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posted 11/18/2007 11:27:07 AM |
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tagged: sex, boobs, humor, dicks

Some things can be way too big and some things can be right down itty bitty..then there are things that are just right..and no today..I ain't talking about dicks..for a change..I'm talking bout titties.

There's pert ones..nice full ones..them that are purty and pink. Some are pale..others biscuit brown..there are those that have tan lines..freckles on some of'em..even blue veins run through a few.They can plumb overflow in abundance..or just barely peek out at ya.

Some jiggle like jelly when we walk..there are those that don't move nary at all..don't bounce,wobble nor sway. When we lay on our backs..there are those that stick right up there..proud as can be and those that go under our arms. They can hang low..tempting a lovers lips..when we ride..astride.

Some have a lil taste to'em..kinda sweet like..some have none.There are those ya could bury your face in all night long. We wanna squash them up against your chest..let ya hold'em in your hands..offer them up for ya to worship. We wanna feel your breath..your lips..your tongue..your teeth barely nibble on them. We wanna trail them slowly across your body..yeah..slowly.

When ya all..touch our titties..our nipples..get lil ole bullets. Now..some nipples is long..some short..some big as a moon pie and others round as a lil ole nickle..colors from cherry red to titty pink and darkest brown

There is boobs shaped like an hourglass..that kinda swell out from the armpit..the most defiant of all boobs..the one most gurls want.Them that stick out there..big'uns. Then ya got your ski slope boobs..kinda like mine. They start out from the shoulder..dangle deliciously when released from a fricking bra..just wanting ya to grab hold of'em..get at'em. Then ya got the cupcake ones..the just right ones..the ones ya can't get enough of.They suit you. They can be small or a lil bigger..but they are the best ones. They sprout right out of the chest and have this right nice bounce to'em..with lil purty nipples..ya just gotta suck on ..Cupcakes..We got got'em..Let's take care of'em.

What kinda cupcakes do y'all like the best??

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Nov 18 @ 11:35AM  
I like the cream filled kind!

Nov 18 @ 11:39AM  
I like the female ones Size or shape don't matter it's the erogenous play that makes me like 'em

Nov 18 @ 11:40AM  
i'd like to try them all and then have to go back for seconds then still probably couldn't make up my mind so i might as well say that i like them all and willing to try them all

Nov 18 @ 11:42AM  
I love a nice handful and they HAVE to be real - don't like the balloon titties.

Nov 18 @ 11:45AM  
I adore smaller ones, but with big hard nipples.x

Nov 18 @ 11:58AM  
When answering a question like this, the old 3/11 marketing rule plays in. Essentially for every three people reacting to a positive experience/comment, eleven people will react to an equivalent negative one. A lot of guys on here will say that they love them all. I don't believe two thirds of them but don't ask me to determine who the honest third is.

I prefer quality over quantity. Let's just say that if they are mushy, droopers like Eddie Murphy's granny character in the "Nutty Professor", I don't want to see them. That goes for the type that have stretch marks ad infinium or veins that make a chest look like a the road map of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

There are many things that we discover then we get older that are contrary to our perceptions in youth. Among those for me, was that I thought that all women got saggy and mushy up top in middle age. Wrong, many middle age women don't have boobs that roll of their chest and into the arm pits when they lay down. There are a lot of middle aged ladies that have a delightful pair that are still wonderful without augmentation. Sometimes, it is great being wrong!

Nov 18 @ 12:05PM  
Oh, almost forgot, greenie for ya for the dick and tit blogs!

Nov 18 @ 12:06PM  
...hey as long as they're all natural I like 'em.

Nov 18 @ 12:09PM  
i always have to laugh how middle aged men are so critical of middle aged women...some need to look in the mirror...

Nov 18 @ 12:11PM  
i always have to laugh how middle aged men are so critical of middle aged women...some need to look in the mirror...
to DB.........I have to agree LMAO

Nov 18 @ 12:15PM  
WoW, you amaze me....really you do. I just wonder if you EVER GET LAID!! All your responses seem that if you are not the perfect little tittied lady with the perfect little cup size and the perfect little shape,,,,,,,then see ya. GOD YOU MUST BE PERFECT!! Cause I don't think anyone would ever measure up to whatever the hell you are looking for. Sorry about the rant mzhuny.......but damn some people are just JERKS!! Phew!!

Nov 18 @ 12:21PM  
I assume that that the last two comments were in reference to me. I anticipated flak as noted in the beginning of my pervious comment. That being said, I will openly admit that what I see in the mirror prior to stepping into the shower is not pretty. Yeah, it is the pot calling the kettle black, but it is also true.

The subject was what kind of boobs do you like best. The subject was addressed honestly and if you don't like the answer, pardon the pun, tough titty.

BTW, I do have a firm pair of B cups that don't sag, but I don't consider that to be a real redeeming physical feature.

Nov 18 @ 12:24PM  
gee WOW we'll get ya some nice panties to go with that B cup and you'll be styling

Nov 18 @ 12:27PM  
Well then I guess you shouldn't be complaining about other peoples attributes!! If you yourself ain't the perfect specimen then you shouldn't be so judgemental!! Unfortunately not everyone is perfect and god knows you say you aren't so..........I would think if your holding out for you are going to have one LONG LONELY LIFE!!

Nov 18 @ 12:30PM  
I'm kinda partial to the ones that get displayed in front of me; never gonna be picky with a rack in my face! ALL boobs are wonderful! I even like the little ones!

Nov 18 @ 2:03PM  
I want 'em all

Nov 18 @ 2:04PM  
I love breasts of all shapes and sizes. They are things of beauty. Just ignore that chimp!

Nov 18 @ 2:29PM  
Wow! Give me a choice. I will take size B's being that they are perky.I diffidently don't like a set of hard rocks, the silicones.

Nov 18 @ 3:00PM  
all female boobies should be worshipped.
everyone is built differant for a reason,be pretty darn boring if we all looked the same.
nice blog
and a greenie

Nov 18 @ 3:06PM  
Ode to the tittie....

I like them large,
I like them small,
I like them firm, or with a bounce.
But what I like the most of all
Is when I can announce,
That seeing them in front of me
(As they bounce and bounce and bounce)
Just makes me want to pounce.

But when it all is said and done
and night has come to sit
I like to hold them in my hand
and keep them warm and fit.
For if they freeze or or get too cold
Ny Nognue night feeze oo it.


Nov 18 @ 4:53PM  
Give the lady a PhD
in titties, nipples, jigglies, bouncearound, standups, boobs and hooters!!!
Greeno for MzH.

Nov 18 @ 5:37PM  
I think everyone has a preference in what they like the best, but he most important thing is who the breasts are attached to. Also it depends on the woman's body type, I like the balanced look....not huge breasts on a thin woman or tiny breasts on a heavier woman.

Nov 19 @ 4:38AM  
As long as they're real, I like 'em.

Nov 20 @ 2:12AM  
It is the lady behind the boobs that make them beautiful and sexy.

Nov 20 @ 10:42PM  

Nov 21 @ 3:48PM  
Nice pink nipplies. I like them nice pink nipplies mmm hmm just like i like them french fried taters mm hmm

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