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posted 11/2/2007 2:57:46 PM |
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I'm one of these people that pretty much says what I think. When I think it. The standing joke with friends is that I need a brain filter on occassion. If I think it, it usually just comes out of my mouth. And I'm discovering that I now do it in type. If I'm writing to someone and I have something on my mnd, I just type away. And sometimes later I look back and think oh no, I'm an idiot. Especially considering people can't hear your tone through emails.

I have discovered that life is way too short and if I care about someone I want them to know. No one ever has too many friends. If I'm not too fond of someone for whatever reason I still try to be civil with them. Unless there is a reason not to be.

I try really hard not to intentionally hurt peoples feelings for no reason. I try not to be spiteful, especially to someone that has never done anything to me. I try to overlook when someone is being an idiot or just needs to mentally mature. For the most part I don't judge people. If I don't like it done to me, I don't do it to someone else. I don't back down when I need to stand my ground, but I choose my battles carefully. I will walk away if it's not worth it. It took me a long time to learn that one.

Is any of that being unreasonable? Why is it that some people can be honest but not hurtful, unless need be, but yet others feel the need to be hurtful or spiteful when they have no reason to be? Do some people ever outgrow third grade level
mentality? Are you a person that allows others to get to you? Or are you able to know when it's worth it and when it's not?

And before anyone jumps to conclusions, no this is not about anyone in particular or anything in particular. Just a conversation I had with someone and one person who was extremely upset about something til they took the time to think about it. and then found it funny.

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Nov 2 @ 3:08PM  
That's too much thinking for me on a day like today. Sorry, got nothing to contribute here except a comment that keeps your blog up on the page.

Nov 2 @ 3:09PM  
Most of the time I think before I speak and write. I even try to proof read what I wrote before posting it most of the time. Sure, been times where I'm in a hurry and post things that makes me look foolish, but hey, we're all humans and we can always go back and correct what we meant and explain if people take it the wrong way. I do take a stand and I do not back paddle on anything I mean. When people have known someone on here they pretty much know where you stand on things and pretty much know you and what you stand for, and that cuts down on misunderstandings for the most part.

Nov 2 @ 3:14PM  
I self edit all the time in type and in speaking.

If I didnt, I'd quickly lose all my friends, be ostracized from polite society and disowned by my family.

I'm a Sagittarius after all. Supposedly we say what we think before thinking about what we say.

In the past, some people have accused me of being overly diplomatic, waffling, not taking a stand, etc. But that's just the result of trying not to blurt something out that might be hurtful. Overcompensation? Maybe.

Nov 2 @ 3:18PM  
I try to think what I am saying before I say it, but sometimes I spew forth when I shouldn't. Especially when I see someone being abused.... I get mean and nasty then.

Nov 2 @ 3:41PM  
Yep I've been told I need to stop and think before opening my mouth Cause what i'm thinkin just pops out

Nov 2 @ 3:43PM  
I think everyone has at some point in their lives opened their mouth and inserted their foot. I know I do it quite often, being the smartass sarcastic bitch that I can be, it happens. Thankfully most of my friends that know me quite well do know this and most of the time will just point it out quietly when I've gone overboard. Unless of course the situation calls for it, then they usually cheer me on. I am learning to choose my "battles" better, I stop and wonder if it will matter in five years. Sometimes it does and others it doesn't. But one thing about it, you never have to wonder where you stand with me.

Nov 2 @ 4:24PM  
Hell one of my winning and charming traits is the ability to stick my foot in my mouth at any given Actually it depends on the mood I am in when someone says something that might make me angry or hurt my feelings.....but most of the time I choose to ignore the ignorance of someone who deliberately sets out to be a jerk............. I have a really good friend I have known for years and he always says say what you want to and if it don't sound right say it again in another way...........he never gets angry at a person cause he realizes that people say stuff in a way that isnt always the way its meant to be.......

And i know this blog is about know its not paranoia when people are really after you........................


Nov 2 @ 4:50PM  
All units, all units...abort abort. She's onto us.

Till we meet again....Ewe Wish.


Nov 2 @ 6:02PM  
Hell, I thought shooting my mouth off was proper. Damn, now I find out it might be rude. For fucks sake.

Don't sweet all that crap, if the person your talking to can't see past all the prim and proper shit you really don't need to be talking to them in the first place.

We are a secret club don't ya know. The "run your mouth before ya think's" Club. They are just jealous cause they can't get in.

Oh, my kid told me a joke. Do ya know how to laugh in spanish.....????....



Nov 2 @ 6:21PM  
My Mouth is too big for my Foot!!! And I hate that!! I try to think before I talk, but what happens is that I think the person knows me well enough to understand and they don't, then I have to insert foot!!

Nov 2 @ 8:02PM  
HMMMM think before I talk now there's a concept worth checking into. Actually thinking is an ideologly worth looking into. My motto " Open mouth , insert foot, begin talking" , saves so much time not having to backpedal and explain your way out of things

Nov 2 @ 8:59PM  
My motto " Open mouth , insert foot, begin talking" , saves so much time not having to backpedal and explain your way out of things
So you didn't really mean that marriage proposal?

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