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This is what they fight for?

posted 12/3/2007 12:00:17 AM |
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This is a radio broadcast in the United States, and I thought I would share a piece she said recently over the radio that got my attention and I give her majour kudos....Remember United we Stand, divided we fall...And that is for any Country in any situation

Dr. Laura Wrote...
I got an e-mail recently which just about made me throw up. I don’t throw up easily. I like to keep what’s inside of me there, unless it’s supposed to leave, but this pretty much almost put me over the edge, because my baby’s over there.This is from Kathleen. She says:I hope you inform your listeners about the anti-war protestors in Portland who burned in effigy a United States soldier. I can’t even find the words that would be printable to describe how I feel. Well, I have the words, but let me finish her letter:

A car was allowed to pass through a checkpoint in Iraq, because the car had two children in the back seat. The adults got by the checkpoint, left the car, and blew it up, with the children in it.

Now, I realize in my position, I need to behave appropriately as a role model, but I am so enraged that most of America is so damned “wussy-weak” that you people actually allowed protestors in Portland to burn in effigy a US soldier, with not a greater counter-demonstration. How could you do that??

Let me just explain what kind of bugs, what kind of animals, what kind of creeps would burn in effigy a US soldier? Why aren’t they burning in effigy a Muslim terrorist? How about burning in effigy a Muslim terrorist who hides behind civilians, so that when American or international forces have to deal with them, they allow civilians to be killed, and then say, “See? America’s bad!” How about burning in effigy a Muslim terrorist who uses children to get through a checkpoint, because they know Americans won’t stop or fire on a car with kids, and then they blow the children up as part of a car bomb?

Instead, we have bugs in this country like Jane Fonda, Rosie O’Donnell, Martin Sheen, Bill Maher, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon….the list goes on and on and on in Congress and all over the United States. You’ve got people blowing up their own people praying, shopping, going to school? These Muslim terrorists are murdering people by the scores every day, and we have people in the United States burning in effigy a US soldier? What in the hell has happened to this country, that we quietly stand by and just go “eh.”

And another thing….I’m a little tired of CAIR - the Council on American-Islamic Relations. They spend their time, it would appear to me, trying to silence radio, television and print who make any comments about Islam, Muslims, Mohammed - anything - so that everybody will be intimidated into silence. Why? Well I don’t think they understand that in this country, we’re entitled to opinions. I know in totalitarian theocracies, they’re not entitled to opinions except those approved by the state - they’re beheaded. I would like to see CAIR mobilize every Muslim in the world to close in on the Middle East and squash the bugs who blow up innocent people praying, shopping, going to school, sleeping in their beds. That’s what I want CAIR to spend its time and money on. I hear rumors that CAIR’s money goes to terrorism things - I don’t have any facts on that - I just hear the rumors. But still, the best way to have good relationships with America is to have all the Muslims in the world stop the terrorists. I am told that the terrorism faction of Islam is very small, so I think that this would be an easy thing for them to do. 98% are pro-peace, pro-love, pro-freedom - go for it! Stop the bugs, so that we don’t have to. Stop the people who blow up children for power. Stop the people who blow up the police, the people who clean in the street, and mothers holding their babies. That’s what I want to see CAIR do, instead of intimidating talk show hosts all over America. I’m bored with that. I don’t know if anybody else is, but I’m bored with that. Scaring people out of speech?

So, it’s not that I think the protestors in Portland who burned in effigy a US soldier shouldn’t have speech rights, but this is so ignorant, so stupid, so off the mark that it should be intolerable to some extent. I know we allow Nazis to parade in the streets, because we’re supposed to have free speech - I understand that. But what I don’t get is that there wasn’t an equal and opposite protest. It’s the bad guys who have the giblets, the energy and the will, and if the good guys don’t get into gear and stop the bad guys - if the good Muslims don’t stop the bad Muslims, if the good Americans don’t stop the bad Americans - we’re going to lose the world and lose our country, and lose freedom in the world, because we’re pretty much the center of it.

Burning in effigy a US soldier. Mind you, our young men and women volunteer to live under disgusting conditions, and be paid almost nothing - they have to buy their own freaking uniforms to go into training and into battle — they come back maimed or dead, changed forever, to free people to create a democracy. And there are people in this country who dare to sneer at that? I’m a proud mother of an American soldier. My boy Is over there risking his life with a bunch of other people’s boys and daughters to stop people from blowing up children, blowing up worshippers in a mosque, blowing up people in their villages and in their markets - that’s what our children are doing. And for all you morons and creeps and bugs who burned in effigy a US soldier - what are your children doing that’s of any value whatsoever?

So I’m making a challenge. I want all you decent people who have a grip on reality to get out of your comfortable homes and stand up against this. Come out with your banners, come out with your music, come out with your flags. I want to see Patriot Guard, Hell’s Angels, everybody out there on their bikes…whoever. I mean, Rosie O’Donnell on “The View” makes a comment that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who said he was responsible for beheading Mr. Pearl, who was responsible for 9/11 and all this stuff, she had the nerve to go on her show, using her vast understanding of counterterrorism operations and in-depth knowledge, to cast doubts on his confession, when there is information confirming everything he said from a number of sources. Why is her knee-jerk thing that we’re hurting somebody? Does she realize that this guy killed thousands and she’s protecting him? Does she not realize that, as a lesbian, she’d be one of the first ones eliminated by these people? They’re not very pro-gay rights! Even that doesn’t stop her! And I understand somebody else is giving her yet another TV show. Soon, there’s going to be nothing on television, in the newspapers, because what is it? What is the percentage of people in this country who can’t and don’t read?

