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On the Subject of - MONAGAMY Part Three

posted 11/21/2007 5:18:08 AM |
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tagged: whig

But, I do know this much. ALL FUCKING MEN are pathetic. Every fucking one of us! Men are so fucking pathetic that it goes beyond description. We have no boundaries. We will fuck a black girl or a filapina or a hispanic bitch. She can be fat or she can be all sucked up or she can weigh the right amount, but she smells like ass. We don't fucking care. We'll just roll down the window. She can have big ass ears and no teeth. THE BITCH CAN BE BALD IF SHE duzn't fucking matter. WE DON"T GIVE A FUCK...if U wanna lock us up long enough we will even fuck eachother (although most of us will still pretend it's a girl...most of the time). So, it duzn't matter that the bitch is funny looking. It duzn't matter that she iz cock-eyed, stutters and walks with a limp. We don't even care that she iz only four feet tall and has a flat motherfucking head (actually, that could be considered an asset, if U happen 2 be looking 4 someplace 2 put Ur drink...), as long as she iz willing 2 (and occasionally even when she iz not, but that has nothing 2 do with what I am talking about here) fuck, then U can pretty much guarantee that someone iz going 2 get fucked!

So, what can U do about it? Well...U can become a lesbian (although all of the lesbian bitches I have ever known have all treated their bitch worse than any dude I ever knew...), U can learn how 2 deal with it, U can ignore it or U can be alone. What U can't do (at least, with any success, U can't, anyway...) iz keep expecting 2 find someone who duzn't do the shit (U might get lucky enough 2 find one that has enough sense 2 keep a low profile, though, if U look long enough. He just won't be N2 old bitches, iz all...). It just ain't gonna happen, no matter how much U cry, no matter how much U bitch and no matter how much U really, really want it 2!

I'm sorry I had 2 be the one 2 tell U guys all this shit, and I'm sure that most of U won't believe a word of this blog. Some of U will head even right 2 Ur man and give him shit about this, and then Ur man will talk his way out of it. He'll be all, "Fuck that motherfucker! He don't know shit, bitch! He ain't in my motherfucking head. DS don't know me! He don't know nuthin bout this shit right here! Now get the fuck off that computer, get Ur ass over here and suck my dick!" Still others of U are sitting there thinking, 'Uhuh...not my man. No motherfucking way...this iz some good pussy right here. Besides, that motherfucker knows I'll kill his ass. Uhuh... DS iz full of shit...', and I really do hope that that works out 4 U. But, just so U know, when U do catch the motherfucker eating the babysitter's pussy, that'll be me over there doing the I Told U So! dance.

Until then I guess I'll just keep on

Keeping U posted,


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Nov 21 @ 5:51AM  
Jesus DS you're to fringgin funny!! Where in the world do you get this stuff? Lots of people here amaze me.........but YOU REALLY BLOW ME OVER!!

Nov 21 @ 5:53AM  
Why thank U, zena baby! But don't U think it'd be more fun if U blew me over...

and over...
and over...
and over again?

Sure it would. Get at me...



Nov 21 @ 5:56AM  
Now DS please don't TEMPT willpower is at its LOWEST here!!

(((kisses & huggs)))

Nov 21 @ 5:59AM  
Apparently, so are Ur standards. Why else would U be fucking with me? Certainly not becuz of my winning personality or these lovely locks of hair that iz so curly it looks like I got little Slinkys all over my shit. It must be becuz Ur slumming, baby.

But as long as Ur gonna be hanging out on this side of the tracks, anyway...


Nov 21 @ 6:31AM  
DS baby I never slumm ...........and I also don't do married men, LOL. But that doesn't mean I don't get tempted!!


Nov 21 @ 6:36AM  
See? I fucking told U I wuz monogamous! That right there proves I never get ANY!


Nov 21 @ 6:40AM  
Baby I'm sure you get LOTS!! I'm quite sure DIXXX keeps you busy!!

Nov 21 @ 6:52AM  
So, what can U do about it?
WELL the truthful thing is DS is telling the gods honest truth speeking from experience!!!
Im not gonna even lie....
There has been many a nite I found myself cryin my eyes out andcg through a plethera of WHY ME'S and WHAT DID I DO?? SO ......going over everything over and over trying to figure out where did my 6 th sense go 2 ( I meen I thought I was a good judge of character) after hours of beatin my head against the wall I realized it wasn't really the cheating

Then U bitches always want 2 get mad at us 4 lying about it. "I don't care that U fucked her. I'm pissed becuz U lied 2 me about it!" What U fail 2 understand iz that we began a long time B4 this lying 2 ourselves.

