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Some real stuck up sluts on this site

posted 11/27/2007 12:53:11 PM |
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Wow, im new to the site and i gatta say, some of u people really got ur heads up ur asses. I happened to see a lady that lived near me. I simply wrote, Hey, i see u live in *********, im right by you. How are you?" To which i get this response...

"First of all what can a 20 year old juvenile offer me? I assure you I'm better educated then you are! I'm positive I earn a hell of a lot more money then you do or ever will. Hate to say it, but you couldn't afford to keep me in Loeffler Randall shoes let alone anything else! Now on a much more serious note! I find you to be an uneducated lout, What part of NO MEN couldn't your feeble little brain understand? I suggest you stick to girls closer to you in age and education. Now why don't you slither back under the rock you crawled from under? Final closing note YOU'VE BEEN BLOCKED!" chick was pretty ugly too... obviously she cant find a guy on the streets to get her in "Loeffler Randall" shoes, so she had to resrot to the internet. just wanted to share this with you.

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Some real stuck up sluts on this site


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Nov 27 @ 2:17PM  
Well yeah some people are like that. A long time ago I felt that people who didn't reply to nice emails were stuck up. Then I realized how much mail the ladies on this site get in general and how little time they have to reply. Now if this lady you're talking about has this much time to write a whole nasty paragraph, she must be both stuck up and completely unpopular. Imagine a lonely unpopular person sitting by the computer waiting for your one email to pop-up so that she could eagerly slam it down. Dude, you should really be feeling sorry for her ... lol.

Nov 27 @ 2:40PM  
Protip: Calling them sluts isn't exactly going to have them swooning all over you,either.There is a way to talk to women.Just throwing that out there for you...try it,and you may like it. Stay classy,aight?

Nov 27 @ 3:22PM  
Ouch... that sucks.

Nov 27 @ 3:39PM  
actually it sounds like abig part of it could be your attitude to them dude.
for a start if you read what you have wrote it sounds like she was looking for a female anyway...
I don't even know who this woman is you refer to but,hanging crap on her about having to resort to the internet?
well why are you here for then ?
she may have been a bit harsh in her response but maybe she's just tired of idiots than can't read.
respect for others works wonders sometimes,you should try it.
but i'm just an ole fart looking for friends,what would i know...........

Nov 27 @ 4:18PM  
Alas, it is clear that some people simply have issues and major baggage. Best to just laugh and move on. Personally I find that women have gotten so angry over the years. I am sure there are lots of reasons why they are angry now, but none of them help us poor guys to feel any better when they unload on us.

As a suggestion for the people of the world: Try dealing with each person as an individual and leave your preconceived notions behind. You might be surprised at what you find. I mean think about it... not everyone can be an ass right? And here is another thought: What if someone is saying the same things about you? Is that what you want to be thought of...

Nov 27 @ 4:29PM  
Don't be surprised to see more of those bro...they're everywhere! Sounds like she has a real problem with insecurity, her age and a materialistic bitch to boot. Keep narrowing down the field until you find SANITY!


Nov 27 @ 4:49PM  
Obviously she's disturbed. Furthermore, what an ugly personality to respond so strongly to any email.


Nov 27 @ 4:50PM  
get used to it, thats how most of the women are, and all i can say is us men have no one else to blame but ourself, we give them way to much power the women look at it is if we dont do what they want they will get some other smuck to do it, you know what the sad thing is? there are so many men that are pathetic and will do anything for some ass, me i say respect me and i'll do the same for you if you dont you get the same in return and just lost a very nice person you could of had in your life

Nov 27 @ 5:16PM  
Dayum dude ... five kudos already. I'm just itching to see the comments.

Nov 27 @ 6:11PM  
this doesn't make her look bad why not try to understand she probably put no men for a reason and she might be getting thousands of emails from people who don't bother to read her profile also you are not supposed to post her email here that is what your friends bulliten board is for also you wind up looking bad saying nasty things like she is ugly she obviously wasn't that ugly until she rejected you.

Nov 27 @ 8:20PM  
Ouch !!! It is a shame she reponsed so vehemently, perhaps her Loeffle Randalls were too tight!

But please don't put all the ladies of AMD in the same basket we are not all that bad.

Nov 27 @ 8:23PM  
Five kudos and NO comments......
Must be locals
Keep trying

Nov 27 @ 10:45PM  
Don't take it personally, sounds like she was looking for only ladies, but a bad attitude is her bad not yours!! Keep truckin...there are nice ladies on this sight.

Nov 27 @ 11:16PM  
haha thanks, i appreciate the comments. I was starting to second guess this site but i was wrong. And yes, i did react wrong to the comment. What can I say? I was heated at the time. oh well

Nov 27 @ 11:30PM  
ya gots 2 b careful when u write those lipstick lesbos...........they will bite ur dick off n use it as a strap on on their g/f ...........jus sayin

Nov 27 @ 11:57PM  
By the way, I forgot to mention this and apparently no one remembered to do so but it is quite possible that at least some of the "ladies" who are looking for other ladies are actually men. * horrors *

Dec 4 @ 2:32PM  
I read thru all the comments that were posted.... I must agree that the Lady who shunned you came on a bit strong, but, in the same breath I must say.... READ THE PROFILES FIRST!!!! It actually will save you alot of problems in the long run... and not all of us who say "NO MEN" are lesbos or trannies. Some of us are actually married couples looking for a FEMALE playmate. Even though those exact words are the headline to our profile, we still get viewed, emailed, & winked at by MEN.... ... we haven't been able to figure out if the guys aren't seeing the headline, aren't reading the profile, or just plain don't care...., though I am not really bitching here, I am asking that you read the Headline & the whole profile before you try to initiate anything with anyone one here..... we give that respect to every single person, who's profile we visit.

Anyway, I'm just saying......

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Some real stuck up sluts on this site