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posted 11/25/2007 3:15:14 PM |
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I think I lost my fucking mind this morning. My wife woke up pissed off at me about the same shit she went 2 sleep pissed off at me about, and I fucking snapped. I freaked the fuck out and bailed. I just left. I couldn't take anymore.

Here's the deal. U guys all know how I can get. From time 2 time I get a little off the fucking hook, but I still love my wife. I wouldn't do anything 2 purposely hurt her. But lately she has taken 2 accusing me of doing shit that I am not doing. I do admit that the shit she iz accusing me of iz all shit that I would like 2 do (in some cases LONG 2 do...), but that duzn't negate the fact that I am not doing it. For me 2 be constantly accused of this shit iz really starting 2 get on my nerves.

The main reason it iz bothering me so much iz it makes me feel like I should just fucking do it! Why the fuck not? I'm already catching the grief 4 it, and she already thinks I am a liar when I say I'm not fucking doing it, so WTF do I really have 2 lose by actually doing the shit? From where I'm sitting it appears that the only difference would be that I get some pussy I would really like 2 have.

But, I'm really not ready 2 throw my whole marriage away over some stupid shit. That's why I am sitting here alone rather than calling the one person I know my wife duzn't want me around. 2 be honest, I'm not entirely sure she wouldn't snitch me off 2 my wife anyways. I tend 2 believe she just might.

So I am sitting here alone, trying 2 figure out what 2 do. I hope something comes 2 mind soon. But until it duz, I guess I'll just keep on

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Nov 25 @ 3:19PM  
remember proving her right won't solve the problem, it will only add fuel to the fire.

Nov 25 @ 3:20PM  
well if ya luv her make it right.there's always a way.

Nov 25 @ 3:22PM  
its ok to get frustrated with your partner,but remember one thing,once you go down that path and actually go somewhere else you can never go back to thinking things will be the same.
there's an old saying over here in OZ,
its better to be pissed off,than pissed on.
just be careful of what you wish for,it might come back to bite ya on the ass.

Nov 25 @ 3:52PM  
just sit back...ponder a bit......maybe burn one..........slow down the fire....and let HER think too........she probably KNOWS your not out doin something ........sounds more like maybe she just wants more of your attention to me.......but hey what do i know?

Nov 25 @ 4:05PM  
As much as it sucks to be accused of things you haven't done, it's worse to be guilty. Maybe the way to go about it is to figure out what is making her so insecure and address the real issue. But don't do anything you can't undo.

Nov 25 @ 4:18PM  
2 wrongs don't make it right babe, think about what your doing, and what is important in your world! Thats what I did for many years.............. Good luck honey!

Nov 25 @ 4:53PM  
Damn DS that's a tough spot to be in!! For both of you, nothing worse then feeling insecure in a relationship it sucks. Obviously she is insecure for a reason. You say that what she is accusing you of,,,,,,you want, so I guess to her its the same thing. I guess I just understand where she is coming from. I guess some people just want to know and feel that the person they are married to and love, love them as much and would never think of doing intimate things with someone else, hope I'm saying what I want to say right. No disrespect to you and hope you don't take it that way.


Nov 25 @ 6:23PM  
Just be glad I'm not there, or your life would be REAL hell

Nov 25 @ 6:42PM  
I suffered a marriage of 25 years of accusations.... it was all bullshit from an emotional abusive person whose insecurities destroyed himself and our relationship.


it is emotional abuse and you don't need the drama...

and don't act on what she is accusing you of.... then she wins... she turns you into what she believed you are.... not who you actually are.

and if you leave..... after that..... then do whatever the hell you want....

if you think it is bad now....... it's going to get much, much worse...

as well, sometimes people project.... they project what they are doing onto other people...

been there... done that.... don't recommend it....

good luck

Nov 25 @ 6:49PM  
Well...thats just fucking GREAT! Don't worry U guys, I'm not going 2 do anything 2 jeopardize my relationship with her, and I don't know if it iz going 2 get worse or not. How the fuck would I know that?

Nov 25 @ 6:50PM  
*gonna catch hell for this but here goes* I'm going to take a wild stab that your wife accuses you of cheating.....step into her shoes a sec and look at it from her eyes.......her husband can, by his own admission, go off....and leave.....he chats on an adult site, and the marriage has some issues....maybe they are hers or maybe they are both of yours, IF she is your partner....if ti bugs her then it's a problem....sit down and talk with her and just listen.......and then take some time to think before you respond.....some of your actions may be leading her to feel like something is going on when it might not be.....
In saying all of this, I am in no way saying that you and your actions are wrong and hers are right......all I am saying is take a look at the whole from her shoes and see how and if you contribute and then change it......then it's her turn to do the same! Good luck!

Nov 25 @ 6:57PM  
well, i think marriage takes faith, trust, and patience. u could slowly convince her with trust that ur not doing wut she thinks ur doing

Nov 25 @ 9:26PM  
I know you guys have been through a lot lately Ric and I know you messed up pretty bad. It is going to take her a while to be able to trust you completely again. I know you are not cheating on her but as you yourself say you have the desire for several ladies and that is causing her to feel hurt and concerned. I don't have any easy answer for you hun but I do know this. I know you love that lady very much. You have told me that repeatedly. I don't think you want to leave her or run away I believe you just want it made right. It won't be easy but hang in there and don't forget to tell her how special she is to you and how you don't want a life without her. Then make sure all your actions show it...... Hugs to you my friend you know I care.

Nov 26 @ 1:23AM  
Dunno what to say man ... just hang in there.

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