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Should you have to pay for a kidney if you needed one?

posted 11/19/2007 3:29:06 PM |
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I saw this on tv with what's coming up tonight on ABC News in a story. So, should you need a kidney do you think you and others who need one as well should have to pay for another kidney? There's a radical new proposal that someone came up with that has now gotten a lot of attention with this method. Personally, I don't think you should have to pay for one. A long waiting list and having to pay for surgery is enough I feel. If that goes into effect, what's next, paying for a new heart, liver, etc....? What's your opinion on this?

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Nov 19 @ 3:37PM  
i dont think ya should the person who is giving the kidney dont get the money for the kidney. i think it should be free for the doctors and all! but thats just my opinoin

Nov 19 @ 3:43PM  
Just a thought,,,,,,,,but maybe if people got paid for donating the organs of a loved one once they passed away, there would be alot less people dying while waiting for organs!! But on the other hand, I would hate to see someone not be able to get one cause they couldn't afford it. Which I guess would bring up the question of who would pay for the organ. HMMMM good question Strad!! Kudos too ya!

Nov 19 @ 3:51PM  
well, its like that larry hagman he got a liver and he drank his liver bad, i dont think it should of gotton 1 theres alot of people who dont abuse it,

Nov 19 @ 3:56PM  
Yeah, I agree Jan, it's hard to hand out an organ to those who abuse them each time.

Nov 19 @ 4:16PM  
First off to be on a recipient list for an organ you have to stop all activities that caused the problem to begin if your on the waiting list for have to be drug (nonpresciption) and alcohol free for one year before you will even be placed on the waiting list...............There are no exceptions and if Larry Hagman recieved a liver he too would have to follow that protocol..........smokers cannot get lungs or heart without stopping for a year ect...

Approximately 15 yrs ago they came up with a way to treat alzheimers using the brain cells of aborted fetuses........this was never allowed to be put thru and used as a method of treatment because abortions would than become a money making proposition........and i believe they aer going to decide the same about the organ donor program.........

Because it is a voluntary program that people volunteer for what would happen say if it was a case of you paid for the organs and a young woman who was on the organ donor list came into an ER and was brain dead......she has a lot of family and they start arguing over who gets the money from those what happens is the woman kept alive by artificial means until a probate of her organ value can be determined and divided or is there going to be someone who determines where that money goes.......and who is going to pay for that person who is handling that money until its divided........

And if its a casse of the hospital or doctor who gets paid for that organ there is going to be a drop in the amount of ppl who are willing to donate their organs why make anyone richer than they already are on the lost of a love one.........I dont see that it will ever become a money making proposition.........JMHO

Nov 19 @ 4:36PM  
I don't think anyone should have to pay for a kidney itself. Then they would probably go to the highest bidder who can afford it. They really shouldn't start selling organs for that reason.

Nov 19 @ 4:41PM  

I agree with LYLT and you also Shawn.

Nov 19 @ 5:03PM  
We would have PLENTY of organs to harvest if we'ed start using murderers & child molesters as organ donors. China does. Solves a problem that does

Mind you, they've got less liberals in China...they used them FIRST! you've got cash, you can go to China or any of several countries that like to execute horrible evil people and purchase whatever you need...they'll happily kill a child molester for your benefit!!

Nov 19 @ 5:33PM  
A known fact about organs. When you get a transplant, you that on the personalty of that person.

Nov 19 @ 6:08PM  
A known fact about organs. When you get a transplant, you that on the personalty of that person
That is not a fact that is fiction that only best sellers are written about..........The fact is its just a body part.........the fallacy that you retain the personality of the persons organ that you get is right up there with the old idea of when people got blood transfusions that they wanted it only from people of thier own color...............just plain need to get more informed before you start spouting facts like that............

Nov 19 @ 6:17PM  
At the risk of upsetting everyone...I support being able to purchase body parts...after all, it's your body, and if someone wants to buy your parts after you are gone, what's the harm? to the people on the waiting list....well, sad to say, their position will not change no matter what happens....and people who can pay get bumped up the chain every day...

Nov 19 @ 7:35PM  
hell.... if I am going to get paid, then I can manage to share lots of my organs!!!!

Nov 19 @ 7:43PM  
This is just an added note ...I had to do a little research first.....perhaps everyone could help me....I have been unable to find one single solitary case of a multi-millionaire who has died because a suitable donor organ was not available....not one.....yet people at the top of the "waiting" list die every day.....

