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Listening to the Radio

posted 11/11/2007 4:15:03 PM |
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tagged: truth

As I was coming home from work one night I had the radio on WFMS. A lady was talking about her sex life I thought OMG and then she proceeded to say she WANTS him to find a woman for sex! She don't want it!!! You should have heard the radio announcer he was as amazed as I was.

Then I got to thinking about the men here who say their wives aren't sexually active anymore. WOW could they be telling the truth?? I mean I have such a hard time getting passed the thought of not wanting to make love to the man I sleep with who I tell my secrets to.

Most of us are single looking for that one person to make us feel special. So how can you love someone so much but want that person to go elsewhere for the most intimate part?? I just don't get it????

I mean can you??? Even if your living with someone and not married but that person holds your love can you honestly say oh well I don't want sex with you go find someone else??? I can't I want a man in my life to love, talk to, and make love to!!! oh and he can make most of the decisions unless I disagree

Seriously though what do you think???

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Nov 11 @ 4:31PM  
Did the lady on the radio elaborate that she had a mail with a tail and the was a short well?

Nov 11 @ 4:43PM  

I am surprised you are so surprised by this revelation.

I came to realize long, long ago this is a real and serious issue in marriages and a major contributor to divorce in the 30 year old marriage. Many women, when they hit menapause or earlier simply decide sexual intimacy is not for them and the partner is left hanging with the expectation that he is to accept this smiling.
(Naturally I am not including medical conditions in this scenario.)

I honestly believe women are sexual creatures but if not given the opportunity to express this early in a relationship it will eventually wither and die and if it does, it is entirely their (the woman) fault. Men, God Bless em, become more aware of their waining sexuality as they age and it's important for them to feel they are just as manly as in their youth and look to their partner to engage and share in this.

For the most part the ladies of AMD understand this so this is sort of like "preaching to the choir". The ladies here understand their own sexuality, understand it belongs to them and are looking for the right male counterpart to share with.

For those women who do not understand their own sexuality, all I can say is "I am sorry that you are missing and wasting one of the most important and enjoyable parts of being a woman".

I wish I would have had the forthsight a few years ago to make notes on every conversation of this nature that I had with a married fellow. I would, by now, have enough information to write a book.

In the case of the radio show, bless the wife that sends her husband off to seek satisfaction in the arms of another. I just hope she knows a good attorney.

Nov 11 @ 4:44PM  
Am sorry, if this male was perfect I wouldn't be here.

Nov 11 @ 4:50PM  
So funny you mention menapause lol I've been so horny since it has started it ain't funny Thank you so much for enlighting me on this subject I need a life

Nov 11 @ 5:01PM  
When I hit that menapause stage the Hot I was feeling (and still do) was not from the Hot Flashes

Nov 11 @ 5:11PM  
I have seen this the other way around. That was one of the reasons I left the father of my son. He decided to tell me one day " Since I dont want sex anymore and I know you still do I dont mind if you find it elswhere just dont come home and tell me about it" To me it was a huge insult and he soon found himself living elsewhere
My ex husband also complained my sex drive was to much for him to handle. I seem to be good at finding the only men on earth that dont want it all the time. Guess I am a freak

Nov 11 @ 5:18PM  
I have to concur with desert smile.

when i got to florida to live full time, i assumed i would find the garden of milk & honey. I was confused for a long time, cuz all the women who were being left by their husbands for younger women seemed to move to florida. I thought they would be out to show up the old guy by having more sex than him.

Came to realize that they just sublimated their sex drive. Turned the energy towards other pursuits.Many women find sex uncomfortable after menopause, as they experience too little natural lubrication, afterwards, or so i've been told.

But hey, lisa, good news you're not one of them!!

Nov 11 @ 6:25PM  
as they experience too little natural lubrication, afterwards,

That is when you use baby oil, KO Jelly, or hell go to the doctor and get something and your right tetons I'm not one of them

so what ya doing???

Nov 11 @ 6:40PM  
my drive has really declined lately. ive been looking for a girlfriend for my hubby. most people have a hard time believing it.

Nov 11 @ 6:56PM  
Excellent Blog GF,

I've always said and I will go on saying it married people have to work at sex they have to work at romance...
These things have to be kept on the front burner, and not pushed to the back.
So many things want to kill romance and the sex...
Children and all things connected to them can kill a sexy moment in a heart beat .. and thats just the top of the mountain..
Sexy and romantic is a mind set.. If it's important enough to someone they will keep it alive.
But so many times the pond is full of alligators grabbing our attention. If a person is feeling less sexy then they use to they don't bother to find out why.. Possibly a visit to the doctor would get them back on track..
So many times lack of romance and sex in a marriage is like a sink full of water that has a slow leak, you don't realize it until the water is all gone.


