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Should spanking be outlawed across the country?

posted 11/28/2007 6:06:29 PM |
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tagged: news, straddle

I just heard that the good 'ole liberal state of Mass. is now considering on passing a law to outlaw spanking kids under 18. I'm a big believer in if you spare the rod you spoil the child, and I don't feel like local, state, and the federal government should tell parents how to correct our kids. Yes, I do believe in spanking, and I don't consider it child abuse unless you put a mark on a child that will leave a nasty mark. Kids already know that they're gaining more and more rights and power as minors today (seems like nothing we can do as parents today to teach them right from wrong will help because all this outside interferrance), and a lot of them have attitudes because of that. Where do you stand on this issue?

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Nov 28 @ 6:14PM  
lol ... when I first saw your blog title I thought it was about the other kind of spanking. Luckily I read further.

Yeah I think it's ridiculous to outlaw spanking. I'm all for trying non-physical means of discipline first but hell, sometimes the only thing that works is a little twack on the back.

Nov 28 @ 6:17PM  
You are right straddle. Leadership is tuff, you have to look like and asshole sometimes. To get it through there head. Another way of looking at it. It's called tuff love. It's all about taring down American values, to match the third worlds values. Thank the libs.

Nov 28 @ 6:20PM  
damn liberals.

Nov 28 @ 6:22PM  
well straddle its nearly a crime now

Nov 28 @ 6:23PM  
I am all for Spanking your Children!!! I've seen too many kids that have never been spanked and they run all over their parents.....My daughter and I have been in stores and seen kids acting like fools and my daughter will look at them and say "You need a Good Spanking, my Mom would spank my butt if I acted like that!!!" The Mothers just stare at her and then look at their kids. Sometimes I think they do go home and give them one!! Or at least I hope.

Nov 28 @ 6:25PM  
Cali is doing it too.. yeah sure, let's outlaw spanking and all other forms of punishment that actually mean something to a child and let them run the place.

Nov 28 @ 6:30PM  
I agree with you 100% Shawn. Kids get by with too damn much the way it is. I got my ass beat when I was a kid and I lived through it. As a matter of fact I think I am a better person for it. Kudo my friend.

Nov 28 @ 6:40PM  

Maybe my generation was brought up wrong......

But, I do not believe that this Mass. law will pass. Saw on the early morning TV talkshows how the woman that helped to write it wanted to spur on discussion of the topic. What is the need??
When children are not given ANY boundaries nor can expect any consequences for their actions....why have the parents responsible for their conduct???
Emacipate them all at age, say....6. Furthermore, why continue to supplement public and/or private education??? They have no need for adult supervision nor guidance.

I am liberal, but, this kind of social crap goes against the principles of character-building that my forebears sought to instill in me.

Thank you for this blog and continuing to stimulate that ever-decreasing part of life....THINKING.

Nov 28 @ 6:41PM  
Emancipate even

Nov 28 @ 6:41PM  
Thanks, Max! Yeah, I remember my mom getting a switch from a tree when I was younger. That made me behave more I'll tell ya. Also, my aunt grabbed me by the hair out of a public pool when I didn't want to leave when it was time to go. I was pretty much thumbing my nose at her and got a little too close to the edge. This happened when I was about maybe 12 or around that age. Today that could be concidered child abuse which I don't think it is. I did turn out pretty good.

Nov 28 @ 6:43PM  
There is a difference between spanking and beating. I'm all for spanking...

Nov 28 @ 6:47PM  
I believe that the palm of your hand and the cheek of your childs butt is a perfect fit for a reason........and thats so when all else fails a smack on the butt will do the job.......Its amazing that what they call child abuse today my father referred to disclipline as he beat me with a buggy whip or leather I believe thats right..........Hell no........but when time outs dont work, that a swap on the butt will probably do the job.....

We are in a catch 22 situation.......if we dont disclipline our children and they get in trouble......we as parents are held responsible and told that we are terrible parents yet if we disclipline them........they can pick up the phone call 911 and we can go to about a screwed up situation.........

good blog.......straddle.

Nov 28 @ 6:56PM  
My kids are 14 and 16 and they know if they get out of line i will still bust their ass (I dont care what the government say's). I agree spare the rod spoil the child i seen it done many times. They need to define the differance between busting a childs ass (punishment) and abuse.
Whats really funny you get into more trouble for abusing a dog then you do a child.

