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Didja Ever????

posted 11/30/2007 9:43:19 AM |
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You know yesterday a blog was posted by a member on here asking for comments and yet no one was allowed to comment. I happened to actually take the time to look at her profile and noticed it was her very first blog. And having noticed that I wrote her a nice little note explaining how to set approval for comments. Guess what I got back for it? A nice reply thanking me so much for taking the time to do so! But it kind of bothers me all the lashing she took in other blogs just because she was a newbie to the blogs. People wanna bitch all the time about this non approval or wait for approval, but how many of you will actually take the time to write them a nice little note, explain the situation and wish them luck? Apparently from all the nastiness, not too fucking many! What's the worst that can happen? Someone tells you that they meant for it to be non approval? or worse they tell you to mind your fucking business?? Yeah like that would hurt me from a total stranger. OK, having got this little makes me pissy peeve off my massive chest, I would like to take this opportunity to say Welcome to the blogs to Tweety4U and wish you the best of luck, if you can ignore the nastiness that can occur around here from time to time you'll meet some great folks and have a good time!

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Nov 30 @ 9:55AM  
I think everyone is overly sensitive right now. And you gotta admit a whole lot of people do try to provoke reaction by not allowing comments. Perhaps that's what that was about? I dunno not gonna excuse anyone's including my reactions. It's just what it is.

Welcome Tweety.. hope you enjoy your stay.

Nov 30 @ 10:01AM  
When I was new here several folks were nice enough to explain to me how to do the automatic approval for the blogs. If I didn't thank those who helped me I take this oppertunity to do so. Thank you.................

Good luck Tweety4U and welcome. And thanks to LBS for pointing this out to all.

Nov 30 @ 10:21AM  
I also sent tweety4U a note about her block and she sent one back thanking me letting her know about the block...
My blog was not one of lashing at her it was just last night she was not on so I did my own blog for a way for people to comment on it till she was back on to change her setting so people could comment on hers...
If it was wrong sorry...
good luck to tweety4U.....

Nov 30 @ 10:29AM  
i wonder how many people wrote to least 4 that i have seen so far.....poor woman was probably over loaded with emails have put a suggestion in on the forum threads for help and suggestions.......that they make auto approval default and if people dont want comments then they can go in and set them up that way..........

Writing a blog in response to a blog that isnt auto approved doesnt seem to be a big thing to me unless there is a bunch of them popping up then it does seem redundant when everyone could just post on the first one that is in response to the non approved blog............just my opinion..........

Welcome Tweety4u I hope you enjoy this site..........

Nov 30 @ 10:32AM  
I wasn't saying anyone was wrong for blogging about her blog, just the nasty way that some of it (not all) was done! She was accused of being rude and several other things that were all uncalled for! Many people on here like to jump to conclusions when it could just be the simple reason of it being someone's first blog and they don't know about the settings! Just one more reason that I believe AMD should make all blogs automatically auto approved and then IF you wanted to change the settings so that people couldn't comment you could do that manually!

Nov 30 @ 10:33AM  
Ok Dayna, you posted while I was typing so now I seem redundant too!

Nov 30 @ 10:33AM  
oops I forgot to add...........I use to write to newbies all the time and tell them and then I ran into some people who were...............well lets just say not receptive and got I i do it again cause I no longer give a royal shit whether people approve or not approve..........i check first if they dont approve I normally dont bother reading their blogs.........but i have found i am starting to write them emails again telling them how to change it if they dont already know........must be the fucking holiday season..........Bah Humbug.........

Nov 30 @ 10:34AM  
Ok Dayna, you posted while I was typing so now I seem redundant too!
Thats Ok Stormy.............not the first time..........just saying........

Lubs ya ill give you a kudo for picking on ya...........

Nov 30 @ 10:35AM  
........must be the fucking holiday season..........Bah Humbug.........

Yeah, must be! I know I'm feeling the love!!

Nov 30 @ 10:40AM  
Ok ok ok!!! I admit.....I griped a bit about it. I also went to her blog and welcomed her to the site and apologized for being a knucklehead.


