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posted 12/7/2007 6:03:52 PM |
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Its that time of the week and that time of the year everyone, lets hear your bitches and complaints!!

I have had a hard week, I have to have hip surgery, that I am NOT happy about, it will be in less than a month. They have to remove a bone spur on my right hip, reshape my hip joint and ball so I can at least walk straight. I'm scared out of my wits, and really not looking forward to it all. I hurt all the time so I am on these damned pain pills and muscle relazers, they screw me up pretty good, *and not in a good way*. DAMMIT!

My honey started a new job this week, the midnight to 8 shift, IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a hard time sleeping without him next to me. But it is nice when he gets home and wakes me softly.

I have no money for Christmas this year, as I have been out of work for over a year. Dr said for me to apply for SSI, which I did, but its gonna take forever, as always, damned governement anyway!

I'm sure I have more, but I will leave it at this 3 this time..

Don't forget the green thingy ma bobs, I will need them!!!!!!!!!

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Dec 7 @ 6:11PM  
sorry to hear about the hip surgery.
hope everything works out for you.

i was pulled over and arrested yesterday. spent the night in jail. i didnt do anything wrong. the cops said my car was seen at a street racing sting a week ago, and got away from the police. then this morning the geniuses ran the VIN # and tags, and it was the wrong car. so im pissed.

Dec 7 @ 6:11PM  
Damn've got so much going on...that my bitching about the weather and having to shovel snow seems so small...but............what the IS "BITCH AND COMPLAIN SESSION"

It's not even officially winter yet, and we're already having winter weather and the headaches that go with it... I'm still trying to find a way to fast forward to Spring.........still haven't figured that out yet.

Hang in there sis, we all luv ya!

And here's your green thing-a-ma-jiggy

Dec 7 @ 6:14PM  
'm still trying to find a way to fast forward to Spring.........still haven't figured that out yet.

I told ya we should move to New Zealand sis!!! and ty for the green thingy ma bob!!

Dec 7 @ 6:14PM  
Sweety one thing.. you will feel soooooo much better once the surgery is done! Honest.. it's gonna take a few weeks to heal but it will feel soooo much better! I remember how freaked I was having the bit replaced in my knee, but oh.. just to be able to stand without wincing.. it was so worth it.

Right.. what'm I bitchin about this week.. oh ummm... ok I give up I'm not bitchy anymore.. shoulda been here tuesday!

Dec 7 @ 6:21PM  
had Doctor with no sense of humour today sending me for more xrays on my back to top it off have to have a colonoscopy and my back is killing me not to mention its fucken cold out

Dec 7 @ 6:22PM  
runs back in and gives sis a green boogy thingny

Dec 7 @ 6:38PM  
ah, got you a green thingy.

Dec 7 @ 7:01PM  
People who make promises and dont keep them............
The weatherman who lies.................

ok i guess i didnt have much to complain about huh lmao

kudos to you sweetie........

Dec 7 @ 7:24PM  
I don't have much to complain about these days. Life is treating me well. I am getting out a lot more, making friends having fun and it is reflecting in my attitude at home. I am much nicer to be around.
Truly sorry for your health problems I trust the surgery will fix the problem and you will feel so much better.

Dec 7 @ 7:35PM  
hey DeDe!!! First time responding to this..... but my bitch complaint is people on this website that contact you and send emails, start talking, and then....POOF!!!!
They disappear!!! if you aren't serious about things, get off!!! Ok. I feel better now.
Here's your green thing-a-ma-bob!!!

Dec 7 @ 8:39PM  
DeDe....anyone facing hip surgery or any surgery for that matter deserves all my green thingy's - so kiddo you get em !!!

Dec 7 @ 8:41PM  
Okay i am on my way up to take care of you while hubby works....I volunteer to lay next to you.... ....
Heres your green thing....

Dec 7 @ 8:58PM  

Sorry to hear about that, that really sucks!

Dec 7 @ 8:58PM  

Sorry to hear about that, that really sucks!

Dec 7 @ 9:06PM  
Sorry, no complaints here - I have my health, I have my family, I have 3 great jobs, I have incredible friends, a roof over my head and food in my fridge!! What more could one ask for?!??? I am so very sorry you are having troubles, but you and everyone else are in my prayers, wishing the best for everything!! Take care and here is the cute little green thing you so desire!! Have a wonderful evening!

Dec 7 @ 10:32PM  
Well I did all my bitchin in one of EWE-Wish's blogs so I guess I will just wish you all the luck and keep you in my prayers.

Oh yeah Reckon i will drop 1 or 2 of them thar green whosewhatsits on ya fur luck!

Dec 7 @ 10:41PM  
Well I did all my bitchin in one of EWE-Wish's blogs
One man's bitching is another girls sweet nothings..............just saying

Dec 7 @ 10:43PM  
DeDe, I am sorry to hear about you up coming surgery. I hope all goes well and you feel better when it is over.
I don't really have anything to bitch about this week. Life has been good to be. I have a great family. My health is good. I am truly blessed.
Have a great weekend and may life always be good for you all.


Dec 7 @ 10:44PM  
Damn memory, Forgot you green thing.

Dec 7 @ 11:21PM  
My complaint this week is being put in a damn cast so my torn Achilles tendon can begin healing....I'm sure having a lot of trouble getting around!

To coin everyone else's comments here- I hope your surgery goes well and I'm sure you'll feel better once it's done!

Dec 8 @ 12:00AM  
DeDe, I wish you the best with your surgery and a speedy recovery. I know you're scared but think how much better you will feel when it is all over with....

Dec 8 @ 12:00AM  
Gave you a preemptive green guy for luck,because I know hip surgery is no fun.My mom had it back in 2000.Hope it goes well for you.

Dec 8 @ 12:03AM  

This time of the year sucks..Don't feel bad I was told the other day I need back surgery.. As for Christmas I don't have money to buy anything either.

*drops the green thing and heads off to bed alone*

Dec 8 @ 12:54AM  
Good luck on your surgery sis ill be thinking of you HAHA OOOOOOOoooooooo lucky woman gets to get served hand and foot by her man

Dec 8 @ 2:49AM  
BITCH N MOAN........BITCH N MOAN.......... thats what i wanna hear from my beyotches when we r havin sex

Dec 8 @ 5:01AM  
Hope your surgery and recovery goes well dear. Lubs and hugs for ya!

Dec 8 @ 7:36AM  
I hope it goes smoothly sis and hugssssssssssss and nibbles to you *SNORT!* I lubs you and will be praying that things turn around......and oh yeah.....a couple of green guys for you!

Dec 8 @ 10:20AM  
I know your surgery will come out perfect!!!

thats what i wanna hear from my beyotches when we r havin sex

And if you were doing it right Mrknowuwell NO ONE would be bitchin

my bitch is???? I really want a new job and a good fellow to go with it! Preferably to keep yanno

Dec 8 @ 11:43AM  
DeDe, sorry to hear about the surgery but I agree with the others, after your healed you will feel so much better. Good luck sweetie!!

(psst, I didn't forget your green guy either! )

Dec 13 @ 10:18PM  
hope all go well with your surgery

my bitch is kids that don't appreciate what they get for Xmas

here's your green thing amabob

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