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Black Friday

posted 11/23/2007 2:02:47 PM |
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Oh My Gosh.....Okay, I admit, I'm an idiot... . And I think I'm too old, at least today. And my grandchildren are all way too spoiled. I really need to have a talk with their other Grandma about that. Cause we all know I would never do any such thing......... Actually, so is my daughter, come to think of it.....hmmm

I've just learned all sorts of things today..... lol
I discovered that if you are going to get up at 4 am to be shopping at 5, you really should be smart enough to go to bed before 2 am. Evidently I'm not quite that But I can take a nap. And I saved quite a bit of money. Well. maybe. If I had stayed home I would still have the money, umm let's think about that one. And maybe I wouldn't be so darn tired.
I about froze this morning, low 20's and everything iced over, but it woke me up. Mainly because I left my coat in the car last night. The electric starter on my car wouldn't work this morning.Of course I discovered that this morning.Need to get that fixed ASAP. Those things sure can spoil you. I laid the curling iron on my hand and burned it pretty good. Okay, so closing my eyes while using it wasn't he smartest thing I've ever done. lol Next time I'll remember, maybe. I realized the doctor was more right than I am and my hamstring isn't healed yet. I can't think of a thing to get my son in law this year. He has my daughter, what more could he want? lol He's the only one I have to buy for yet. Except for last minute stocking stuffers and such...(And I think I saw Borty in the lingerie dept at J.C.Penney's. ) What? It was a really good sale, I couldn't resist... Santa would approve.
I went to Toys R Us, but lemme tell ya, there is not a toy ever made that is worth that crowd. I didn't discover that though until I was already in the store and almost had to fight for my life to get back out..Empty handed. I didn't really need what I went there for anyways, I guess. Damn it!
Did I blow my budget? Nope, I did really good. ...
But I came really close to it. I stood for what seemed like ever looking at a 46" HDTV for my son in law and daughter. Common sense did finally take over..... well that and I knew it wouldn't fit in my car...... The really good part is, I didn't hurt not one person.... lol Actually everyone was friendly as could be today... And I actually had fun.....kinda, sorta, anyways..... lol

So when you do your shopping, do you set a budget or just buy? Do you usually stay within the amount you should, or do you get crazy with shopping for others?

So now I'm just sitting here all bundled up in a nice warm robe, with a cup of hot tea, trying to get warm. I'm thinking that maybe I should start wrapping all these gifts......well maybe after a well deserved nap. Where are the elves, aren't they supposed to be helping?????

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Nov 23 @ 2:25PM  
Congratulations on a job well

I personally am lucky enough to not have to worry about the budget thing, and i do no shopping until after December 1st. By this time, crowds have lessoned and the stores are

Take your nap, now, my earned it...

Nov 23 @ 2:26PM  
Right on! I'm usually within $20 of my budget. No "Black Friday" up here, though. I miss home.

Nov 23 @ 2:30PM  
Your morning sounds like mine!!!! I only took $200 in cash with me this morning and I brought home change!!!! Now yesterday, yes we had lots of stores open on Thanksgiving here, I spent around $200 also and then Online I spent just under $200, so my Daughter is FINISHED!! Just under $600 for one 8 year old is WAY TOO MUCH!! Now my Brothers and their Wifes will spend another $400 on her and then we have Grandma and God Only Knows how much she will spend!!!
You see all the other grandkids are grown and out of college, so mine is the Baby and they spoil her rotten!!!

Nov 23 @ 2:30PM  
Its so funny that most of the time we are so much alike and than there are those other times................

Okay, I admit, I'm an idiot...
GooD, Now I dont have to be the one to tell you........

There is not a sale good enough, or money to be saved enough for me to venture to the stores the day after Thanksgiving....even if I had been allowed to drive........and i ask what would be perfect presents for my children.......they tell me.........I the granddaughter........well as you know Treas.....I will go way past my budget...........I will buy her everything I THINK she needs or wants........and let her mother figure out where she is going to put it in their apartment...........but thats what Nana's are for..............


Nov 23 @ 2:58PM  
Sorry, I suppose I'm the sane one here so far besides Dayna, well that could be argued too. The only reason I ventured to a store today was to take my daughter to work - no shopping for me. Felt like I was on the bumper cars ride in the parking lot.

I have a list I made and stick to it. I don't have much disposable income, so I pick with care. I started shopping last month, and will not think of going out until Dec, and will head out of town, since everyone will be coming my way to the Mall of America.

You know keeping these kinds of hours CL has a strange effect on your dreams - so don't blame me!! Enjoy the tea, get in a hot soak, as the wrapping can wait.

Nov 23 @ 3:26PM  
Sorry, I suppose I'm the sane one here so far besides Dayna, well that could be argued too.
Umm arguing your sanity or mine?

Nov 23 @ 4:27PM  
The people I work with say I am nuts Oops, guess I better watch out for that pesky squirrel now - saying nuts! The sane part, well.... At least neither of up went out to the stampede - darn, now I need to worry about them spurs

Nov 23 @ 5:07PM  
Thank you Casually, for being part of the stock market rally.

Prediction, December will be up.

Nov 23 @ 5:11PM  
I don't have a budget. I spend what I have and enjoy doing so.

Nov 23 @ 8:01PM  
Ummmm...if you decide on buying me a gift...I'll take the 46" HDTV

ok,ok,ok!!!! I was kidding......................kinda, sorta...maybe.

Myself....I'm the typical "last minute shopper"...yep...just ain't Christmas shopping for me till the 23 or 24th of December..then I'm all over town like a nut job trying to find to perfect gifts for family and friends.....I do it this way cause if I went out earlier...those nicely wrapped gifts would drive me insane for the next month!

Oh...and I usually stay within my budget...I have no choice as that is the amount I set aside in my Christmas fund at the bank.

*slips a green thing-a-ma-jiggy on the table...looks around to make sure DeDe doesn't see it.*

Nov 23 @ 9:51PM  
For your son in law......... remember that the best mens gifts fall into 3 categories
1) Eat it
2) Spend it
3) Play with it

Worst -
1) cutesy ties
2) Gimmicky tools that are supposed to do 15 different things...... none of them well
3) After shave/cologne. Unless...... YOU are the one who will be personally smelling it while nuzzling his neck.

Oh......... every year I'll see them on TV advertising Chia Pets. WHO buys those things anyway??? I have NEVER seen one at anyone's house I know. Never seen on at a yard sale or flea market.

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Black Friday