Nov 11 @ 7:12PM  
new...only requirement to that should be that you have to watch them the first time...either you will figure out what's eating you...or it'll getcha drive going and you'll be eating her or him or both

If yer sex drive ain't working for your hubby it is usually one of the below things...

One...he got fat or you got bored with him.
Two...You're really a closet lesbo.'re banging someone else already or thinking about banging someone else...time to move on. have a medical problem that needs medical attention...find a doc. have a mental problem and you REALLY need to get mental attention.
Six...if you haven't already...try some toys WITH hubby...instead of without him...I know the Plug-In-The-Wall vibrators won't quit until they burn out...but they sure as heck can't snuggle after

Nov 11 @ 7:34PM  
Most of us are single looking for that one person to make us feel special
And I want to make him feel special, in every way...
I agree, Lisa, I can't imagine being in love with someone and not wanting to make love with him. Or just having that desire and want for him out of nowhere. I hope I never get to that point in my life.

Nov 11 @ 7:39PM  
I often suggested another woman in the bedroom with my former girlfriend. She couldn't fathom the thought, but ultimately agreed to do it after much argument. I never did bring a third party in, so I think I was just testing her to see what she's willing to put up with to stay with me. Since she offered, I never brought up the suggestion throughout the remainder of our relationship.

Of course, it dd ultimately end because she was overly jealous and not too fond of the thought of me staring at other nude women (in nude friendly environments that is). Well, that and she started going nuts about being married.

Nov 11 @ 7:55PM  

I have seen many situations where the woman or the man was not sexually active.
I tend to agree with you. I want it all.

Nov 11 @ 8:40PM  
I understand that woman to a point. I personally went out to find my husband a girlfriend. honestly sexually he wasn't what I needed/wanted, and the more he tried.. the less I wanted him. I even went as far to place a ad up for him on the internet, did all the replies, until I found one.. that I thought would best suite him. Sounds strange I know.. but emotionally there was nothing there for me.. the thought of doing anything with him.. was not at all appealing to me in the least. I figured.. since eventually I will be out the door.. it would make the transition at least on his side easier.

BUT I also think that some women are comfortable .. they are with someone they know , they don't want to start over.. and maybe he wants something she would rather relinquish to someone else, while keeping her life the same.

Nov 11 @ 9:01PM  
I actually think that it shows a desire to please her feller more than an I don't give a shat attitude. She doesn't wanna play.. so why should he, who does wanna play, have to suffer along? It's nothing new.. married men have had mistresses for thousands of years no? Many many women knew about the mistress and didn't quibble because they didn't have to put out... win win situation.

No, I don't personally have that issue.. I want the mistress to come be part of a sammich.

Nov 11 @ 9:04PM  
She couldn't fathom the thought, but ultimately agreed to do it after much argument.

And you wonder why she was jealous? Obviously you were forcing her to do something the didn't want to do.

This is very different from a wife who sends her husband off to seek his pleasure elsewhere.

Nov 11 @ 9:04PM  
but emotionally there was nothing there for me..

Ladies & gentlemen.... that about sums it up. When the emotional part of a relationship starts to go, so does the sex. Doesn't matter if you are 62 or 22. Male or Female.

The woman on the radio who didn't want sex with her hubby any more, probably didn't want HIM around any more either. She may stay with him for financial or family reasons..... but it sure isn't out of any emotional attachment. That is GONE. Think about it....... why else would someone in a marriage not want sex with their spouse, and yet fool around on the side?? It is easier to have sex with a stranger cuz there is no history.... good or bad.

Nov 11 @ 10:49PM  
My ex-wife told me she didn't like sex anymore, and that I should get a girlfriend for just that purpose.

Turns out, she just didn't like sex with ME.

If I had known then what I know now, I would've used my wedding ring for the aphrodisiac it turned out to be. If she tells you to get a girlfriend, don't be a moron, men; DO IT. It's easier to apologize in the morning than to ask permission at night.

Nov 11 @ 11:07PM  
Well you guys i guess I'm as naive as Ynot says I am. I want a man who is going to love only me and i will love only him In my personal opinion New2this255 I think you should get a life or a divorce. But that is my opinion I couldn't imagine telling my husband to "look elsewhere" or try to find it for him? And that is the nicest thing I can say about it Asnet I guess I need your wisdom with words on my thoughts here

Nov 12 @ 12:26PM  
As in love with him as I am...NOPE! I just couldn't do it!

Nov 13 @ 9:57AM  
I don't "get" it either.

Nov 21 @ 12:15AM  
However, if I wasn't interested in sex any more (I seriously doubt it will ever happen) or for some reason couldn't physically have intercourse for sure, I would want him getting satisfaction.... though I would first try other things..

but yeah... I would say go ahead... why should my partner be denied.

Lovers are easy to find..... a great companion... very, very tough

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