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Just Enjoy Living

posted 12/8/2007 8:33:30 AM |
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We all know that life is short. Sometimes by our own doing, sometimes not.

I have a friend/aquaintance who was killed yesterday morning. She was laying on the the couch in her own living room watching tv. An SUV came busting right through the front of her house clear through to the back of her house. It took everything out the back wall that was in it's way, including her.

All of the exacts about the driver aren't in yet, but they estimated on the scene that he was going approximately 90 mph when he came crashing through a guard rail and kept going. He is alive and in jail. And most likely pretty sober now.

Last week, I know a kid ( early 20's) who killed himself when he missed a curve, at a high speed, in the road that he takes home everyday. He hit a tree and the impact snapped his neck. He was there for approx 3 hours before he was found.
Unfortunately, a few years ago he had another accident and it killed his best friend. He lived with that guilt everyday with substance and alcohol abuse. He always said it should have been him, he wished it was him. Sadly, he got his wish.

I have another friend--actually she's a very good friend of the first woman--who is afraid of doing just about anything. She won't drive at night, something might go wrong with her car. Or someone might follow her home after dark.She doesn't drive if the roads are the least bit slippery. She is terrified of thunderstorms, sometimes she'll call me and ask me to drive the 17 miles to keep her company during them. She has an alarm system on her house. She would never go anywhere out of town by herself, you never know what can happen. Etc.. I tell her all the time that she is watching her life pass right before her and not even living it. She says she knows but she can't do anything about it. She always says she wishes she had my nerve to do the things I do, or could be as independent as I am. She asked me last night if I'm not afraid of anything, or doing anything.
Well yeah, there are probably lots of things that scare me. But sometimes you don't even have to walk out your front door for something to happen. Yesterday was proof of that.

But all of this got me to thinking about how much of my life am I watching go by. All the times I say before I die, I want to....... Or I really wish when I was younger or when I had the chance I should have..........

I believe that giving up living while you are still alive is not an option. And sometimes you have to push your comfort zone just a little, regardless of whether it involves actually doing something physically or just coming out of that box you've always allowed yourself to be in. I'm not saying be totally stupid or irresponsible. I'm just saying push your limits a little sometimes and set more expanded ones. It can be enjoyable.

Anyone remember the movie with Queen Latifah and LL Cool J, called Last Holiday?
Do we really have to think that we are dying to go do the things we have always wanted to do? To take the time to live and enjoy the time we have left? Or sometimes even to take the risk of caring or allowing someone to care about us?
What is it about living that scares so many people? Cause it's inevitable that we are all going to die.
Truthfully, I would love to be an adventure and adrenaline junkie like Mica89 seems to be. But chances are I never will be, for a few reasons. But not because I'm afraid of it. Okay, well maybe a little, but sometimes a little fear can add to the excitement.

There are things you can do to fully enjoy your life that don't cost a lot of money. Yeah, I know they're getting harder and harder to find. But they are there. When's the last time you just had an old fashioned snowball fight with someone and then warmed up with hot cocoa while laughing about it?

What is the last thing that YOU did, that you really enjoyed and are glad you did?

Do you ever push your comfort zone?

I'm going to call my daughter in a few and I think I am headed the hour and a half drive to her house for the day. I think my grandchildren ( 2 1/2, 10 and 11) and I need to build a snowman, have that snowball fight and maybe get the four wheelers out and run them today in the snow. Just the older 2 on them. Of course this all needs to be followed up by hot cocoa and laughter.....
It may not seem very adventureous, and I hate cold weather, but it sure sounds like fun to me..And if it were my last day on earth, I can't think of anything I'd rather do with it.
Although if I live through it, especially the four wheelers, someone may have to thaw me out later.....

What are you doing today? Enjoy!!
P.S. Yes, Dayna, this is a I'm happy to be alive and I want to share the joy, blogs.. I'm just sayin'

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Dec 8 @ 8:42AM  
All I can say to this is --- excellent blog m'dear. Kudos for you......

Sometimes we all need to stop and think before we keep taking for granted those things that we hold near and dear - they can all be gone in an instant. Anyone who has come close to losing their life understands that every single moment counts...don't let them slip by unnoticed. I know this from personal experience too... and it actually occurred in less than a full second... (report said .87 seconds) for an auto accident ~ no time for anything.......

I am truly sorry for your loss ~

Dec 8 @ 8:54AM  
P.S. Yes, Dayna, this is a I'm happy to be alive and I want to share the joy,
Yes it is and you know that i love them..........

I was just sitting here snuggling with my granddaughter........the queen of terrible twos.......and realized how much I was going to miss her when they leave today....Life is too short, Trea.........and I realized today that due to still recovering from my surgery.........I didnt get to do any of the things I wanted to do with her while she was here........and that saddens me....

You go build snowmen and have a snowball fight with the grandkids, then afterwards make hot chocolate and curl up on the couch with them, and tell them how much you love them..........Its a really good day to be alive.

Sorry again about your friend honey..........

And Yes DeDe I am giving Treas one of your kudos..........

Dec 8 @ 9:37AM  
What a sad and yet wonder filled blog.. My late husband lived life fully.. I wish still I had just a part of his this is my last day so I am going to fill it attitude. I am sorry about your friend.. Take care and let us know how the day goes.. Smile

Dec 8 @ 9:37AM  
Isn't life a precious, precious commodity? And such a fragile little thing.

I too have a list of phobias, but, being terrified of heights I still walked the Bright Angel trail at the Grand Canyon. Hating crowds with a passion I still went and saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra's concert. Despising flying I went to New Orleans and New York City. Being claustrophobic I still went 200 feet down in an elevator to see the Sea Lion Caves.

