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Coming out of the closet...

posted 11/1/2007 9:53:36 AM |
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I have this secret. I don’t know when it started. Maybe when I was still just a kid... it was certainly full blown by the time I was in my teens. I can’t help it…nor do I particularly want to. It’s not like there aren’t others out there with the same secret but, honestly, I’ve never heard anyone fess up to it.

I can’t help it. I see it on late night TV or when I am in a certain store. I see and hear the ads, the claims, and my heart starts racing just a little bit faster. My palms start to sweat. I start having vivid thoughts on how my life is going to change, be better.

Okay, I admit it. I am addicted to cleaning products and gadgets. Really, I can’t help it. I see those late night ads for The Shark or some hot, new tool and I want it. I want it in my grubby little hands. I want to do the things the spokespeople claim I can if I own it. I get that way over cleaning products too. I walk in the cleaning products aisle and I want one of everything. Floor cleaner, laundry enhancer, oven cleaner, deodorizer. You name it, I want it. The new fangled sponges, ‘magic’ erasers, dusting mitts...mine, mine, all mine.

I don’t know why I have this obsession. It’s not like my house is all sparkling and perfect. Don’t get me wrong, I keep it pretty darned clean but, still, I could do better. Thankfully I don’t give in to the desire for all these products. I know half of them (at least!) can’t live up to even a ¼ of what they claim to do. I just want them. Sad, but true.

I don't know why I wrote about this but it popped in my head while I was doing dishes this morning. I really need to find something else to occupy my thoughts!

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Nov 1 @ 10:09AM  
OMG G/F, I have a whole folder in my bookmarks of "As Seen on TV" stuff. But I include makeup and things like that rotating tupperwear thing? *drools*

Nov 1 @ 10:11AM  
This is why we're friends!

***thinks, "Rotating tupperware thing? Hmmm..." tucks that away for future reference***

Nov 1 @ 10:16AM  
Ok admitting to having the problem is the first step.................the second thing is........if you see a product on tv and you didn't get the info you can usually find it at...........As Seen On TV.......also always check out ebay for the more expensive items...........usually alot cheaper there................oh and I'll see ya at the meetings for this problem...........

Nov 1 @ 10:30AM  
I have something you can occupy your thoughts with !!

Nov 1 @ 10:36AM  
rotating tupperware thing


Nov 1 @ 10:49AM  
being a man, I don't need to lock the door for privacy when a new cleaning gadget comes on TV.

However it's taken all of my will power not to buy the knives that can cut nails & cans and then slice a tomato to 1/32 the thickness of a human hair. That I really, really need.

Nov 1 @ 11:06AM  
I warn you, stay away from my toilet brush!


Nov 1 @ 11:12AM  
I admit, I covet the Ionic breeze. I have the rubber broomy things that get doggy hair out of the carpet.. rarely use it but I have it.. but the one thing I have the most trouble with is the music albums that are compiled by monkeys and sold at 19.95 plus shipping and then 21.95 plus shipping for the rest of your life for more more more... morooooooooore!

Thank goodness I haven't got a credit card!

Nov 1 @ 11:16AM  
OMG Sam.... the Time/Life music ones.... There are about 4 of em I'd sell my children to own!!!

Nov 1 @ 11:55AM  
umm you guys I have most of those songs on the original albums And yep I still play them My weakness SALE and i just bought a new printer all in one for under $50

Nov 1 @ 1:16PM  
Actually I'm also fascinated by all those Australian and English hucksters selling their stuff on infomercials. Who the hell is Billy Mays and why would I buy something from him?

Do you remember all the Ronco commercials from the 70s? The Pocket Fisherman, The Vegatable Slicers, the Pocket Sewing Machine, and always to the same music....a bell version of Deck the Halls...Diiiing da ding ding dong dong ding dong, deeddle ding de ding, da ding dong ding!!!!

Damn. Now I'll have that stuck in my head all day.

Nov 1 @ 1:40PM  
Ok, no more tv for you...go get laid instead

Nov 1 @ 2:09PM  
L4E, How big is that closet, there seems to be a lot of in there with you? lol
I go to the store and stand for what seems like hours checking out new cleaning products. Uses, smells.
I walk in the cleaning products aisle and I want one of everything.
Luckily I have a strong enough will power to walk away with just what I need....... lol
Oh My Gosh, I can see a new 12 step program being formed.....

Anybody have one of those rotating tupperware thingys?

Nov 1 @ 2:16PM  
Anybody have one of those rotating tupperware thingys?

Um not yet *looks longingly at her Visa card* But... maybe soon?

Nov 1 @ 2:17PM  
Ah GF I am an infomercial junkie too. I so want that portable steam cleaner that leaves your bathroom not only sparkling clean BUT sanitized as well. AND what about that vacuum that swivels and is portable so you can do your stairs easily *what I don't have stairs??* hmmm who cares I have to have it anyway you never know.
Oh and Chuck Norris how many times has he inspired me to rush out and buy his exercise machine. I just KNOW it will change my life and overnight I will become thin and gorgeous. Of course if that doesn't work there are all those relacore products that just melt weight away with no effort.
Now have to admit I actually did go buy the revolving tupperware thingy. Sigh it didn't live up to my expectations. The containers are just to small. BUT Time Life and I are great friends. I think I am putting all their kids through college with my purchases.

Giving you one of my precious green thingies. I so rarely part with them these days I want something to keep for my gold membership.

Nov 1 @ 3:11PM  
Bathroom cleaners are my thing I can't get enough of them. After all if cleanliness is next to godliness then I am master of my universe.

Nov 1 @ 3:48PM  
I just happened to stumble across this group on my way to another MVA ( music videos anonymous) session. As a member of one support group, I can understand and feel the need to validate your willingness to express your inner being.

L4E, thank you for sharing with others and know we care for and support you ( emotionally, socially, psychologically,....).
Oh, before I stroll down the hall...may I offer you my green thingy. As a part of my gold member, I would hate for it to go to waste.

Nov 1 @ 4:12PM  
Very cool for you to be able to "come out" on this subject. My thing is "cooking" gadgets,lol.

Nov 1 @ 4:45PM  
Giving you one of my precious green thingies. I so rarely part with them these days I want something to keep for my gold membership.

Oh, before I stroll down the hall...may I offer you my green thingy.
No! No! No kudos! They are the anti-sex, don't you know? Ewe_Wish did a blog on it not to long ago. You two take those kudos back, right now, dammit! Oh, wait! I am forgetting my manners...

Thank you so much for your beloved kudos. I know how much these are coveted and I would feel awful if you needed them later. Please, keep them. Knowing that you were willingly giving them to me is gift enough.

***wonders if they fell for that and will keep their anti-sex kudos to themselves***

Nov 1 @ 4:51PM  

If you will not accept the kudo.....( ---your reaction)
And, random praise and accolades does nothin' fo' ya.......( --again, you)
What can I offer that you will accept???

Nov 1 @ 4:52PM  
What can I offer that you will accept???

Um, cleaning products?

Nov 1 @ 5:11PM  
No prob, L4E....


Nov 1 @ 5:13PM  
OMG...I am drooling all over myself....

Nov 1 @ 5:19PM  
Anything, to help a woman out....

I have been a lil sick, lately....


Dec 22 @ 11:32PM  
As I read the first 2 paragraphs, I thought you were going to confess to wanting to see if you really can raise a faimly of "Sea Monkeys" in your home. Now, THAT is the American Dream.

Eat your heart out. Envy me and my obvious superiority. I HAVE the revolving tupperware thingy!

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Coming out of the closet...