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An Open Letter

posted 11/12/2007 11:48:04 AM |
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tagged: fucking, rant, people, stupid, mad

I sent this reply to someone on here, I'm sure he'll recognize himself. But the more I thought about it, I felt the urge, no the need to post it here also.

I have problems? You downgrade our country in the name of helping the homeless veterans and I am the one with problems? Did you ever once ask any of those homeless veterans how they would feel about your little tirades? Because I'm pretty sure most of them would want to kick your ass for it! They fought and lost much so that you have the freedom to down the country they fought for. Do I support the war? Hell no, but I do support the veterans fighting it. And before you mouth off some more stupidity about did I ever serve, no, I didn't. But my son's father did, two tours in Viet Nam, his older brother is now, my father and my stepfather did, my nephew is there now. On this weekend of all weekends, you should have considered a thank you instead of the shit you put out there. Oh, and yes I have done my part with and for Veterans, both homeless and hospitalized. I volunteered for years. I held their hands while dying in the wards of VA Hospitals. I helped them with legal problems and getting their well deserved pensions and medical care. So climb off your fucking soap box and do something constructive not destructive. When I said your last blog, I had somehow missed that little gem about paying for sex, I fully and well meant your blogs "name removed to abide by rules". All I can say is if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!

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Nov 12 @ 12:19PM  
a kudos and to LBS

Nov 12 @ 12:23PM  
As a have my utmost thanks & appreciation for posting this blog, Stormy.

Too bad that I have only one kudo to give you.

Some ppl just don't get it....

Nov 12 @ 12:28PM  
Also being a Vet, I say thank you to all of those who remember us and those that are serving our country at this time. You do not have to support the the reasons our country enters these conflicts or wars, but the people serving our country need our support at all times, I am sure they much rather be somewhere else, but let them know at all times that the American people support them and thank them.

Nov 12 @ 12:29PM  
Stormy, freat you know prior to my recent illness I was the patient advocate for a VA Nursing home here in Ohio........and as soon as I am well again I will resume that position......Many of those residents in the nursing home were homeless veterans who could no longer survive on the street............Now granted most of these are Korean and Nam vets........but the one thing they all have in common is the Love they have for our Country...........Something they should have in the respect and Love from this Country.......They gave up more than just time out of their lives to be in places that they didnt want to be and yet they did it for us..............When someone shows disrespect for any of our veterans My only thought its You dont love our veterans you dont love our country.........and if you dont love our country than get the fuck out.............yet its because of those very veterans they spew shit about that they are allowed to spew the shit..............well I guess thats what freedom is all about.

God Bless our Troops and may they all come home safe and sound and do it real soon!!!!!!

Nov 12 @ 12:34PM  
God Bless our Troops and may they all come home safe and sound and do it real soon!!!!!!

Nov 12 @ 12:34PM  
Great blog. It is a shame what some of our vets had to come home to. Jack asses like him are the problem I agree

Nov 12 @ 1:04PM  
Thank you Stormy. As a disabled Vet myself I was very offended by the blog. You said what needed to be said very well. A Kudo for caring.

Nov 12 @ 4:03PM  
Hey Bootscooter:
I don't know but I'm guessing the person that wrote the negative blog did it to make himself feel good.

Some people help the homeless Vet's by working in a rescue mission once or twice a month.

Others might help the Vet's by volunteering at a Vet's Hospital.

Some people help our current soldiers by taking the neighbor kids for ice cream because the father is serving overseas in the Guard.

Still others mow the Guard's family yard in the summer and shovel snow in the winter.

But the person you are talking about make the ultimate sacrifice - He wrote a F***ing poem. Damn!!!! That sure solved the problem.

Nov 12 @ 5:01PM  
Good for you LBS, I don;t support war either but to those that fought for our freedom
and to those still fighting so we can continue to enjoy said freedom I say thank you. To those that denigrate the heroes of the past and of today who bravely risk their lives for us I say this. If you had any spine or sense of duty you would go do not critcise. I have said it before and I will say it again, my father fought in WW2 and it is thanks to people like him and the allied forces fighting in Iraq that we can enjoy freedom. What have petty minded fucktards such as this "person" ever done to keep us safe?
A kudo to you too LBS

Nov 12 @ 5:34PM  
Not to betray my age, but right fucking on! So many people don't understand that you can support the troops and still not support the war. I had a brother and a brotherinlaw in Nam. My brotherinlaw came home with a Silver Star and a Purple heart - my brother came home a junkie. But as far as I am concerned, they were and are both heroes, just like the guys who put their lives on the line every day. They committed to do the honorable thing and they follow through.

And yes, I served - tail end of Viet Nam and I was never in country, but I would have gone if they asked me to.

I haven't seen the infamous blog, nor do I want to. People like that have a right to their opinion - after all, isn't that one of the freedoms we fight for? and I have the right mo not listen to them, or tell them to shut the hell up!

Green thingy to you, LBS. Keep doing the good work!

Nov 12 @ 5:34PM  
As a Veteran I salute you for you candor and I give you a kudo for your valor.

Nov 12 @ 6:59PM  
I'm with Dayna.. you don't like this country? Go live in Iraq. Go live in a country where you can be killed simply for posting a poem such as what was posted here yesterday.

Bless the Troops, Bless the Vets.. but save us from idiots like him.

Nov 12 @ 9:06PM  
I'm with Dayna.. you don't like this country? Go live in Iraq. Go live in a country where you can be killed simply for posting a poem such as what was posted here yesterday

not much more to add to that is there??

btw ......i'm confident most of our troops past and present dont want to be there and it's been sometime since a war had sense to it............BUT..they're there to make sure i have the right to type HERE...........and for THAT i'm always greatfull

Mar 14 @ 2:30PM  
Iraq is safer than Detriot city.
we keep building more jails.
united states bashing & loosing american middle class good paying union jobs .
wonder why
keep it simple
everyone voted for as he put it himself (one dumb presdent)
people who vote are dumb ,and who they vote for even dummer
vote for the mayor of detroit to run our country
because hes done so much good for the city in the last 6 years!!!
move to Belize build a grass hut and find the rum on the beach
america is moving from their houses into tents if you havent noticed
row row row your boat

Mar 14 @ 2:57PM  
First of all Orzie, I'm pretty sure you have missed the entire point of this blog. It was in response to a very ignorant individual that was downing our American troops with poorly written poetry while claiming to do so in support of homeless veterans. Now while I don't agree with the war at all, I fully support our men and women there serving their country by doing their jobs. You always speak of Detroit losing so many of it's jobs, perhaps you are aware then that the highest rate of recruitments for the US armed forces is in Detroit. The lack of jobs and opportunity there feeds the war machine quite well as the youth there have no other resources to turn to for an education or good paying job. As for this quote:
everyone voted for as he put it himself (one dumb presdent)
I think you spread yourself out there a bit by stating everyone as I'm pretty damn sure I'm not the only Democrat in the United States and I wouldn't vote for W for dog catcher much less anything else.

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An Open Letter