I want it to say, on my memorial plaque.. she lived!

I hope you have a lovely day with your grandbabies. And Trease, my sympathy on the loss of a friend.

Dec 8 @ 9:40AM  
I still push the "comfort zone"; just in different ways than I use to.

Dec 8 @ 9:42AM  
Yes CL, I love pushing my comfort zone, and it sounds like you are getting there too.

I still have a few things I need to do. Hot air balloon ride, 4-wheeling the Rockies in my Jeep, learning to scuba dive. There are probably plenty more, but that is just for now. I love storms as they fascinate me - the destructive power, then the calm and nature rebuilding - just like relationships.

Take the day and play with the grandkids. I always have hot chocolate fixings at my place for my girls. Kids grow so fast, that by the time you know it, they are gone. Us adults may thikk of it as a chore, but take the time and look at it from a childs point of view. In a way, our children sometimes should be our role models as they are willing to try something new.

Good one and here is a green thingy - and I don't care this time if DeDe whines about it - you desirve one of mine.

Dec 8 @ 10:07AM  
I need to embrace your concept. Kudos!

Dec 8 @ 10:09AM  
I am so sorry for the devestation in the beginning of your blog...It brought back memories of the friends I've lost over the years yes due to drinking or just losing control then as I read on you are going to celebrate the life you have been givin and enjoy it with those you love! Great blog Treas I love it and you And HEY DEDE I"M GIVIN AWAY YOUR GREEN THINGIE!!!!!

Dec 8 @ 10:10AM  
I love storms as they fascinate me - the destructive power, then the calm and nature rebuilding - just like relationships.
Oh, absofreakinlutely!!
I love pushing my comfort zone, and it sounds like you are getting there too.
I'm working on it in a few areas....... lol

Its a really good day to be alive
Yep, it sure is. For many reasons and great friendships are one of them. It will be even better when my daughter decides to answer her phone or call me back..... as I'm ready to walk out the door. .

saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra's concert
I would love to see that.... They are fantastic.
claustrophobic I still went 200 feet down in an elevator to see the Sea Lion Caves.
Sam, you truly are my hero. That is one thing I don't know that I could ever do. I'm trying to breathe in an even pace just thinking about it.


Dec 8 @ 10:44AM  
So sorry for the sadness, but what a great thing to realize life is so precious and live it to the fullest!!! Have a wonderful day!!

Dec 8 @ 10:48AM  
Awsome blog. You've really got me thinking. When my wife died 14 months ago, I thought my life was over and I moved to the country and find that I am living a Hermit's existence except for my membership here on AMD. You touched me and I realize that I need to get out more.
I'm sorry for your loss. Kudos

Dec 8 @ 11:32AM  
Trease baby.. you ever get to the Oregon coast give me a call.. I'll hold ya hand . we can panic together!

Dec 8 @ 11:34AM  
First of all, I'm sorry to hear about your friend and the boy.

Secondly, you are so right. I have been thinking along these lines the last few months myself. It's why starting summer 08 (after tax I'm going back to school to get the rest of my hours, so I can take the CPA exam. I'm petrified about it but I'm going to do it anyways. Because your right...I'm not going to watch my life go by me any longer.

I choose to live my life not survive it.

Kudos sweetie!!

Dec 8 @ 12:22PM  
Yup ...I sure do agree...sometimes we need to push ourselves...I was terrified of flying and last year I reluctantly got on a plane to Florida...I had the time of my life on that plane and hope that one day I can do it again...but sometimes its just little things excersie or helping someone less fortunate or getting politically involved...great blog there young lady....

Dec 8 @ 1:00PM  
Trease I am so sorry for the loss of your friend but you have the right idea. Life is to live and I can't imagine being so afraid of everything such as your other friend is. That is certainly no way to live. I have to admit just like everyone I have had things that I am afraid of as well but it also made me more determined to conquer that fear. I have always had a love affair with speed. The faster I can go the better I like it. I guess that's why at my age I decided to start stock car racing again a few years ago. It is such a rush for me to get on the race track and pass car after car until everyone is chasing me. Yes I hear the snickers from all the young kids that I outrun about how I shouldn't be racing a car at 57 years old but that makes me even more determned to get out on that track and give those kids driving lessons. Of course there is always that chance that I can and have crash and there is always that chance that I may even be killed but you can't live your life always looking over your shoulder to see if it is your time to go. I say live life to the fullest. Conquer your fears and by God have fun doing it. Just like everyone else I don't want to die but on the other hand I'm not afraid of it either. We will all go someday and when I go I want to have enough stories of the life I lived to share with everyone for the rest of eternity. Good blog sweetie and a kudo for you.

Dec 8 @ 8:53PM  
That is some good advice CL

I hate the cold...winter is NOT my favorite time of the year...but, yesterday, just for the hell of it...I decided to go out in the backyard with my dogs and throw snowballs for them....and OMG!!! I actually enjoyed it! I hadn't laughed so hard in a long time and it felt good. I'm telling ya...watching a 90 lb German Shepherd make an ass of himself over a snow ball is hilarious. And the other 4 wrestling and rolling in the snow was fun to watch. I actually stayed outside with them for an hour....took a hot shower when I came in.

Today, I had to work...and when I got "darling" dogs had a mess for me to clean up. The brats!

Good blog! Worthy of a green thing-a-ma-jiggy...just don't tell DeDe

Dec 9 @ 2:53AM  
Sorry about your friend Treas. I believe the number of drunk driving incidents is starting to rise. Just saw a number of crashes on the local news. Be safe everyone.

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