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Bad Boyfriends

posted 12/1/2007 7:07:38 PM |
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ok this is 2 ladies but if males wana say sumthing u can..

ok if u a man n he treating u right n spoiling you n everything... but he does alot of things u dnt like but is treating YOU right wat wud u do???? like he breaks da law ALOT

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Bad Boyfriends


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Dec 1 @ 7:12PM  
i would in ur in ......aidin an in.......u look good in stripes gurl.........say hi to OJ 4 me

Dec 1 @ 7:15PM  
Well......I guess it boils down you love him enough to go to jail with him when the law catches him and charges you as an accessory? Is it really worth losing your freedom cause of the spoiling? Does he love you enough to stop breaking the law?

I wish you the best.

Dec 1 @ 7:17PM  
Personal opinion, aiding and abetting is not a good thing, and guilty by association is not a good thing either, my opinion!!

Dec 1 @ 7:27PM  
Call the police and see if there is a reward before you turn him in .

Dec 1 @ 7:43PM  
OK ... I almost passed this one bye...

Why is this even a question girl ... you think that receiving stolen goods is some how OK "Because he treats you right"

The question you need to ask is ... when you meet you mother at the golden gate, is this the kind of behavior she will be proud of in her daughter. Is this the kind of honor your father left in your care ... to pass on to you own. For all the ppl on this planet that forfet there lives, and more, in exchange for there honor ... I just got to say its hard to experience much sympathy in your case. At least the B/F has the dignety to take the risk himself ... you on the other hand slither in the shadows and let others do the dirty deeds for you.

All I got to say girl


Master Gry

Dec 1 @ 7:46PM  
Ok, do you really feel that just cause he is spoiling you, that he is treating you right? If he REALLY was treating you RIGHT, he WOULDNT be breaking the law and jeopardizing your relationship now would he?!?!? Get out now girl and learn how to take care of yourself, cause you cant depend on a man that is on the verge of going to jail at any moment!!

Dec 1 @ 8:26PM  
I'm with Mags on this one!

Seriously, though, I don't think anyone is worth jail time....or a ruined reputation or guilt by association or anything of the sort.
When I meet a guy, and I find something out about him like this, I ditch him in an instant. No matter how well he treats me!

Dec 1 @ 10:04PM  
I kind of have to agree with MaggieMae here: find the reward and turn him in.

Of course, you don't specify by what you mean "breaks da law ALOT".

Maybe you mean he jaywalks every chance he gets. Not too big a deal for you. Make sure he gets lots of life insurance payable to you, so when he gets hit by a car, you'll be OK.

Maybe you mean he's in the import-export business, and the competition is rather cut-throatish. Make sure it isn't your throat on the line.

Bottom line: is your life better with or without him? then consider what could happen if/when the long arm of the law, or worse, his competitors, catch up with you. Is your life still better with him?

Dec 1 @ 10:55PM  
One thing to consider is that while he may be treating you right at this point, what happens when you and him have a disagreement or fight? Will he end up treating you real badly or even illegally? My point is that whether we are talking about friends or lovers, it is always best to be fair and objective in our assessment and not gloss over or ignore their wrongdoing just because of our special relationship with them. What you tolerate and excuse now as friends may very well come back and bite you in future should you become enemies.

Dec 2 @ 12:08AM  
Don't make the mistake of trying to change him. Simply move along. You'll be alot happier in the long run.

Dec 2 @ 12:35AM  
I see girls/women like you every day in court. We bring them over from the jail and most of them remind me alot of you. They really care about the guy he treats them good and while they don't like what he does, they still stick around. Well guess what? Seems the couples and families that do crime time together. Just remember if he gets busted and you're with him, or they come looking for him and he's at your place, you are most likely gonna be joining him in some behind bars time. Just a little something to think about. Cos in my .02, no man is worth giving up my freedom for.

Dec 2 @ 12:43AM  
Hmmmm how long can you stay in a 5 X 4 room and a toilet you share with your cell mate ? 1 yr ? 2 ? 3 ? 4 yrs ? even a good cock aint worth it sweety . Find a good guy to treat you right.

Dec 2 @ 4:20AM  

OK, a man that plays by the rules may not be exciting but
A man behind bars is not a man when you need him.

I hope you can understand my meaning.

Dec 2 @ 8:56AM  
if he's treating you right, great! concern is if he's buying you things, are they hot or purchased with money that comes from pawning off stolen items......are you willing to go to jail for him? If not, show him the curb.........

Dec 2 @ 9:37AM  
breaking the law a lot is rather serious business....serious relationship ending business....and I would value my freedom much more than staying with a person who did stuff like that.....criminal activity is really a relationship killer (or should be at least).

It's only a matter of time before YOU would be either arrested for aiding and abedding or he would do something bad to you. The future doesn't look bright for this relationship and there are plenty of law abiding men out there

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Bad Boyfriends