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Duz This Mean I've Grown (or am I just happy 2 see U...)?

posted 11/30/2007 3:54:57 PM |
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tagged: whig

Well, all things considered I would have 2 say I am in pretty good spirits. The wife and I seem 2 be on the mend following my midweek meltdown, and the prospects 4 doing what I wuz thinking about doing that fateful day don't seem nearly as bad as one might think. See...that's the thing about my bitch. If U keep her aprised of what's going on she iz generally on board with anything that iz even remotely fun.

My problem iz that I 4get that shit sometimes. I get all caught up in what LadieDarkStarr or BOOBALICIOUS iz fucking doing and I completely 4get that I have a fucking LIVE hottie right here who iz usually a sure thing. Then she sees me salivating over my laptop while she has her 40DDs waving in front of me and then she gets a little turned off by the whole fucking situation. Who can blame her?

I mean, c'mon...if I wuz waxing my Honda right in front of her and she wuz busy looking at some other dickhead's johnson I think I might get a little perturbed. Who cares if the guy iz jerking off with a fucking broom handle up his ass (Actually...I might even stop and take a peek at that one!)? I think I might get a little more than perturbed, 2 tell the truth. Knowing me, I would blow it up N2 some kind of fucking international scandal or some shit. They would have probably have 2 bring in Jesse Jackson 2 negotiate a fucking peace treaty.

But that's the deal with me, and it really iz unfair. I mean...what's good 4 the gander should definitely be good 4 the goose, no? Why should this shit be cool when I do, but not when she duz? Or...wait 4 it....wait 4 it....almost there...wait 4 it...maybe I shouldn't be doing that shit, either. (BINGO! Now, wuz that really all that fucking difficult?) And maybe, just maybe, I should think about taking a long hard look at some of my own actions. Iz this the type of behavior that I would tolerate were she the one doing it instead of me? If the answer 2 that question iz no, then maybe I should think again B4 continuing doing whatever it may be.

Becuz the fact of the matter iz that I do love my wife, and we have more fun 2gether than iz allowed in many states whenever we are on the same page. It just seems lately that we haven't been on that page enough. I think maybe a lot of the blame 4 that lies right here (the rest of the blame lies squarely with all these fucking bitches who keep filling up my inbox with pictures of themselves a la carte. Not 2 imply that U should stop...I'm just saying, iz all...)

I guess maybe what I am trying 2 say iz that I have grown (and by grown I actually mean more than I just got wood...) somewhat emotionally. Maybe I even grew up a little bit. And when U consider just how late N2 the game this actually bad of a thing can that be?

Keeping U posted


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Nov 30 @ 4:08PM  
Congrats on your epiphany, DS!!!

It'll get better

Nov 30 @ 4:16PM  
Oh, that was an epiphany? I mean Jesse Jackson to negotiate for you? Puleez,give me a break. 40 DDs,really; then why the hell are you even looking elsewhere? BTW,great blog.

Nov 30 @ 4:18PM  
Perhaps U should check out dixxxbitch's profile B4 U start talking shit...

Just a suggestion...


Nov 30 @ 4:57PM  
Maybe I even grew up a little bit.'s about damn time fuck you very much...

just an observation...


Nov 30 @ 7:01PM  
Oh my god
this is love yall

Nov 30 @ 7:53PM  
I've always thought it was inappropriate behavior for people to be jerking off with a broom handle up their ass....particularly at a car wash ....there's just know excuse for that....

Nov 30 @ 8:44PM  
Then why are writing this blog and not having wild crazy sex with your woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK NM cause I'm in the same boat!!

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Duz This Mean I've Grown (or am I just happy 2 see U...)?