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adventures at the hospital.... again

posted 11/20/2007 3:41:03 AM |
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so this would technically be my first blog on here. yay me. but i had a painful and eventful night and feel the need to vent about it.

i've been a migraine sufferer for 16 years... and the older i got, the worse they've gotten. i've tried numerous medications and nothing seems to help. some of them either just don't work or they'll work for a while and then stop. the only way to get rid of them is sleep, so i was usually perscribed a narcotic, which would knock me out and get rid of it.

a few weeks ago, my doctor perscribed me a very high dosage of hydrocodone (vicodin).. it made me extremely nauseous and sick... did a lot of throwing up. which is not a good thing where i'm concerned due to the surgery i had this past june. i have a phone phobia so i HATE making phone calls.. my mom usually does it for me. so she called the doctors office to see if we could get something else for me, something not as strong, something that wasn't going to make me violently sick and constantly throwing up. after she called, we never heard anything and they never called in anything or called us back. so the following week, i called myself to ask again about getting something different. i was put on hold and then someone from the administrative office comes on the phone and tells me that my doctor has both dismissed me and my mother as patients... and they wouldn't tell me why. seriously, what the fuck?

so because of that wonderful bullshit, i currently don't have a doctor... therefore, currently have nothing to take. so for the past two months, every time i get a severe migraine to the point where i'm throwing up, i have no choice but to go to the hospital. unfortunately for me, the past 5 times i've gone, it's been the same doctor and i could kind of tell that he was getting sick and tired of seeing me. he keeps telling me to go see a neurologist, which i plan on doing, but god knows how long it'll take to get an appointment.

anyway, earlier yesterday, i started getting a headache. i'd been taking excedrine and tylenol all day for it. just got worse. by tonight, full blown migraine. and then the nausea started... and then throwing up. and once i started, i couldn't seem to stop. which only made the migraine worse... and then i started having severe stomach pains, which started to make me panic, because again, of the surgery that i had in june. so we went to the hospital again... same doctor. i wasn't even in the room 5 minutes when he came barging in and all but telling me that he wasn't going to treat me for my headache and that he wasn't going to give me any daludid (sp?), which is what he usually gives me. needless to say, i was pretty damned upset, because the migraine was only part of the reason why i was there, and i wasn't planning on asking for any of said medication to begin with. i just wanted the damn migraine to go away and to stop throwing up, because by the time i actually got to the hospital, the spit / phlem that i was throwing up was tinged with red. and my stomach hurt so bad.

gave me an anti inflammitory and once they had an IV in me, something for nausea. thank god it kicked in quickly. turns out i have a REALLY REALLY bad UTI. they said my bacteria levels were 4 times higher than normal. i had no freaking clue, cause i didn't have any problems whenever i went to the bathroom. had an xray done, and my stomach looked fine.. thank god.

the doctor eventually came back in and apologized for being short with me. he apparently had been misinformed and was originally just told that i had a migraine.. not a migraine with severe vomitting and stomach pain. so he wanted to apologize. good thing too, because i was really upset and offended with the way he treated me when he first came in.

so i was given some perscriptions and sent home. finally feeling better and my stomach isn't hurting anymore. i'm just really frustrated, because i'm having a hard time finding another doctor and in the mean time, everytime the migraines start, i'm stuck going to the damn hospital and i can't keep doing that. it's a $75 co-pay everytime. and i normally don't have it, so i'm billed and it takes forever to be able to pay it, cause i'm currently jobless. it just feels like if it's not one thing, it's another.

i wish everything would just get easier already. i need a hug.

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adventures at the hospital.... again


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Nov 20 @ 5:11AM  
Well a definite big hug to you , when I hear stories like this I am so glad that I am Canadian!! Luckily I am not a sick person nor is my child (THANK GOD!!) but to think that every time I go I had to pay a fee, makes me sick. I can't imagine the people that are in dire straights and can't go because they know they don't have the money. Very sad situation. I really hope you find a new Doctor, that one was very unprofessional to say the least. To say that he only thought you had a migraine.............HIS POINT BEING???? WTF is his problem,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he don't like people with migraines?? Anyway best of luck to you in your search for a new DR. hopefully to god that are not all like MR. PERSONALITY!!


Nov 20 @ 7:37AM  

First of all I wanted to give you a big hug, i have had migraines for years and i understand completely how you feel.......I also throw up when I have the migraines.....until I have blood mixed with it, (which btw is the tiny blood vessels breaking in the back of your throat from the stress of throwing up) i also lose my eyesight at times too........which if it goes that far I too end up in the Emergency Room for a migraine shot.......but I refuse narcotics due to some personal beliefs....but as far as that doctor goes.........after working in an ER for a while.....I can see his attitude coming..........migraines have suddenly become a thing for drug seekers to use to get narcotics.........and so the doctors are skeptical about giving them to anyone with migraines.......doesnt help the person with the real migraine........and they are getting a bad rap.........not that his attitude is right but I can see where it comes from..........the fact that you havent seen a nuerologist yet would also be an indication that you dont want a i am not saying that is a true statement........just saying that is how he might be looking at migraines were caused by stress......and as long as i control the stress factor in my life I am usually fine......but i had to see a lot of specialists before I found that out..........ER doctors will never know your full suggestion would be get a family doctor........have him go over your records.....and then start with the basics and the specialists that you need to see until they can determine what is causing them.....I hope you start feeling better and I hope they find out soon what is causing the sucks big time being sick and even more so not knowing what is causing the problems..........

Nov 20 @ 9:13AM  
I'm sorry you are suffering my dear, but i would like to ask you something.....have you been doing any reading regarding artificial sweeteners?....DIET coke, DIET pepsi, Diet anything all contain them.....and any sugar substitute is of the known.side effects...MIGRAINE HEADACHES....check it out...aspartane is the worst...and it's in both diet coke and pepsi.....

Nov 20 @ 10:29AM  
awwwwww Big hugs!!!!!

Good thing that dr apologized...that's not a good attitude to have, although, after reading what Dayna wrote, I can see why he would feel that way. Still...he should have kept it professional.


Nov 20 @ 12:52PM  
so sorry I hope you feels better my sister also has migraines. I've only had two and both times my left eye drew shut I got rid of my boyfriend of 5 yrs and haven't had one since maybe ya might wanna think about the stress going on in your life???

Nov 20 @ 3:04PM  
*big hug*

Also, see if your ER doctor will give you a referal to Shands, or Mayo (in Jax). I know someone who'd been shuttled back and forth amongst local doctors for months, got the referal to Shands and got an accurate diagnosis and appropriate help at Shands in 30 minutes.

Dec 7 @ 8:01PM  
Yeah, watch out for sugar substitutes, aspartame for example turns to fermaldihyde when the temp goes to 98 degrees in your body, its legal poison the FDA allows. Stay away from fake sugar, it causes migraines.

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adventures at the hospital.... again