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Good things.. Challenges for us all.

posted 11/24/2007 9:23:05 AM |
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tagged: life, love, happiness

Someone once said "The good things that come to those who wait, might very well be the stuff that was left behind by the first to arrive". The more I think about this, the more I realize it could very well be true and I have often wondered what I missed out on.

22 months ago I made a conscious decision. I've always been shy and very reserved, revealing very little of my true self to others. I've always cherished my privacy, guarding and polishing that protective shell, so to speak. I finally realized that what I had been using as protection was acting more as an impenatrable shield. I finally understood that my shyness and reluctance to share most aspects of my personal life with others might have been misconstrued as my being aloof, non-commital, not interested, or just plain snobbish and that is not how I am at all! Knowing that I had to do something about my predicament, I made a promise to myself that I would try to present myself as more approachable and that I would work up the nerve to leave my little comfort zone of familiarity. I challenged myself to explore, try the unknown, and by doing this, I learned more about myself than I could have ever dreamed possible.

I learned to reach out to others in ways I had previously been incapable of doing. To seize the moment and take advantage of new opportunities as they presented themselves, instead of sitting back, in a blanket of indecision, self-doubt, and all the 'what if's' that come with that type of behaviour. Do I regret any of it? Absolutely not! My life is much fuller and richer because of it. Naturally this journey is not even coming close to an end, as it is my 'highway to life' in progress.

I have met a handful of postively wonderful people along the way, scattered amongst a huge spectrum of humanity in all its forms... some incredibly shy, scared and hesitant, others who were arrogant or terribly unkind for whatever reason, and those who seemed to absolutely glow with inner peace and happiness. I wanted to take the time to say thank you, to each and everyone of you with whom I have crossed paths. Thank you for sharing your time, thoughts, and friendship. I also wish to let those who are hiding behind their own protective shells, that those shields can be weakend and eventually broken, by chipping away at them a little bit at a time.

This site is full of people wanting, ready, and willing to meet others, but often I hear and read comments lamenting the disappearing friend, the one, who for whatever reason, always has something come up where they feel they have to cancel plans that were made, etc.

I want to challenge each and every one of you to leave your comfort zone. Choose life! Presumably, you are here, after all, to meet people, right? Doesn't matter whether you are looking for simple friendship, your life mate, or a fuck buddy. Let it be known what you are really seeking and when opportunity knocks, answer the damn door! I challenge each of you to go that extra mile. You might find love, not around the corner, but around the country, or globe instead! Be willing to embrace new ideas. Consider not what is keeping you from coming out into the open but instead think about ways that you can make your dreams happen! Place that call, write that letter, say those words! I promise you will be a better person for it.

Oh and by the way, that quote, (which I probably did not get exactly right, but the general idea of it) is from none other than Steven Tyler. He isn't known for many profound sayings, but I think this one speaks volumes.

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Nov 24 @ 9:32AM  
Whoa! I have just gotten a flash of brilliance from you! Would you mind giving lessons?

Nov 24 @ 9:35AM  
Nothing to add 'cept a green biscuit.

Nov 24 @ 9:36AM  
A Good Lesson to Learn!!!

Nov 24 @ 9:40AM  
Very nicely written and well thought out . Being open to new ideas and opportunities is always a nice thing - just remember to be true to yourself before you take that plunge.

Nov 24 @ 9:41AM  
What a wonderful outlook..and blog. All of it very true.
I have a tendency to keep those walls up until I get to really know someone. I've been trying lately not to do that. So I've written or said things that are what I honestly feel or think but are pushing my comfort zone at times. But that's okay. We all need to do that sometimes to learn a new comfort zone.
The "what if's" are a part of life. I've discovered that if I don't do something because I'm scared of what if,,,,then I am usually sitting back later regretting it thinking what if I would have......

Nov 24 @ 9:46AM  
Excellent Blog!

The thing that puzzles me is that so many speak of not being able to meet anyone....yet they're all coming together to say it here. I have an idea....the next two bloggers that write about NOT being able to meet someone....should agree to meet.

btw, my protective shell is made of granite.


Nov 24 @ 9:59AM  
What a wonderful blog S.O.M. green thingie for you!

Nov 24 @ 10:40AM  
EXCELLENT blog! I can say from experience that choosing life is the only way to fly...boredom's not a burden anyone should bear. It was the absolute best decision I ever made and I will NEVER regret it!

Greenie for you

Nov 24 @ 10:44AM  
Great blog - I can relate 100% Life is too short - LETS LIVE and have some FUN!!!

Nov 24 @ 12:54PM  
South.........Excellant blog and one worth taking to heart. It is difficult to let the shields which protect us drop and it takes time and patience. Stepping from the shadows into the light is not easy for everyone but each small step leads to another and another.

I am happy your journey is taking you to new adventures !!!!

Nov 24 @ 1:36PM  
Excellent There is an opening in our law school study group; you are invited to join.

Nov 24 @ 1:51PM  
From someone who used to have a sheild made of steel, great blog!!

Getting rid of the shield was the best thing I've ever done. I have a lot to show for it and much to be thankful for.


Nov 24 @ 4:20PM  
I have an idea....the next two bloggers that write about NOT being able to meet someone....should agree to meet.

I positively LOVE this idea.. it's a shame that we couldn't make this a new rule and have a way to enforce it!

Nov 24 @ 5:13PM  
What an awesome blog..........Thank you........kudos to you!!

Nov 24 @ 5:19PM  

Nov 25 @ 1:09AM  
Great blog S O M, there is a lot of truth is what you say. I have been bashful my entire life. I have been leaving my comfort zone for about a year now and have made several friend and had a lot of fun. Your blog is worth several Kudos but one is all I can give you.

Nov 25 @ 5:31AM  
I find just being myself works for me...what people think of me isn't any of my business...I just let go and let the cards fall where they may....I've learned thru many hardships to finally love myself...and now I can love others...good blog

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Good things.. Challenges for us all.