It was......The disrespect and the OMG he really does underestimate me and thinks Im stupid to believe the lies he has told to cover his tracks (after all the analyzing, couldn't see it then,even if some of them sounded a bit lame If for some reason a red flag did go off I would justify with.... "WHY WOULD HE LIE" ????
So that is a the thing that mortifies and makes u feel like a idiot! BTW

Nov 21 @ 7:36AM  
Well DIXXX I give you KUDOS because that is certainly not something I could or would stand for!! I would be devasted if my husband was with other women,,,,,,,,,can't imagine what that would do to your slefworth.

Nov 21 @ 7:49AM  

First of all, I am not "with other women". I fucked up B4, but I think I got my head on straight. Sure, I fuck around online and shit but thats all it iz. With the exception of a few people (all of whom I have made my wife aware of) it will never be anymore than it iz. Even with those few it will probably never go anywhere offline, but the possibility duz exist so I have made her aware.

Second, I really am trying not 2 cheat. The damage I did 2 my life wuz devastating, not 2 mention what I inflicted upon her "self worth". The affair I had wuz stupid and I wish it had never happened. Unfortunately it did and nothing can be done about it. Now, instead of focusing on the past, I am looking 2wards the future and trying 2 be the best husband I can be. I could lie and tell my wife I am not attracted 2 anyone else, but she would know I wuz full of shit, and izn't that the same bullshit she said I did when I lied 2 her B4? Where the fuck iz the rspect in that.

Finally, it iz easy 2 judge. What it iz not easy 2 do iz forgive. She forgave me...all U are doing iz judging. Save it for someone else.



Nov 21 @ 8:10AM  
DS~You are really scary...........and I do mean that in a nice way

I cant believe i just read thru all three of your blogs and not want to put a hit out on some of the men in my past.................

I will even give you a kudos for this............

Nov 21 @ 8:17AM  
You gave a kudo for your this shit, Dayna? Dann tines must be getting tough!

Nov 21 @ 8:20AM  
It must be morning, cuz the haters are starting 2 rise...

BTW - thanks 4 the comment, Ewe-Wish, and thanks 4 the add!


Nov 21 @ 8:27AM  
ALL FUCKING MEN are pathetic. Every fucking one of us! Men are so fucking pathetic that it goes beyond description. We have no boundaries.

I believe that says it all!!!!
It is true we have been through hell and back , chalk it up to insecurity,male menopause, or """"only this woman""""" for the rest of my life terror.. We do talk now about EVERYTHING!!!!!
one thing he is consistant with is not lying...We talk like thebest friends we claimed to be before but really are now...

Nov 21 @ 8:31AM  
normally I'd ignore this, but since you've taken the liberty of bunching all men into a big, smelly ball of snot...I feel the need to say...

I wouldn't fuck a chick with big ears....but they do make good handles.


Nov 21 @ 8:33AM  
I'm not judging DS.......just saying what I wouldn't be able to forgive........hell knows I have forgiven lots in my marriage......if you only knew!! But cheating is not one I could, infact almost wish (almost) he had cheated maybe I wouldn't have stayed as long as I did!!

Nov 21 @ 8:34AM  
You gave a kudo for your this shit, Dayna? Dann tines must be getting tough!
Bruce another subject to agree to disagree on......but i knew that some man would be upset with these blogs.........yet if i had added that I believe that many times women should be held accountable for their men cheating, cause they use sex as a prawn to get what they want........because at a certain time in their lives they become to "busy" to "tired" to have sex.........then I would have had women screaming at me..........women are reproducers........i think subconsciously for many of them....that reproduction is the only reason to have sex...........I also believe thats why they are at their sexual peak in their late 30's is because the children are pretty much grown and dont need mommy and its time to start that all over again...........NOW i am not saying that is true about all women........hell i am past the age of wanting to reproduce and medically cant reproduce....and i love sex............I am just saying that it isnt all black and white....and to understand why men cheat we need to look at the gray areas..........

and your welcome DS...........

Nov 21 @ 8:36AM  
Its all good Zena - I know I get worked up really easy, and it sems particularly ridiculous 4 me 2 get upset about that and ask some bitch in Brazil 2 get naked 4 me in the same 90 second span, but somehow I managed 2 make it a reality.


Anyway - no harm no foul, zena, baby. I still love ya


Nov 21 @ 8:41AM  
BREATH BABY.........BREATH!! Still loves ya too!!

Nov 21 @ 12:27PM  
You gave a kudo for your this shit, Dayna? Dann tines must be getting tough!
Who's Dann Tines?????

Yeah, I'm a member of the Spelling Police beeotch........

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On the Subject of - MONAGAMY Part Three