I’m done. I’m done. I don’t really care to take time on my radio show to talk “politics.” I don’t see this as politics. I call this “s

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Dec 3 @ 2:10AM  

Dec 3 @ 3:07AM  
United we stand, divided we fall. Fine. It rings true in some patriotic gyrus of my brain. But for what do we unite? It's like it would take some kind of grave global emergency, or at least a few serious problems domestically to get people to shake off apathy and care about something besides the persistence of their small and conflicted speck of a belief system. Like there are any of those issues to confront, right? It goes without saying that the protesters are morons who are only aggravating that problem of unity. America's pretty fucked without some drastic change, and for reasons that lie concealed within their very fragile skulls, the people who have the most power to change it don't care, or care for the wrong reasons, so why should I care? I've got my own little life struggles to confront; like gas prices, and how I'm going to pay for school. Oh wait, my life struggles are intimately connected to larger issues at home and abroad. Fucknuggles.

Dec 3 @ 6:05AM  
Well ...I don't normally agree with Dr. Laura but I have to admit she is right on with her statements this time. Any extreme ideology is flawed ..wheater it's right wing or left just ignore these people is very dangerous.

Dec 3 @ 6:07AM  
To be blunt we should not be involved in any way other than knowing what those lunatics in the midle east are up to as far as any plans to attack us..This government went into Iraq and all those other countries to go after sadam, bin laden and other idiots without the American Peoples Approval..

I firmly believe that this government should Not be Permitted to invade any country without the American Peoples Approval..This is exactly like viet nam..I think we should Seriously Educate the kids of today to not go into the military and not go to Iraq or any other god forsaken place like it ever..We should protect our own borders first and foremost..That is not happening..

For those idiots who burn a soldier in effigy, well we should start burning effigys of bin laden and others here in this country..And make it a Big Deal doing so..Burn their flags, burn anything related to them in any way.

If they can burn a soldier. American Flag in public then by God we should burn what they hold near and dear to them...Send them a message stating if you burn what we hold close to us we damn sure will protest and burn things that they hold dear to them...

Lets see how those bastards like that......

We did it in the 60's---> We changed the way government acted....So now it must be done again to change the way the morons in this government act today...

Dec 3 @ 8:14AM  
simple. drop a nuke on Meca
but is is just all about money and power
world leaders know this, that is why they are leaders

Dec 3 @ 8:37AM  
Yeah, I really am in agreement with Borty. Extremism is matter which direction it goes.

Dec 3 @ 9:16AM  
I just love those peace protesters. Oregon is full of them doing violence in the name of peace. Where's the logic?

Dec 3 @ 4:02PM  
I agree with Dr. Laura on this

Dec 4 @ 1:16AM  
I am glad reading all of your responses, and I am especially glad that you all read it with the same vision as I. I did not get those kind of responses from the other sister site, matchdoctor.

I agree with most of you, I do not think we should be in Iraq, as I believe it to be only for money, power, and fear...Fear putting into the rest of the world that the United States is and are the power holders of this time now and until the end of time. Making harsh decisions without any other countries, creating new enemies that surround our own borders, and making tensions even worse for those who support us, but are left in the dark or the last person to know what we are doing.

It is time we start seeing the same side, and as I do not agree with the war in the middle east, and the governments decisions and the rights that they are secretly taking away from us every day, I DO SUPPORT OUR TROOPS, AND OUR SOLDIERS WHO RISK THEIR LIFE for the belief that they are FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM for our Country.

In a time that I may feel that our country is threatened by an imminet attack from our enemy as to invade us...not fly planes into our buildings as an act of terrorism or revenge, but to actually send their soldiers over into our lands like they do other third world countries and bring war to us, you better believe I will STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM.

As for our rights being lost daily, some might say, go live in another country and try to express your opinons, try to vote and most likely you will get jailed and most likely killed or beheaded. Yes, If I lived over there I would, but I live here in America where we are free to think, believe, and worship in our own ways. That is why I fight with my Pen to the people of my country and write letters to my congressmen and senators about change and some of their hasty decisions that are being made, and not in the right mind for our people. If we think that mentality where we are not the third world country or under a communist rule, let it stay a few more years and see the rights we have left, if any and we will be right there next to them with no freedom of speech, the right to organize, the right to worship in the way you feel fit...We are waist to waist with China...We import more things from china than we export throughout the entire world (which is bad), but if we went to war with North Korea, I believe that China would support us, why? Becuase they have the belief that in a short period we will become a communist country, and on the other hand, the American Government supports China becuase they believe that in a short period they will be a free country. If things do not change, as for us, they could both be right...

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This is what they fight for?