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Looking for my cheating husband

posted 11/12/2007 11:51:28 PM |
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Hi folks,
I signed up on here to find out if my lying cheating bastard of a husband was still on here looking to play his little head games with some slutty women. From what little info. I put on my profile - I have gotten some great responses. Everyone wants to know what will I do when I find him? Or - better yet - can they help me find him? THis I find most interesting since women and men have offered. Actually I guess the men wanted me to pay him back by hooking up with them instead. What a great idea! Email me directly on my profile if you want to help find him or take my mind off of things LOL!

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Looking for my cheating husband


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Nov 12 @ 11:56PM  
If he's that bad, why do you care to find him? Just sayin'...

Ever been to Michigan?

Nov 13 @ 12:09AM  
She's the slut because your husband is cheating on you? Interesting...

Nov 13 @ 12:40AM  
Hey, don't let him bring you down. He'll get his eventually. Everyone always does. In the meantime, better to make friends here then get steamed over someone who might not be worth it.

Nov 13 @ 3:00AM  
I agree with Rawkstar, why in the world would you want to find him if he cheats!! I say good RIDENCE!!


Nov 13 @ 8:49AM  
Two wrongs never make a right... however four lefts does make a square.

Nov 13 @ 10:47AM  
well I wonder if you aren't just a bit turned on by the idea of your hubby screwing someone else? All hot and sweaty and out of breathe. mmmmmmmmm sounds hot. If you ask me you should get revenge and have some of that yourself. I'll help ;)

Nov 13 @ 11:29AM  
Wow - all the defensive women who are "not sluts" writing in. Thanks for having so much interest in what I wrote. The "taking my mind off things" was not written in a sexual manner - although I see that's where your minds are! LOL! And - don't worry - those people who think I am spending time searching - I'm not. I had to create a profile to search for his username - I had to put something in there - so I was honest and wrote what I was doing. Never expected any response. but daily I am getting swamped with emails! Too funny.

To the men offering to help me get even - as I said - what a great idea! However, I am a faithful wife and would not take your offer. Sorry guys. Why you might ask would I be faithful to someone who is talking to other girls online? Well, I waited my entire life to get married and I'm not giving up easy on this marriage. Too many people - as you can see by your comments here - give up too easy. We both led a long independant life (both are good looking and very intelligent and dated LOTS before we met each other). And besides that - we have a beautiful little baby together. No, this is not ideal, or fair, or right, or good for a lasting marriage for him to be speaking on line to other "sluts". I say that - because anyone who spoke to him is a slut - they only talk about sex online. I've read all their emails. Ladies - if your not a slut - you have nothing to worry about - and you dont need to email me to justify yourself either! I'm all set. However, don't trust what people tell you either. His profile says he is not married! Duh! Might make it hard to chat with people if it said he was! LOL! Anyway - he's not being a good husband - that's fur sure. But, I'm not throwing in the towel at the first sign of trouble. That's for weeklings! Call me stupid if you want - I don't care. I love him - and am willing to forgive and move on if he is willing ofcourse....and with my rules!

Oh, so again, why am I searching to begin with? Ummmm....guys who think they are really smart are usually blown away by women who are smarter then they are. Try catching your man at their own game. I once dated a Sargeant with the State Police (can't tell you which state) and an ex-Marine. I knew he was cheatin so I "investigated" him to the fullest on my own. Can't release any details - but let me tell you - after I found out all I needed to know - I gave him the best night of sex he ever had and dumped him like a hot potatoe and confronted him with all the details. Ahh, the look on his face was priceles. Funny thing is - we are great friends now. I forgave him and still liked him for the person he was. Yes, he's a bit nuts and damn good looking - so he obviously has a hard time being faithful. But - anyone who knows a Marine - knows they are "man's greatest enemy, or man's best friend". You pick. He now calls me when he is having trouble with the ladies....imagine that. In my opinion - it was his loss to screw up our relationship - and .....he agrees. But life goes on.

Have a nice day folks! I won't be writing back because I am a busy mom with a busy life. Thanks again for all your comments though! I do read them for fun!

Oh PS, I would never put my real town on my profile - so those that think I live in your town - sorry - I don't. Not even close.

Nov 13 @ 12:10PM  
If you are looking for another, rotten cheating bastard to replace the one you lost.

I'm sure the women in here would be happy to send you a list of their ex-husbands and boyfriends that fit that catagory..
We could put together a phone book full, if needed...

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Looking for my cheating husband