Nov 28 @ 7:03PM  

A lil slap on the ass is not a big deal. They may thank you for it one day.

Nov 28 @ 7:18PM  
I got my ass busted many times and deserved all but one (circumstantial evidence convicted someone innocent). I am glad that I got those lickin's as my dad called them. I don't know in hindsight what else would have deterred me. Sure grounding and other things were mixed in, but the threat of a sore butt was a big deterrent.

Not to sound like an old curmudgeon, though maybe I am, but there is lack of responsibility and consequences for kids to day. They come out coddled with a sense of entitlement in many cases with little work ethic. However, this changes according to studies as they get into their twenties when nobody gives them anything anymore and they are held accountable.

Good blog. Kudo

Nov 28 @ 7:31PM  
My dad never laid a hand on me his whole life. My mom used to spank the shit out of us for nothing at all. I'll tell you who I have more respect for,,,,, and it isn't mom.
I suppose every child should be spanked ONCE..... just to know that it isn't a threat and you will do it....... but it is not necessary and it should NOT be the punishment of choice. I've raised 3. All college graduates. Never had to go to the police station to bail them out.
Anyone who resorts to spanking all the time is too fucking stupid to learn how to communicate with a child.
Yeah, I'm a little passionate on the subject.

Nov 28 @ 7:57PM  
I must say I agree with Slo on this one, my mother raised 7 children and never once did we get slaped, nor ever heard her raise her voice! If we stepped out of line, she had this look in her eyes that you knew you were pushing it!!

Nov 28 @ 8:48PM  
Slo, no one is saying to always whip kids, especially for nothing. Just saying that kids are getting a little out of control these days because they know that they're given more power to get away with things they do wrong and they know that. There is a difference between discliplining your kid and beating them. For some parents there is never a need to go spank their kids.... some of those kids know how far they can go without deserving a spanking. The bottom line is how you disclipline your own kid should be up to the parent and not the government! I can just see it now, a lot of 5 year old will be brought into the human services offices and testify that their parents whiped them. Is the state also going to set up camaras in the home? This is going too far I feel...

Nov 28 @ 8:58PM  
I agree with the occasional spanking, but I guess i am more with slo and zena on this one - should only need to hear the "voice" and know that they are in trouble and know that is enough! but thats just my opinion!

Nov 28 @ 9:00PM  
I would agree that we need less government, not more. They mean well, but they creat laws that make criminals out of just about everyone.... with no room ever for mitigating circumstances.
Just how would one monitor spanking? Cameras in all homes? So, yes..... I'll give you that... while I stand by my statements. Physical punishment should be the exception, not the norm.
It has it's occasion needs. When I was in 3rd grade, I was acting up for a substitute teacher. She came to my desk and told me to be quiet. As she turned and walked away, I softly called her a name. NOT soft enough. She spun on her heel and slapped me right across the face. I'll tell you what...... I NEVER sassed another teacher again. Lesson learned.

Nov 28 @ 9:01PM  
The children who never get punished or disciplined are the children who scream about wanting a breakfast cereal so much, they can't be taken in public anymore.

If your child tells you "NO!", EVER, you are fucking SOFT. Put down some tough love; they'll thank you for it when they avoid prison.

Nov 28 @ 9:03PM  
There is nothing wrong with spanking. Problem is people don’t know the difference between spanking and beating anymore. They lump it all into to one category. One firm swap on the rear for a serious offense doesn't harm a child. My son knows if he gets a spank it’s because he did something unsafe/life threatening to himself or others.

Nov 28 @ 9:24PM  
It just occurred to me that IF they made it illegal to spank someone UNDER the age of 18......... what about the OVER 18? Will you be able to legally spank someone..... whether they want it or not???

Nov 28 @ 9:26PM  
lol...Slo, ya never know in these days and times.

Nov 28 @ 9:33PM  
I totally 100% agree with you and think the government needs to stay out of our homes and stay focused on national and international affairs.


pssssssst!! Don't let DeDe know I left one though!

Nov 28 @ 9:36PM  
Thank you, Sugarnspice...your secret is safe with me.

Nov 28 @ 9:42PM  
I think a good smack on the hiney is all that's needed in most cases!- in my opinion!

This "politically correct" bullshit needs to stop ASAP- it's what's tearing our country apart from within and they know it! Far as I'm concerned, it's criminal and ought to be delt with in like manner! And the only people that can stop them is us, we the people! Who the fuck are they, to tell parents what they can and cannot do with their own children's upbringing anyway???