Nov 30 @ 11:20AM  

Nov 30 @ 11:35AM  
i agree in the last few mons the trolls have taken over this site.i still log on and check email and read blogs but i no longer post them or rarely even comment.kudos to you for helping out the newbie and speaking out for her.

Nov 30 @ 11:40AM  
I'm sorta new to the internet and these sites. I am new to blogging. I wrote my first one just last year. Although this is only the second site I have posted on I plan to post on all that I join. There ARE different settings, character amounts and rules to the different sites. I tried to post my first blog here and found that I was too long had to break it down into two parts. Someone nice from here explained the auto-accept to me. I feel that you should give the newbies a break. Hey, at least they are trying.

Nov 30 @ 12:52PM  
It is a shame that people are quick to judge and comdemn without getting the facts of a situation. This comment BS seems to elicit a knee jerk reaction from some members, who in thier indignation are commiting an offense that in my opinion is just as bad.

Nov 30 @ 1:11PM  
Very nice blog....

I make this comment because as a newbie, I can understand the fact that you are not aware of all of the nuances of this place. It was just over a month ago that I made my first attempt at blogging....anywhere. I was spared the vitriol from the masses by the quick action of DeDe54. She sent me a one line note to inform that I would have change my settings, and, she brought me up-to-speed on how to do so. I thanked her in return, and, I can appreciate you for doing the same, Stormy.

Now, after being here a few short months, I wish that the default setting was automatic approval. Many a newbie could be spared. We are all adults, so, I will not begin to chastise anyone's reactions. But, maybe...just maybe a little restraint and understanding could be shown to those that may be ignorant to the ways of the wondrous AMD.

Well, I made certain that I would get all of my $ .02 worth. I apologize for taking up so much of your well-stated blog. Thanks again, Stormy.

Nov 30 @ 1:13PM  
BTW, let me whip you out one of my green thingies.....

Just do not let the Kudo Whore find out I gave you one. Sheesh....she can be pretty particular about who gets one...besides herself.

Nov 30 @ 3:27PM  
Great blog, little honey gos a long way.

Nov 30 @ 3:31PM  
nice blog , no one told me about auto approval when i first blogged . I read many blogs after, about people being mad not being approved by others . I approved all that people posted on mine. green one to you for taking the time to help tweety .

Nov 30 @ 5:32PM  
Thank you both, ladybootscooter and Tweety4U.

Nov 30 @ 7:24PM  
I'm only on auto approve cus of the panty busines ....otherwise I would block and report everyone in the united states and canada for that matter and if you disagree with me ...I will report you to the County Sherriff and the CIA and may even involve Interpol....where the hell is Pudge ....I need my blue pills....

Nov 30 @ 9:30PM  
Right on the money and a green one Stormy.

Nov 30 @ 9:39PM  
Right on the money and a green one Stormy.

Nov 30 @ 9:40PM  
Oops ... I forgot I posted 8 minutes ago ... damn I'm slipping into senility!

Nov 30 @ 11:00PM  
Yeah, I read her blog yesterday, and she did state in her blog to feel free to comment on it. So I didn't think it was on purpose that her settings were set the way they were. When Tom (OMG) first started blogging and was new on here he did the same thing, and yes, I wrote an email letting him know about the settings. He apologized and told me he was new here and didn't know about the settings. After that we became pretty good friends. People should relax a little and quit being bent out of shape over the smallest of things, especially if it looks like there may be a mistake and misunderstanding.

Nov 30 @ 11:47PM  
When there is a blog I want to comment on and it says wait for approval, I ALWAYS take that time to write a quick note to inform them!! 99% of the time I get a great big thank you back! Always try to look for the positive and turn negative situations into positive! Patience and understanding are always good too!! Have a great night!

Dec 1 @ 9:53AM  
Thanks to all that posted, I would answer you all personally but I'm a cheap ass free member now and have to ration my emails! Have a great day!

Dec 2 @ 6:18PM  
Thanks to all that posted, I would answer you all personally but I'm a cheap ass free member now and have to ration my emails!

The term is...frugal!!!

Hope that had a great day!!!

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