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Another religious blog tonight. By me this time.

posted 11/6/2007 12:56:18 AM |
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This is probably gonna set a lot of people on me with torches and pitchforks, but won't be the first time.

Why does the bible contradict itself so much? The two passages I am referring to are the following:

Genesis 1:27 states So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

Leviticus 18:22 states Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

So....if God created everyone in his own image, would that include gays too? I don't see why it wouldn't. Furthermore, does this mean god himself/herself/itself is gay too? I am assuming right now that god is bisexual, which really makes the most sense to me. But if god is gay/bisexual, why the condemning of gays? And furthermore, does this include woman on woman as well? While I haven't exactly dug deep into it, I don't think the bible explicitly states anything about that.

As always, comments are welcomed, good or bad.

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Another religious blog tonight. By me this time.
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Nov 6 @ 1:01AM  
I am simply not up to Theology class tonight.

Nov 6 @ 1:07AM  
The bible contradicts itself because it was written by MAN, not by GOD!!

Nov 6 @ 1:26AM  
The Bible, as we know it, contradicts itself all over the place. I think there are two main reasons for it:

1 - It has been translated so many times that a lot of the meaning is literally lost in translation

But mainly

2 - The Bible was written by a whole bunch of different people, over several centuries, many times writing about things that happened decades or centuries earlier. Then, the final version we know was put together by committee.

You know the definition of a committee - a creature with six heads and no brain.

The gospels contradict one another, the old testament contradicts the new testament, one book contradicts another. Sheesh.


Nov 6 @ 9:19AM  
I think they have said it all!!!!!!!!!

Nov 6 @ 9:31AM  
In biblical times, a man could have as many wives, concubines and slaves as he could afford to feed. This was not considered adultery... however if a woman stepped out of her marriage bonds (see also ownership papers) she was condemned as a harlot/adulterer.

During those times as well the keeping of Catamites which were younger boys.

six3 has several points.. the Bible was written by committee and whatever opinion was popular in the day. There have been several versions before King James got his grubby mitts on the book and made the changes that suited him as well.. unless you are able to read the original scrolls you have no idea what the original authors had in mind.

Nov 6 @ 10:58AM  

Nov 6 @ 11:14AM  
If one reads the whole Bible cover to cover. And not one or two paragraphs one will find no contradiction in it.
The mistake people make is to listen to preachers, and taking what they say as truth.
When in fact 99% of there preaching is only what they want you to hear and there verion of what it means.
Read it for yourself and as you do think of this. It don't say one must be married to fuck, it says I "think" it better. Don't mean the same thing does it. Further if two
people are married, they can only cheat " commet adultry". If sleeping with another is done without full knowlage and permission of the other. No one is going to poke the same hole or be poked by the same pole for life. The divorce rate would drope to almost nothing if they would just grow up, and think for themself.

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Another religious blog tonight. By me this time.