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How Do I Get It Back?

posted 11/19/2007 12:17:07 PM |
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I've looked everywhere and I just can't seem to find it. I thought it was right here but now it's disappeared and I need it back. Right now....

Has anyone seen my holiday spirit? The joy, the laughs and giggles that are usually so much a part of me this time of year. Looking forward to decorating, cooking and baking. Yes, I really do those things. Shopping for Christmas gifts that will make the grandkids happy, my daughter know that I had to find just the perfect gift for her, and my son in law to say you know you shouldn't have, but I'm sure glad you did.

The feeling of looking forward to Thanksgiving with family and friends.
Where did that feeling go and how do I get it back....ASAP ? I even told my daughter this morning that I'm not sure I'm coming to Thanksgiving dinner.

I know I have a lot be be thankful for. And I am. I just can't seem to let that feeling show through right now. I love the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. I just can't seem to find that feeling. Where's it hiding and what will bring it back?

I even did a little Christmas shopping yesterday after I took my granddaughters back. It helped that I took them to a toy store to look around and the ideas of what they liked were still fresh in my mind.

Last year I ended up making 27 dozen buckeyes and 13 pumpkin rolls, for people that asked for them. I really should be making them instead of being at the computer. Haven't even went to the store yet.
By now I'm usually dragging Christmas stuff out of the basement and putting it up. I love Christmas decorations and I probably have enough for 3 houses.

This is NOT me. I want my holiday spirit back. What do I have to do to get it back? I've been a good girl.....I ate my veggies....I said please and thank you......I cleaned my room......Would it help if I stomped my foot or threw a temper tantrum? Which by the way, I've been told there is a right and a wrong way of

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Nov 19 @ 12:24PM  
I would draw you a map....but my drawing skills are so horrible you might get lost.

In the meantime......think happy....maybe your spirit will find it's way back.

If not....then we will all just have to gang up on you and make you feel your holiday spirit.

Nov 19 @ 12:33PM  
when you find it CL let me know! I kinda lost mine also

Nov 19 @ 12:58PM  
well babe,its 4.30 am here,can't sleep...again!
I checked under the desk,went out to the kitchen and had a quick look around there while I made a coffee,nope....sorry,it hasn't shown up here but if it does I'll kick its cheeky lil butt and send it straight back home to you .

Nov 19 @ 1:10PM  
Don't worry Kid, you will find it!

I put up the Christmas tree on Saturday and the outside lights at Mom and Dad's yesterday! (Would have put up MY outside lights, but I am too afraid of heights!)
It just kind of HIT me all at once! Trust me, my body is asking me what the hell am I doing!

Have baked two apple pies, mowed the lawn, took lunch to Mom and Dad, and am getting ready to bake a couple cherry pies!

I think the reason I am so in to it son the Navy guy is going to be home for Christmas! He hasn't been home on the actual day in SEVEN years!

Casually just look in your daughter's eyes, your grandchildren's eyes and you will find what you have lost!


Nov 19 @ 2:00PM  
Well Treas............I totally understand what your saying tho for me its because my family wont be here for Christmas.......chances are I will spend the day by i am not doing the tree or baking (well ok i ordered from the but the rest well i will just remember what Christmas is for me............and early that morning i will call my children and wish them Merry Christmas and tell them I love them........for me just knowing I have them in my life is enough...................

Btw no toy was bought today for Libby........but she now has new pink boots to go with her pink leather coat.........and a new winnie the pooh jogging suit......guess I'll have to try for a toy next time I go lmao

Nov 19 @ 3:34PM  
Sometimes people go throught that with fall setting in with darkness and no leaves on the trees. Not enough sunlight and all can lead to someone feeling the blues. Hang in there and it will kick in. go out and be around other people, that should help.

Nov 19 @ 5:10PM  
U just need to get laid by a guy in a Santa costume

Nov 19 @ 5:11PM  
I'm pretty sure my holiday spirit is packed up in one of my boxes. I am hoping to arrive in England in time to unpack it and shake it out and use it wisely.

