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update to why lie

posted 11/3/2007 10:52:49 PM |
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Okay just in case anyone missed the first part here it is:

Okay so I haven't really been on here as much as I used to be because I thought I found "the one" you know what I'm talking about that one guy that just sweeps you off of your feet treats you like you are gold makes your kids feel like they are his own well that's what I found things are great he is in the Army so we knew in time he was leaving to fight in the war and agree that it's going to be okay. Well he leaves to Alaska to do training and in time will be leaving to go to Iraq. Last Sunday I get a few txt's that say "Im going to hate myself for becoming the person i hate. myself" "Im gona loose my mind and soul including my job life and heart but i cant live a lie." "I love you. Im going to kill my self for being such a siner and now im in a biger one. I deserve to burn in hell" finally he picks up his phone and I ask him what is going on and he tells me that he was sexually frustrated up there and slept with someone that happens to be another soldier's wife of course I feel like I was kicked in the stomach then here comes the one that just ripped me to pieces... HE'S MARRIED I just felt like a piece of me died and what do I tell my kids being that they got so close to him the guy wanted me to look for houses do you know how stupid I feel right now? Can anyone make any sence out of this?

[B] here's an update I get a call from him today of course the first thing I say is "What do you want" instead of hello I know it was rude but I guess the anger got the best of me. He said he was wanted to check in on his girls I laughed and told him that MY GIRLS ARE FINE then he tells me that the chick he slept with called him and told him that she was pregnant I laughted and told him to make sure he get's a paternity test then says that she told him she has AIDS so all I could do was tell him to handle his business and that if he needs to thrive on the drama he is creating then save it for his momma because I don't have time for it. He started crying telling me he still is in love with me and that if his test's come back positive then he is coming home to me and the kids I told him no I need to move on, and hung up. Well after calling 4 more times and realizing that I wasn't going to pick up he left me a message telling me that he was going to kill himself tonight. So what am I to do I call his higher up and play them to message now he is locked up under suicide watch.... sucks to be him right now.....

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Shallow or not to be Shallow that is the question...
update to why lie
Why Lie
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Nov 3 @ 11:04PM  
I also want to thank everyone for their comments you all are the best and appreciate all opinions!!!!

Nov 3 @ 11:32PM  
I can tell you that this stuff is exactly why I do not include my children. I keep my family life and my personal life seperated. When I finally meet the one that is willing to put a ring on my finger and make a commitment then they can interact with my children. I cannot keep them from their own heartache, but I can sure as hell save them from mine!

Nov 3 @ 11:49PM  
ooohhhhh sounds like he bit off more than he can chew

Nov 4 @ 12:45AM  
It sounds to me like he's an accident and heartbreak looking for a place to happen.
You’re already a mom with children to rise; you don't need anymore distractions from your own responsibilities.
He is a full time project and emotional attention drainer.

Unless you’re a psychoanalysis and you have lots of time to devote to him, he is a poor substitute for a responsible, loving, mature, sharing, caring companion, who will be there for you and your children.

Also you don’t want your children growing up thinking his behavior is normal adult behavior and is exceptable to you.
Nor do they need to be exposed to the emotional baggage that this man is carrying with him.
They will grow up fast enough in this world, without seeing first hand the messes he has gotten himself into.

Nov 4 @ 7:44AM  
It sounds weird and cold, but there is much to be said for doing a background and credit check on somebody.

Another red flag is if the person will not let you meet or talk to their friends or family.

Nov 4 @ 9:17AM  
sucks to be him babe!!!!!! You did the right thing!

Nov 4 @ 2:33PM  
Usually, notice I said USUALLY not always, someone who threatens to commit suicide is just trying to get attention or is trying to manipulate people and likely wont do it. You did the right thing to call in professional help instead of trying to deal with it yourself and get sucked back into his whirlwind of drama.

Someone who is truly suicidal will typically just do it without saying anything to anybody.

Sounds like you're taking the right t steps for you and the kids. Clean break, move on, leave the drama king to wallow in the bed he made for himself.

One of the truest statements ever made is Misery Loves Company. Make that bed a twin with room for just one person. Him.

Nov 4 @ 11:12PM  
Again thank you all for your comments I do appreciate them all even if they are negative because EVERYONE is entitled to an opinion...

Dec 2 @ 4:10AM  


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update to why lie