Nov 28 @ 9:55PM  
i just wonder who is going to enforce such a ridiculous law...will they have CYS workers patrolling homes for parents swatting their kids behinds??? who will determine the difference between a swat and a spanking? is one swat ok, but 2 or 3 constitute a spanking? what if a parent smacks a kids hand for touching something dangerous??? believe me there are PLENTY of cases of ACTUAL child abuse and neglect that go undetected, that i can hardly see how social services or the court systems can handle cases of is better spent teaching parenting than outlawing spanking as one form of discipline..

Nov 28 @ 11:24PM  
All the above:Word.Truth.Preach.Amen,and co-sign. I know I got my ass turned another color,and the stuff my mom did to me could get her locked up under this new silly-assed law.Not going to say "damn liberals" because I'm not all for partisanship,both sides suck more than a black hole to be honest.Anyway,part of the problem is that maybe they don't see all points of view,maybe they see the abusive end of the spectrum and not seeing kids being more better off with corporal punishment and becoming productive members of society.They don't know that kids can be pretty resilient.Its a shame,really...we're being turned into a nanny state;but if I ever spawn,I'll still punish them as I see fit in the privacy of my own house.Eff the government.

..and Ben,get your mind out of the gutter,yah perv.

...although I thought the same thing too.

Nov 28 @ 11:45PM  
Spanking a child is a cruel thing to do, most the time they just tell you that it didn’t hurt one bit.
At least that’s what my boys said.
It hurt my hand more then their bottoms.
I learned spanking was cruel to my hand..
I took up the fly swatter that worked a little better.
But then I still had to chase them and they were very nimble and quick. So I was swatting the air more then their butts.

Seriously the government should stay from the spanking issue. For one thing it’s going to be almost impossible to enforce.
Only in the cases of a child being beaten should the government step in.
And there is a big difference between spanking and beating.

Nov 29 @ 12:34AM  
Straddle I agree you don't have to beat them or spank them all the time but it helps that they know you will if you have to. My ex tried to raise the kids by screaming and yelling. They know I would give them a spanking if I told them I would. She never had control. I could look at them and they know they are at the line one more step would cause a spanking.

Nov 29 @ 1:07AM  
I like my three step program. First offense sit down with the child explain what they did wrong and explain the apropriate way to handle the situation.

Second Offense, A harsher punishment fitting to the offense. Stand in the corner, no allowance that week, grounding. and sit down with them and explain what they did wrong and ask them to explain to you the proper course of action.

Third offense depending on the severity of the offense, Spanking time. have them explain to you what they did wrong and how they should have handled it.

You work this system and then kids realize that what happens next is going to be tougher. By having them explain to you the offense and the proper way to handle it you get them to think about other solutions and the outcome.

basically put you teach accountability. And that with a good discipline program is all thats needed

Nov 29 @ 3:19AM  
the government needs to stay out of our homes and stay focused on national and international AFFAIRS.

Hey sugar.......Bill Clinton has THAT one covered.........

Nov 29 @ 6:55AM  
Spanking didn't hurt me, at least in the long term! As I think back, it hurt at the time. Anyway, when my brother or I did something that deserved spanking, it was administered with love, not with anger or rage. It was an infrequent punishment as we were brought up to respect our elders, especially our parents - and we did. When we were spanked, we knew we deserved it! As my Grandmother used to say, God put extra padding on the backside for a reason, and it wasn't just for sitting!

As I look around at families that I know, the ones whose children give them - and/'or society - the least problems are the ones who administer corporal punishment WHEN it is deserved and, when it isn't, punish in other effective ways, such as removal of privileges for a specific time AND STICK TO IT. I also observe that my friends and acquaintences with the most problems with their children are the ones that think just a two minute time out will teach their children what is acceptable behavior, who take away privileges for 15 minutes (and relent after 5), who are too busy with their own lives to teach their children to respect them, and who, themselves, are products of homes where there was no REAL punishment dispensed.

Children should be taught to respect their elders, to honor their parents, to behave in a civil and socialized manner, to respect the rights of others, etc. They NEED to be trained...and they need to be led by example by parents who practice what they preach/teach to their kids...and spanking is just part of honest and successful child rearing.

