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I need to get laid!

posted 11/10/2007 4:09:58 PM |
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To the men of AMD;

Guys, help me out here. I'm looking for an online “pickup line” I could use that will help get what I want. Men only, please, choose one of the following multiple choice that you would respond well to:

A) Hi. I'm going to be traveling in your area soon and I could use some company while I'm on the road. Let me know if you're up for it. Look forward to flirting with you!

B)Hey. I saw your profile and I really think your attractive. Want to get together soon? I'm going to be visiting your town so if you're up to it let me know.

C) Let me be blunt. I need sex. I'm going to be in your area soon and I would really like to see if we can hit it off. Let me know if this sounds interesting.

D) None of the above would interest me. It's too impersonal.

E) None of the above would interest me. I just don't do that kind of thing.

F) It wouldn't work. I would only respond to it in an e-mail but not in a blog.

Thanks for your help in advance. Please just respond in this blog and put what letter you think is best. Men, I can't accept e-mails on this because I won't have time to go through them. Sadly, they will just wind up being ignored. Just post your answer here on this blog and any other advice you want to tell me about this. Once again, thank you!

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Nov 10 @ 4:15PM  
Well as most men seem to think it would work how about
"Wanna fuck?"

Nov 10 @ 4:17PM  
I'd say go with B...And if your ever in my area let me

Nov 10 @ 4:17PM  
C would work. Being up front with expectations is good.

Nov 10 @ 4:32PM  
Honestly I think almost all of them will work if the person in question is close enough to you and has the time. My biggest issue online is the distance involved and the timing.

Having looked at your profile I think I would be interested in you so it is not an issue of being sexy enough or something like that.

In fact.. check my profile and let's talk.


Nov 10 @ 4:53PM  
B is the least crude of the lot. But I'd like to add a letter "G" to the list.

"G" I just bought a new pair of handcuffs and need someone to try them out on.

Nov 10 @ 4:58PM  
don't we all.............

Nov 10 @ 5:04PM  
why do i think you will if you really really want to.

Nov 10 @ 6:01PM  
im pretty sure 100 percent of the other users on this site want that as well so your not alone,lol

Nov 10 @ 6:14PM  
i would have to go with b&c and i really need sex!!!!!!!!!!!!! so help!!!!!!!!!! drop me a line so we can work it out??????

Nov 10 @ 6:27PM  
I would choose:
then C

Either way I wouldn't let you get out of my cave if you were visiting me!

Nov 10 @ 6:39PM  
I'm guessing that a thru c are lines that have been used by some men of AMD on you. I looked at your profile. You don't need a "line" That being said the correct answer should be D, E or F
green thingy for you!

Nov 10 @ 6:40PM  
I'm guessing that a thru c are lines that have been used by some men of AMD on you. I looked at your profile. You don't need a "line" That being said the correct answer should be D, E or F
green thingy for you!

Nov 10 @ 6:43PM  
I'd say A with a little tuning up .Instead of saying I could use some company.
Say I could use someone to show me around.your town/city.
If it don't work out with the sex part at least you'll get a tour
This is Chuck from Mars saying good luck

Nov 10 @ 6:49PM  
When I see A, B, or C; I don't even get past the third or fourth word before I stop reading a delete. I wouldn't use any of those.

Nov 10 @ 6:58PM  
well are you going to be in my area? i would love to be your driver...

Nov 10 @ 7:36PM  
C Straight-Up!

Nov 10 @ 7:38PM  
Actually -- I think you just want a lot of people to see the positive responses - or you WOULD answer your emails !

Nov 10 @ 7:40PM  
an awsome girl asked over the phone from AMD .where the fuck are you? get over here NOW ! but most of all it was wonderful .we loved it

Nov 10 @ 7:46PM  
I think this is kind of along the lines of what dmbradley1978854 says... I like the direction of C, but it tends toward D.
Anyway, the best way to get into my pants is as follows: say something to the extent that you read my profile, I'm testing for STD's on a regular basis and am disease free, I want to fuck you, we're using condoms, this is what I'm into (e.g., S & M), what does BuddhaDon like? and I'm willing to come to Charleston for sex only (i.e., no dinner, etc...). But that's just me.
...By the way, I don't remember if I e-mailed you when I was in PA...

Nov 10 @ 8:07PM  

You don't need a line sweety.
I'd take you in a heart beat.
But I'd keep you.

Nov 10 @ 9:56PM  
(A) always works for me !!

Nov 11 @ 2:38AM  
Personally, I like A.
C is a little too blunt for my taste.

Honestly, my first thought was........ you're kidding, right? Women do not need pick up lines. A wink or a smile or just simply "hi" is all you need to start things moving.

Did you ever see the movie....... 6 days and 7 nights with Harrison Ford and Ann Heche ? They are discussing an article from "Dazzle"... the magazine she works for. Anyway....... the article is titled something like........ 12 ways to light his fire. He tells her...... "You want to know what a woman does to get a man interested? She shows up. That's it. We're men; we're easy"


Nov 11 @ 6:56AM  
None of those work 4 me how about..........I have a mc donalds close to my house and have a flock of sheep in the back 40........ u would b a woman after my heart

Nov 11 @ 5:35PM  
Actually think it should be F0 but it's worded wrong; s/b won't respond in email, only respond by blog.

Nov 12 @ 8:36AM  
I like bluntness so I would go with (C).

Dec 3 @ 8:00PM  
A would get my vote as I travel a lot too. Any of them would accomplish the desired goal. If you are going through my area let me know.

Dec 6 @ 12:20PM  
You will probally have the best luck with C.

Jan 4 @ 6:53PM  
i would say the big C !!!!!!!!! i would really love to !!!!!!!!

Jan 4 @ 8:44PM  
C would work. Let me know if you are visiting Massachusetts, so we can get it on!

Mar 31 @ 10:36PM  
Start with saying "Hi!"

Apr 5 @ 7:18PM  
I need to get laid would work for me. Sex ,movie and dinner is a nice twist on a first date and gettinf to know each other!

Aug 25 @ 12:59AM  
c all the way

Oct 29 @ 5:06PM  
C) Let me be blunt. I need sex. I'm going to be in your area soon and I would really like to see if we can hit it off. Let me know if this sounds interesting.

Oct 2 @ 3:30PM  
"C" is to the point, gets the message across and is economical in terms of length.

Oct 8 @ 3:02PM  
When ya coming to Texas....

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I need to get laid!