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DickSlippery 2 the Rescue!!! Part Two

posted 11/24/2007 7:36:30 AM |
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tagged: whig

CONTINUED FROM B4 - Yeah, continued, motherfucker. That means that in order 2 understand what the fuck I am talking about U are going 2 have 2 make an effort and go back and read part one. It's not that hard, really. Just go ahead and click on that link over there 2 Ur right. Yeah, that one right there. No, not that one! Never, I mean NEVER click on that one! If U click on that one it will be all bad, I'm telling U. I'm talking biblical shit here, people! Locusts and hail the size of school buses and boils all over Ur genitalia type shit, that's the kind of shit that will happen if U hit that link. But, yeah...that other one will take U 2 Part One. Thank U and have a nice day.

Well, I don't know if he had his Wheaties this morning or what, but he started talking shit 2 me earlier 2nite. I almost smashed on his ass right there, but I had my laptop with me and all my shit and a couple hundred dollars, so I figured right then probably wuzn't the best time 4 me. I think I can whip rhis motherfucker's ass, but I don't know I can. I might throw down with this motherfucker and find out 20 seconds N2 it that he has hands. I really don't need 2 be robbed of all my shit, in addition 2 getting knocked out. That would just suck. Besides that, I didn't have anyone around 2 make sure this dickhead didn't stomp my head N2 the fucking asphalt if I did lose. So, I swallowed my pride (it wuz hard as fuck, 2. It didn't want 2 go down. I had 2 come in the house and wash it down with half a glass of Pepsi) and went back 2 the house.

But, things being the way they are in the ghetto, this izn't going 2 be the end of it, I'm sure. He already went over 2 my boy's house talking his shit and I'm more than certain he will be back at me 2morrow. When he duz I will have 2 fuck him up, becuz if I don't every motherfucker in this bitch will be trying 2 rob me every fucking time I turn around. That will get very fucking old very fucking fast, let me tell U.

My biggest problem iz I just don't have the fucking energy 4 this shit anymore. Hustling dope iz definitely a young man's game. I don't have the time or the patience that dealing with dope fiends on a daily basis requires. That usually means its time 2 get out. B4 something bad happens.

Cuz all it would take iz 4 this motherfucker 2 get hemmed up by the police and I'd be fucked. I have no doubt that this bitch ass motherfucker would snitch me off in a fucking second. They probably wouldn't have 2 offer him anything. He'd do it just becuz he's a fucking hater, and haters hate 2 go 2 jail alone. They always try 2 take as many of the motherfuckers they deal with along with them. Like we're talking about motherfucking summer camp or something. Bitch, please...

So, anyway, all of this bullshit has me thinking about retiring again. I don't want 2 go out like a sucker. I'd rather just walk away. That seems like its the smart play 2 me, which probably means I won't do it. Making the smart play when I need 2 has never really been my strong suit. I'm usually that motherfucker that duz something stupid at the worst possible time. That tends 2 be me.

But I am older and wiser now, so who knows? It may turn out OK after all. Maybe that motherfucker will turn over a new leaf and quit hating on me (yeah, right...the only way that's gonna happen iz if he turns over that leaf and finds a fucking pound of dope underneath it. Bitch ass motherfucker...). Or, maybe he will notice the err in his ways and find God or some shit, I don't know (oh yeah...that only happens in jail). But, one way or another, this situation iz most likely about 2 come 2 a head sometime this weekend, and if I have 2 smash on this fool I may end up hurting the motherfucker really bad. I really don't know any other way 2 fight. I will stomp his motherfucking melon N2 the asphalt (Why do U think I worry about the same shit happening 2 me? Do U think I make this shit up?) . I really don't give a fuck when it gets 2 that point. Then the police might get involved and that would be ALL FUCKING BAD. It usually iz whenever those dickheads get involved.

So, if I suddenly stop blogging U will know what happened. Stupid pushed his luck and got it handed 2 him, and then the fucker snitched like the bitch he iz. U will still be able 2 reach me, though. U will just have 2 write 2 DickSlippery, x-1472461, C/O Sacramento Co. Jail, 651 I Street, Sacramento, Ca. 95815. Be sure not 2 send any perishibles or pornography, though. While Ur at it, if U could put some money on my books I'd really appreciate it. That would be fucking awesome, cuz all I'm gonna be doing iz sitting there

Keeping U posted


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Nov 24 @ 9:14AM  
I gave you one of them green cookies, you know the ones? One side makes you grow taller and the other side makes you grow smaller... or some shit..
So, dude, you gonna front me a dime?

Nov 24 @ 9:41AM  
Man, sorry all I can say is - good luck with that! And heres a green thing for your troubles!! Have a great day!!

Nov 24 @ 9:57AM  
things being the way they are in the ghetto

Carmichael? The ghetto? Pahleeze! Things must have seriously changed since I've lived there. You going to tell me that they moved the governor's mansion over by Grant now?

If U click on that one it will be all bad, I'm telling U. I'm talking biblical shit here, people! Locusts and hail the size of school buses and boils all over Ur genitalia type shit, that's the kind of shit that will happen if U hit that link.

You seriously slay me. You are one seriously funny (yet intensely messed up!) individual.

Nov 24 @ 10:44AM  
hy are U always trying 2 pull my covers, bitch? Granted maybe "ghetto" wuz a bit of a stretch...I'll give U that one. I live in a shitty part of Carmichael, but it damned sure ain't Marysville and El Camino.

While we are on the subject, have U ever run N2 the Carmichael Crips? OMG...they are fucking hilarious. It's like 10 white kids who listen 2 rap music and smoke weed and becuz they all wear the same color they call themselves a gang. I tried 2 explain 2 them that "real" gang members aren't allowed 2 borrow thier mother's BMWs, but they weren't having any of it. I thought I wuz going 2 piss myself!

Come home and visit. I'll show U the seedy underbelly of Carmichael. If U dare...



Nov 24 @ 10:59AM  
Come home and visit. I'll show U the seedy underbelly of Carmichael. If U dare...

You might be sorry you invited me!

Carmichael Crips?

When we first moved there, we lived in an apartment between El Camino and Arden (thank gawd we were just waiting for our house to get know, way out in upscale North Highlands! ) and I had to go to an elementary school that was right off the freeway (hey, blow me! I can't remember the names of these places...I think the street we lived on was Lexington?!?!?!) N E way... I was so freaking scared at that school. And, my teacher had my papers all over the classroom because I could read and write. No kid wants to stand out that way!

Nov 24 @ 1:40PM  
I read part one and like the multitudes before me that read it, decided not the leave a comment on it.

Nov 24 @ 3:07PM  
Dude, i hope these green thingies can get u some squares in there, cuz i left u one.

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DickSlippery 2 the Rescue!!! Part Two