogs and write nasty comments and call people names like a little child that cant form an opinion so you resort to name calling.......

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To the nut and all who viewed this feud.