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Just Fucking it Up 4 Everyone

posted 12/5/2007 6:56:14 AM |
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tagged: whig

I look 4ward 2 getting new mail in my AMD mailbox. U know...the shit that izn't just a notification that someone left a comment on my latest blog (although those are nice as well...), but actual fucking mail. I never know if it iz going 2 be some new chick willing 2 e-flash me or maybe even someone just writing 2 inform me of how brilliant they think I am. The mystery surrounding the entire experience just gets my motor running, if U know what I mean.

So, imagine how fucking happy I wuz 2 open my mail yesterday and see a message from LadyDarkStarr, one of my best friends here on AMD (as well as other popular internet gathering holes. We are hoping 2 add the real world ASAP). This bitch iz off the hook! I can always count on a smile being on my face after reading what she has 2 say 2 me. So, imagine my shock and dismay at reading she WUZ LEAVING FUCKING AMD 4 GOOD!

WTF??? Are U fucking shitting me here? OMG...this iz fucking unbelievable shit 2 me. I almost fucking cried. Me - a grown goddamn man - sitting here in front of my laptop babbling like a freaking idiot. I really couldn't believe it.

She said she wuz leaving 4 the same reason everybody else worth a shit has left (LadyMaura, SexyBBW & Lovergirl 2 name a few...). She has grown tired of the juvenile, bullshit games people insist on playing here on AMD. I swear 2 god sometimes U fucking people can be as bad as high school children. No...worse actually! High school students don't recognize how fucking stupid they are. We as adults are supposed 2. In theory, anyway.

I don't know how many of U know LadyDarkStarr, but I am glad 2 count myself as one of the lucky few. 4 those of U who didn't know her? 4 U motherfuckers I can only say 2 fucking bad 4 U, man. Cuz I want 2 tell U what we have lost here, gentlemen. We have lost what every fucking man who comes 2 this site is hoping to find! We have lost a woman who iz smart, sexy, beautiful, funny, adventurous, talented and so fucking sweet U wouldn't believe it. Especially, whenever the girl iz inclined 2 get a little nasty! Believe U me, boys...she can get oh so fucking nasty. It's hard 2 believe there could be all this bomb ass shit wrapped up in one 21yo bitch from Michigan, but there U have it. Or had it, I should say. Becuz once again...we have fucking blown it. We let the fucking trolls win, and that makes me fucking sick.

I imagine I will still come here 2 post my bullshit and touch base with the few real friends I still have here. Besides...where the fuck else am I supposed 2 find 4 my artwork? But, and I am only being honest here, it just izn't going 2 be as much fun as it has up until now. In fact, it may not even be worth it all all. I'm still not sure about that...I suppose we will just have 2 wait and see.

Finally, 2 LadyDarkStarr herself I want 2 say this. I fucking love U, bitch! This shit breaks my heart. I'm just glad I have Ur fucking phone number, cuz as poorly as I am handling U no longer hanging out in my playground I don't really believe I could deal with U leaving my life altogether. I'm 2 fucking old 2 be having a breakdown over some shit like this. Take care of Urself and NEVER hesitate 2 call me. Especially if it iz becuz Ur dumbass (I mean that in the best possible way...really!) boyfriend has decided 2 let U go 2 San Francisco by Urself (the most visited city in the world, BTW). I'm going 2 miss

Keeping her posted,


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Dec 5 @ 7:13AM  
Like I told her............

She'll be back.......they always come back........

Dec 5 @ 7:40AM  
You know I dont know LDS........and i agree this place can be kinda childish like......but really how adult is stomp off and pout and cancel your membership because you are upset at people............The only one responsible for her leaving is her.......she chose to let people get to her.....just like others have in the past when they leave.............but it was her one forced her to do it.........and as ash said...........she will be back.......they always are........JMHO

Dec 5 @ 7:50AM  
Sometimes there are other reasons to leave for a while. I had to leave for a bit myself I found out that being here was not letting me get control over what was needing to be done. And that my continued access to here was causing me to push people away who cared for me or enjoyed my company at the least. A little time away really helped me. I made mistakes but now I can start being a part of this place again. We come back because we love people here. each person contributes soemthing that makes our day better. I can alway count on you to make me laugh my ass off. A LDS was a lot of fun too. If she chooses not to come back I will miss her witty banter. But I am sure if she does come back that people will welcome her back.

Dec 5 @ 8:12AM  
being here was not letting me get control over what was needing to be done. And that my continued access to here was causing me to push people away
Letting the computer take over your life.......not healthy

Dec 5 @ 8:29AM  
Hey, DS! I know where she lives. I'll share her address with you...for a price!

Dec 5 @ 9:24AM  
a sad day when this shit happens....

Or had it, I should say. Becuz once again...we have fucking blown it. We let the fucking trolls win, and that makes me fucking sick.

i've helpd lots of women on here reply to those fucking trolls....and now even write them fuckboys myself for my girl.........YES THATS RIGHT BITCHEBOYS its' ME writing you when you write her n your glad all i can do is WRITE.........DS i'm fuckin AMAZED at the out right fuckin stupidity of some men.......wait...BOYZ....sure as fuck ain't men..............LDS you'll be missed.......just take a break n come on back............ya hear!!!!?!?!

Dec 5 @ 11:07AM  
Ya know, I don't understand why folks just have to start the childish crap on these sites.... I mean, after all, aren't these classified as "Adult Sites".. ...? We are members of another "Adult Site" besides AMD and it's the same, if not worse, over there. We have constant instigators over there on our blogs and it gets pretty old real fast. I am sorry to hear that LDS is leaving even though we haven't "met" but do understand getting tired of the bs.

Dec 5 @ 12:07PM  
That's pretty disappointing news. I don't know who that is (2 fucking bad 4 me, right?), but as a newbie to this site, I'm sad that it's becoming even more closed. It already seems like it's hard to get through to people, and I don't know if it's me, or if they're dealing with a lot of BS from dick-mongering trolls. Either way, thanks for the bad news.

Dec 5 @ 12:18PM  
I saw the blog by LDS...I told her I was sorry to see her go....I just hope she comes back after taking a break from here.

Yes...there are assholes, instigators here... I don't care where one goes...they are out's up to the individual on how they deal with it. I TRY to ignore them for the most part....although I do admit I've gotten a little snarky a couple of times.

DS...give it time..maybe she will be gals from Michigan are tough...maybe she just needs a break.

Dec 5 @ 1:37PM  
*Runs in dancing around saying KUDOS KUDOS KUDOS, KUDOS dancing in my head, and i'm watching them go round and round*

On another note, I'm sorry to see her leave to, I really enjoyed her in the blogs!!!!!!!!!! I hope she does decide to come back soon!! Everyone will miss her!

Dec 5 @ 2:39PM  
Well I am so sorry anyone worth a shit has left the site. I guess you will have to put up with us rejects.
Fuck you.

Dec 5 @ 2:44PM  

Dec 5 @ 4:38PM  
I too hate to see her go, and told her so. I do hope she decides at some point to return. One must learn not to let these jerks get to them.....

Dec 5 @ 7:22PM  
I guess you will have to put up with us rejects.
Fuck you.

WOW...fucking jezz. I guess I had that one coming, huh babe? I can always count on U and Ash pulling my fucking covers. What iz it...something in the fucking water there in Oklahoma?

I apologize. I should have said almost everyone worth a shit.



Dec 5 @ 8:53PM  

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Just Fucking it Up 4 Everyone