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DickSlippery 2 the Rescue!!!! Part One

posted 11/24/2007 5:49:50 AM |
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tagged: whig

I really have nothing 2 blog about, but after that last piece of shit wuz posted I figured I had 2 do something. I can be more entertaining than that when I'm asleep. Of course, I guess I should raise the bar a little higher B4 I start fucking bragging about it, huh?

I don't understand why people have such a hard time remembering this iz (4 the most part) a forum 4 entertainment. But that might be my problem right there. Who said it wuz a forum 4 my entertainment? I'm sure that the clown who wrote it wuz extremely entertained by doing it, and he probably squirts one in his jeans everytime he opens up his mail and finds another comment telling him what a sick fuck he really iz. That might not seem like such a big fucking thing 2 U or I or anyone else even marginally normal. But if U never get any mail? What then? Iz it still not such a big deal?

I would guess that if a motherfucker NEVER gets any fucking mail at all that a mailbox full of negative shit would be just as much fun as opening up Ur Yahoo and seeing someone U want 2 sleep with sit on a bowling pin (Yes, I still want 2 sleep with her. I can't be scared away that easily, people!). U would be shocked, right. I sure as fuck wuz.

But that's not really what I sat down 2 write about 2nite. I sat down intending 2 bitch about...well...people, I guess. They suck. Not in the good way, either. Especially the ones I meet in my line of work (let's just say I'm an unlicensed pharmacutical distributor and leave it at that. Trust's better that way 4 all of us...). I have 2 deal with fucking haters and dope fiends all fucking day long. It begins 2 wear on a motherfucker after awhile, y'know?

And I'm the type of cat who wants 2 trust motherfuckers 2 do the right thing (which they almost never fucking do), so U can imagine the problems I run N2 on a daily basis. Take this one bitch-ass nigga who stays in the same apartments I stay in. Let's just call him "Dreads" (all names have been left the same...fuck him) 4 the sake of this blog. Well "Dreads" wuz up in here running his little nickle and dime hustle and whatnot when I decided 2 go back N2 the business. U see, most motherfuckers do this shit until they can't anymore. They end up fucking off all of thier connects or burning thier fucking bridges or whatthefuckever, and they can't do it anymore. Then they become fucking haters, and they sit there and hate on the rest of us 4 being able 2 do whatever it iz that they can't do themselves. It's fucking stupid. I, on the other hand, did not do that. I just stopped cuz I didn't want 2 go 2 prison, and the judge made it pretty clear that that wuz where I wuz going if they caught me again. So, after three years of leaving it alone I picked up again, and becuz I deal only with good shit I almost immediately took all of this motherfucker's customers from him.

Now let me peep U guys on something about the dope game y'all may not know. Most motherfuckers deal 2 feed thier own habits. 4 instance, maybe they pick up a half teener 4 50 bucks, break that down N2 four 20s, do one and sell three, get high and make 10 bucks in the process. Do that enough times and U can buy mama that house up on the hill U have always been promising her and have free dope, right? Well, unfortnately, just becuz it works out that way on paper it duzn't mean its gonna work in real life, and very often it duz not. Some shit iz always gonna happen. Sometimes its becuz someone else went 2 jail. Sometimes its becuz U did. Sometimes motherfuckers just fall off 4 no apparent reason whatsoever (except theys doin 2 motherfucking much!). Sometimes another motherfucker shows up with better shit at a better price and all of the sudden U are fucked. There's nothing worse than dropping $200 on a quarter ounce and finding out no one wants 2 buy Ur shit. "Fucking great. What the fuck am I supposed 2 do with this shit now? I can't take the motherfucker back, I already did 2 much out of it. Fuck it, hand me that pipe."

Thats pretty much what happened in this case. Except for the part about the drugs. I made that shit up. So I've been dealing with this dickhead hating on me, hating on my product and basically trying 2 set me up and rob me 4 a couple of months now, but it hasn't been that big of a deal, really. The motherfucker iz a joke, and he's the only one who seems not 2 know that.


Keeping U posted


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DickSlippery 2 the Rescue!!!! Part One