Knowing and accepting the consequences of one's actions is just part of growing up - of learning to act like a socially acceptable adult. Respecting others and behaving in a respectful manner is another. And wanting to behave in that manner because it is the right thing to do is yet another, and perhaps the best sign of being brought up correctly in the first place.

Hmmm...this blog certainly got me up on my soap box. Sorry, folks, but obviously I feel strongly about this. And, by the way, both my kids turned out just fine, thank you very much, with no emotional scars from being spanked or being grounded for two weeks - a full 14 days without relenting....

Nov 29 @ 7:09AM  
I feel a need to double-dip on this one...because I need to share a personal story...

I was 11 or 12, certainly old enough to know better. I went into the local drug store and tried to shoplift a Mad Magazine. I got caught! They called my Dad, a State Trooper, who came and got me in the black and white, lights and sirens, the whole thing! He took me - without a word - to the county lockup, had me fingerprinted, mug shots - still without a word - and put me in a cell next to the drunk tank. He locked the door and left. After what seemed like 20 years to me, he came back, let me out, put me in cuffs, put me in the back seat of the cruiser, took me home, took off the cuffs, sat me on the couch and said something like, "I'll finish your punishment when I come home from work. In the meanwhile, the only reason you'll get off the couch is to go to the bathroom."

He came home. We had dinner. He didn't speak to me at all. It was horrible - I knew what was coming and he was making me wait in this horrible anticipation... Finally, after he had his last cup of coffee, he took me to my room, had me bend over the bed, and whacked my behind - hard - just once. Then he asked me to tell him if I had learned anything today....

I had!!!

And that lesson has stuck with me all my life. And I have never tried to steal anything again.

And the thing that stuck with me the most is that my Dad had tears on his cheeks while he delivered that punishment. Tears of love, tears of shame. I had hurt him more than I had hurt me. I respected that tall dude in the grey uniform and I had hurt him by my actions. I wanted nothing more than him to be proud of me and, at that moment in time, I knew how much I had disappointed him...

And that's the lesson that has stuck with me all these years!

Nov 29 @ 10:18AM  
I was brought up with the dad and step mom used that one us. When I had my own child I never even thought about using a belt or anything but my hand on her. She got spanked when she deserved it. Then as she got older she got time out's, things taken away, grounded. I must of did something right being a single mom because she is a good kid. She don't run the streets, she don't get mouthy with me..She knows if she gets a bad grade on her report card she will be grounded until that grade comes up. I don't expect her to be a straight A student. I expect her to do her best.

Sorry I got off the subject.

There is a difference between spanking and beating your child.

Dec 1 @ 10:18PM  
If my sweet little ole great granny hadn't beat my butt 3/4 of the way around the block with an old fashoned razor strap i know i wouldn't have been worth a darn when i grew up.

I do not believe in abuse but sometimes "the voice" just does not get heard. I know after the leather spoke I sure listened closely for the voice from then on.

Dec 2 @ 6:50AM  
I'm 56 years old..I'll be 57 in May of 08..Growing up me and my friends got smacked across the face plenty of times in a catholic grammer school by nuns..It was I guess an accepted fact of life back then..

When I had my first kid I was 36 and my second I was 38..By the time they entered school the teachers and staff were so restricted it was sickening..And as a single parent it was sickening too..

I fully understand some parents beat their kids out of frustration/anger and lack of emotional control..That is Wrong...But to give a kid a swat on the ass and not one that will actually do anything but get their attention is harmless..

Society is becoming more and more money driven...Remember when you could drive a car without a seat belt on and not be ticketed? Now if you drive without a seat belt on it will cost you oh $50.00 & up depending on the state you live in..

I don't believe it is a matter of the state ( s ) looking out for the welfare of kids..I think this law is just another way for the bastards being able to soak money from the working people of this country..Nothing more than that..

Their are laws in place if you mark a kid from too much physical contact or cause physical injury..They teach it in school and the kids know it..Now these kids are going to use this as a means to get their way...And for a kid to have that power is extremely dangerous..They could easily hurt themselves and say the parent/guardian did it...Believe me their will be kids who will do this..

All I can say is watch how the assalt & murder rate rise in this country dramatically in the coming years as a result of these kids who are raised without proper dicipline..A swat on their ass does nothing harmfull provided it is no more than that..

It's al about Money...Think of how many dollars they can get from fines in each state...That is the Purpose and it is Not to Protect Kids..

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Should spanking be outlawed across the country?