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Going Stag.....

posted 11/9/2007 11:10:32 PM |
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My company just announced that its annual Christmas party will be held on December 1st.
The office was all abuzz with excitement as my coworkers discussed who would be going and who would not be going, what they were going to wear, who would babysit the kids, etc.
I sat there amid all the hubub and silently tucked the invitation away in my desk. Out of the 20 co-workers I have, all but three of us are married. There are three of us girls that are single. Of us three single girls, two are drop-dead gorgeous. I suspect they will have no problem whatsoever finding a date for this event.
Which leaves me. As much as I would like to go and enjoy the festivities, I just don't feel up to announcing to my entire company that I'm single and don't have a date for the party.
Don't get me wrong- it may sound like I'm feeling sorry for myself, but I'm not. I just ended a rather long relationship a couple of months ago, and haven't quite felt up to jumping back into the dating pool. Truth be told, I'm not quite sure I'm over him yet. I have good days and bad, to put it in a nutshell.
I've heard it said that the Holidays are one of the hardest times to be single, and I'm really starting to feel that. I was wishing today that I was back with my ex-boyfriend just for the sake of having a date to the party. I actually went as far as thinking about emailing him to ask if he thought about what we used to have at all.
But I know that's not the right thing. It's over between us and I have to move on.
I'm just not sure that going to the company Christmas party alone is going to be something that helps me get over that ex-boyfriend hump.
I sort of feel that going alone would be embarrassing. I'm afraid my co-workers will feel sorry for me when I don't really need their pity.
Have any of you ever been in this situation? If so, what did you do? Did you go to the party by yourself and end up having a great time? Or go alone and end up totally miserable? Or did you end up finding a date to go with you to the party?
I'd appreciate hearing your insights on this one....

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Nov 9 @ 11:19PM  
Do you have a male friend? Bring someone you KNOW you will have fun with, or if you're comfortable with skipping it, because everyone will want to know why you skipped... just don't go. There is nothing wrong with going alone, I've gone to things like that alone, just sit with your buddies, they know you are capable of finding a date, and I doubt they will feel sorry for you.

If you choose not to go, do something fun for yourself that night instead, get a spa treatment or buy yourself something luxurious!!

Nov 10 @ 5:40AM  
Go to the party and show all the ladies who the real chick with all their hubby's.. have a blast.

Nov 10 @ 8:17AM  
My BF in High School, wasn't dating anyone at the end of the year and it was PROM time. She wanted to have FUN, so she invited her hunky cousin to go with her. Only a few of us knew he was her cousin and we all had a blast. Ask a friend to go with you, one you have fun with!!!
I'm the lone wolf where I work too, but I never worry about it. I could careless if I have a date or not.

Nov 10 @ 8:32AM  
Hey, go and have fun. As stated, bring a platonic guy friend or relative, and just have a blast. It always seems the guys hang together without their wives alot at parties, so who knows what kind of conversations may get going?

Nov 10 @ 8:39AM  
Yep I agree with all above me ask a friend!!!

Hell I'd make ynot take me (but he's my bestest male friend)

Nov 10 @ 9:21AM  
Careful Lisa, you better make sure Ynot will stop though, not just roll you out the door . Besides, do you think his ego can take it???

Nov 10 @ 10:09AM  
Dress to the nines and go with a friend. I took my ex to two of these things after we split up, but we stayed good friends, so unresolved feelings weren't an issue. We both had a blast! Maybe there's someone there who has their eye on you and the thought of competition might spur them to action!

Nov 10 @ 11:30AM  
Lisa, you cannot stop living because you no longer have a partner. Life should not be defined by who stands besides you but who stands within you.

Go and enjoy the festivities. Go with an open mind that the evening is designed for fun and entertainment and I guarantee you that you will have a great time.

I can only suggest if you do dance with the husbands, keep it a safe distance between compressed bodies. Nothing worse than a company cat fight

Nov 10 @ 11:31AM  
Why did I call you Lisa?

Waiter...More coffee please !!!!!!!

Nov 10 @ 12:02PM  
You should go. You will appear to be very popular since everyone's going to want to talk to you about something since they never see you in person at the office....

Nov 10 @ 1:48PM  
Hey DS when did I stop living??

Nov 10 @ 3:30PM  
I'm in the exact opposite situation. We are taking a lot of december off, so in leu or a x-mas party, we are having a big thanksgiving get together.

I work the late shift with my particular company. As you can imagine, many who are married prefer to work days so they can be home with their families after school after their partner's work day and such. So there are a lot of single people that I work with during my shift.

However, if I were to be the only single one there, I don't think I would be as devastated about it as you seem to be. I would go and talk with my friends of the same sex. Despite not having someone for which to share the experience with, I think you will still have fun if you go. But maybe there is a higher social stigma against women for showing up at events without a partner.

Nov 10 @ 6:28PM  
I largely agree with everybody else. I just want to suggest that NOT going sends a very bad message. If you are in between insignificant others, so what, big deal, who cares? Bring a friend or go by yourself. In a way, not going due to being without a boyfriend is bringing your personal problems to work and not in good form.

Nov 11 @ 2:51AM  
One more voice saying......... GO.

I presume some of these people are your friends, right??? If so, they won't care if you are "with" or "without".

Sitting home alone is MUCH worse than going out alone.

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Going Stag.....