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top ten reasons to buy a Wii

posted 11/6/2007 8:56:29 PM |
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Well several reasons...

One...Microsoft Xbox360 sucks ass. Buggy games, buggy software, and buggy hardware resulting in the famous Red Ring of Doom. If they can't make it right the first time, why bother with a company whose track record is HORRIBLE?

Two...Playstation 3 is expensive...and I'm a relatively cheap bastich...I'll end up with a PS3 eventually...but not just yet.

Three...nintendo has a long track record of solid equipment, software, & games...they don't put out CRAPPY STUFF like the Microsoft Xbox team does... keeps my munchkin VERY busy & happy. It's a workout for ANYONE, but kids will literally play with it for hours then pass out from exhaustion!! I LOVE it!! Plus I don't have to worry about Adult Content on a it's all KID STUFF!!'s just FUN!! Eventually all games of importance will be playable on's now the MOST popular gaming system...with more sales now than Xbox & PS3 put together! It does have the smallest game selection, but the games that are available are for the most part AWESOME! Super Monkey Ball!! Zelda!! Mario!! Pokemon!! and about 100 more

Six...back to the workout's a Fat Fighter for Adults as well Say ya don't like the cold weather?? NO PROBLEM!! You can play tennis INSIDE!! Bowling...Boxing (who needs taebo?) games out the yingyang!! Not to mention the feel of wielding a sword/axe/mace/whateva and chopping off arms/legs/etc....Yeehaw!

Seven...COST!! Lowest price system and lowest price GAMES!! Not to mention the backwards compatibility with all Gamecube games...and...being old...I like OLD I can play my namco favs & whatnot...Pacman original...etc...

Eight...multiplay options with DS games...gotta love that!! I know my munchkin loves his Pokemon trades...and it's all more funky cables!!

Nine...guitar hero on Wii..theres a trick or two ya just can't do with a PS3 or 360...but I'll leave it to ya to find out for yerself!!'s just cool, baby Telly Savalas couldn't have made it any better

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top ten reasons to buy a Wii
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Nov 6 @ 9:07PM  
I disagree with your review of xbox 360. I love it!

I don't have the Wii, and I probably won't get it. It's probably great for kids, but I've already heard from people who have played it that the graphics are two dimensional, and cartoonish. I've also heard of injuries that occurred during gameplay.

I'm glad it's working out for you, but I'll stick to the 360...and eventually, the ps3. I have the ps2 and xbox as well as DreamCast.

p.s. GTA4 is coming out in a few's going to be awesome! Will that be available on Wii? pffft.

Nov 6 @ 9:08PM  
PlayStation2 has a peripheral called the "EyeToy" that not only allows your motion to control gameplay, but many games using it also put your image into the game, allowing you to manipulate onscreen weapons, tools, or even fight bad guys directly with your body's motion.

Plus, I already have two PS2's in my house.

Why buy a new console? For better graphics? That's a waste of money; Tetris is still addictive as all hell; why? Because of its GAMEPLAY. Don't buy a new system just because they have some new ones out; my daughter and I play PS2 every single day, and the sytem/peripherals/games are WAY cheaper than the Wii, Xbox360, AND the PS3.

Save your money; you can get a PS2, an EyeToy, and five games for it cheaper than buying JUST a Wii (with ZERO games).

Just sayin'.

Nov 6 @ 9:34PM  
Sounds like it's fun...but I've already got the ps2 and the gamecube... I don't need another game console.

Nov 6 @ 9:35PM  
Injuries only occur to people who are KLUTZY!!

Just wait till you get the red rings of'll then find out how well you love your 360...hehehe

Nov 6 @ 9:48PM  
I was contemplating which to buy for my daughter. Her dad has the XBox which she loves but I figured at her young age she would like the Wii... so I bought the Wii... I mean... Santa is going to bring it for Xmas :)

I hope its as good as people say it is

Nov 6 @ 9:58PM  
My boys have a Wii and love it. The boxing and sword fighting and football are all fun. The first person is just too cool. I'm not a hard core gamer but I occsionally play when they let me. The Wii in my evaluation is the best system yet.

Nov 6 @ 11:21PM  
I have a Wii...I got mine in February...I use to play it all the time. I have not played it for a couple of months now. I got burned out on it. I also don't have much spare time to play. I know my daughter is waiting for a new game for it to come out. It is a pokemon game.


Nov 6 @ 11:26PM  
I've survived this long without having a gaming system. I figure I can get through the rest of my life without one too.

Nov 7 @ 12:19AM  
I'd get a wii if THE STORES HERE WOULD GET ENOUGH IN STOCK!!!! Those artificial shortage-creating bastages!!!!!

Seriously....I have looked for the better part of the year and all I can show for my effort is NO WII!!!!!

Sorry but I am not going up to wal mart at 3 in the morning to stand in line.

Nov 7 @ 1:40AM  
I'll stick to what I know:PS2,SNES and me a traditionalist,but eh

Nov 13 @ 9:13PM  
Go to the walmart in the poorest part of town at 8am...that's how I got my Wii!!

My ex-gf just got a ain't half bad :) Blue-ray dsk player may come in handy for her...

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top ten reasons to buy a Wii