...and to clarify anoyher thing...I don't think family members should be allowed to "sell" the organs of another family member....but an organ "bank", funded by our tax dollars (why not, they are gonna spend it all anyway) could be established to purchase the right to certain organs from the individual, and provided free-gratis to people on the ever increasing waiting list...

Nov 19 @ 8:16PM  
So, should you need a kidney do you think you and others who need one as well should have to pay for another kidney?

No...not with what you get charged for in anasthesia, surgery, dr's fee, meds, room and board, etc......I think charging for a kidney..or any other organ, would be overkill.

Good blog!

Nov 19 @ 9:17PM  
I know they say you will change your mind when it happens to you and who knows I might someday but for now the whole organ swapping thing just grosses me out I wouldn't want someone's liver free so I guess I would be against paying for one

Nov 19 @ 10:54PM  
I understand if costs to do the operations, but what about the family? They just get the word that their father is in a coma, and the men in black ties with their brief cases come running in. "Talk to your sister about organ donation" they say. Talking to every member of the family to get the hart, lungs, eyes. They test that they do to see if the person is still alive, or has brain activity kills what ever brain activity there may be. What about the family that now lost the income of their father, the mother is never home because she must work 3 jobs just to get the power back on for another week or two. The kids never see her now. On the black market the body parted out will bring about $250k. I say if they need the liver to give to a drunk that drank his to shit should pay the fees, and pay some to the families that "Gave him a chance to do it again" But thats just me.

Nov 20 @ 1:00AM  
If a person had to pay for a kidney when they needed one, I would have lost my little sister long before I did.
She had a kidney transplant when she was 15. She was at deaths door at that point. She was born with only half of a kidney. They said she would never see her second birthday. The kidney eventually rejected her body. Usually it is the other way around. And she dies at 18 1/2.
Honestly, there is a chance that the kidney may have lasted longer in someone else, but no guarantees on that.
What I do know is I am grateful that her donor had made the decision to help save other lives. Although I felt so guilty for a long time that he had to die for her to live longer.

A known fact about organs. When you get a transplant, you that on the personalty of that person
That's pure Bullshit!!! And that's a fact. Before you use the word fact, maybe you should make sure it is one first!

Sorry Shawn.

Nov 20 @ 2:05AM  
IF money gets involved you'll see abuse from all sides. Everything from buying your way up the list, to selling body parts on the "black market" to murder for profit.
There may be some line jumping as things stand now, but that's a far cry from how much it could get screwed up if organs could be sold.

Nov 20 @ 7:37AM  
I don't know about the kidney, but the liver and gizzard came with my turkey when I got it. Happy Thanksgiving.

BTW, when an inmate is executed, why don't they do it in a way so that their organs can be donated?

Nov 20 @ 10:54AM  
the sad fact is that there are a lot of people in this world who are motivated more by money than conscience. So should there be more organs made available because peoples motivations are taken into account, maybe. When organs can be bought and sold like commodities such as oil and gold then that will not solve the problem of getting organs to the people who need it most. I very rarely see a kidney go for less 50,000 on ebay and to think that some middle income family will have to sell everything they have to get their kid a kidney makes me sick. If this becomes the way the transplant system works then I think there will be a lot of old people who are going to trade bodies with someone to fight off the signs off aging that the pond's institute can't do. Honestly I think the only way to solve the problem is to have that little box on your drivers license automatically checked off instead of being optional.

Nov 20 @ 3:09PM  
With the new stem cell break thru, organ transplants will some day be considered a quaint medical procedure from the Good Ol' Days.

In the meanwhile, I'm not much thrilled by this prospect of organ sold to the highest bidder.

Nov 20 @ 4:42PM  
Wordsofwit: see my above post...they do it in China and several other countries...but the Liberals would never allow it to happen here.

If you CAN pay for your own kidney/other's certainly better than waiting for a donor. Out of all the people who put Organ Donor on their license...about half of those get nerfed by relatives in the hospital after they die...waffle waffle...everyone should have an open & honest conversation with their family about organ donation and in what cases it would be OK to do that those who actually HAVE signed up for organ donation upon death can have it occur in a quick & easy manner...

Heck, get a tattoo on the underside of your right or left wrist that says Organ'll speed up the process greatly.

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Should you have to pay for a kidney if you needed one?