Nov 19 @ 7:04PM  
I never really had the "spirit", and thes past few years are even less. Someone have some fun for me, ok??

Nov 19 @ 7:41PM  
My Christmas Spirit went down the drain today at work!!! I planned a little Christmas exchange for us at work, asked everyone that was there if they wanted to participate, called a couple of people who don't work until the end of the week and wrote all the names down on little sheets of paper. We drew names and everyone was so excited!!! Then my BOSS, who is also in the exchange and had already chosen a name, comes to my desk and asks me "Did you call of NIGHTSHIFT?" and I said no, this is just for Days...he said NO, CALL THEM!! Needless to say I went off on his ass and told him he was ruining it for everyone!! We want to see people open their gifts and we won't be able to do that with Nightshift. I told him they could have their own exchange. Then I said, I didn't realize this was a Company sponsored Program!!! Well that BLEW HIS TOP!!! He said call the guys on Nightshift!! I said OK, but I am no longer going to be participating!!!!! He said, what do you mean you aren't going to be in it? I said that's right, you have taken all the Damn Fun Right Out Of It, Mr. BOSS MAN!!! Of course I went ahead and called Nightshift and guess what??? Only ONE Damn Person wants to do it, now they will all have to draw names over!!! I'm still not joining in!!!!

Nov 19 @ 8:07PM  
I honestly believe it will find you!!! It is built into us, it comes from the heart. It is something that is not seen, but felt. I know that feeling will come to you when you least expect it!! Life is to be cherished, and even more so at this time of year. Being thankful for what we have.....

Just look to your heart sweety, its right there!

Nov 19 @ 11:43PM  
Ok, I don't usually do this, but just because it's you, I will.

I'll tell you the story about when I was four and saw Santa at my doorstep. For real.

So, here goes....

All my life, I've had this image in my head, sort of like a postcard picture, of me, four years old, looking out the window of my house about dusk, and seeing SANTA walking towards the front porch. My eyes are as big as saucers, and I leap from the chair I was standing in so I could look out the window, and tear to my bedroom so I'd be in bed before he came in. Because, as we all know, if you're awake when Santa comes, you get no presents.

So here's this Norman Rockwell, picture postcard image in my head, with nothing to tie it to. I finally decided it was just a dream I'd had when I was young, and filed it away. Until....

When I was about 32, a few years after my dad died, I was at my mom's house, a few years before SHE died, and we were looking at old pictures. One was of me, about four, and my brother sitting in Santa's lap at a dept. store.

So my mom asked me if I remembered this picture, and I said no.
Then she told me the story.

At the time, around 1968, my dad was in the navy and we were stationed in Newfoundland, Canada. That year, like most years of his adult life, my dad was out playing Santa. Sometimes at a church, sometimes at an old folks home, sometimes at a party, whatever.

But that year, it was at the base PX, the store on base.

It was Christmas Eve and he had been playing Santa all day and into the night, my mom told me. About dusk he started feeling guilty that he'd been giving other people's children the joy of seeing Santa, but hadn't been able to spend time with his own kids.

So, he stayed in costume and decided to come home and surprise us with a visit from Santa on Christmas Eve. This, of course, is what I saw standing in that chair at four years old. SANTA, coming to MY house. That image was burned into my memory.

I had never heard that story. After a lifetime of carrying around that memory/dream in my head with no other pieces of the puzzle to tie it to, I finally heard the rest of the story. But only years after my dad was already gone.

Now, you may be saying to yourself, "damn, that's a bummer of a story. Where's a tissue?" You may wonder why I see it as a way to help you re-capture your Christmas Spirit and not a depressing little tale.

That memory is part of the core of why I love Christmas so much. It's one of the most cherished memories of my early childhood.

To find out that it was my dad, although it was bittersweet since he was gone, just made it even more of a cherished memory than before and makes me love the holiday even more.

I can't hug my dad and say thanks for giving me one of the most precious memories of my life, but, I can pay it forward in a way by passing on that spirit to others when I can. I hope I have.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

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How Do I Get It Back?