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Okay, I'm waving the white flag.

posted 11/1/2007 2:58:46 AM |
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tagged: friendships

I wrote a simple blog to say bye, best wishes and to let you all know that I would miss you, thinking I could bow out semi-gracefully and be done. That didn't exactly work out the way I planned. Y'all don't play fair.
No one here did anything to make me want to leave. Well Dayna picked on me, called me names and pulled my hair but I'm used to that. Besides I kinda like my hair...oh never mind that's for another blog.
For the most part I am one of the most optimistic people you will find. I can find the good in almost anything. I have a friend that says I drive her crazy doing this. But for some reason not this time. But I'm finding it now. It just took me some time and listening to some caring friends.
Did you ever have two of those days where you just kept getting bad news piled on top of bad news on top of more and more? Momentarily it just got to be too much. And I couldn't fix any of it, for anyone. I don't normally run from things, it's not me. I'm usually the one that tries to hold everyone else up. But today for a brief time, I threw in the towel. And AMD is where it landed. But I've never been a quitter and now is not a good time to start.
I was reminded by a friend, after her and I had a umm brief disagreement, that AMD is an escape when the rest of the world goes wrong. And damn, as much as I hate to watch her head grow anymore, she might have been right. (I Said Might.) And although you embarrassed the hell outta me,and made me cry even more, thank you for caring and for the blog.
For all the posts on my blog and to Dayna's, For all the private emails, I thank you all more than you could ever know.
Truthfully it would take me days to answer all of them, so please accept this as my thank you for your kind words and well wishes.They meant a lot. As well as your friendships. I do apologize for just going to leave without an explanation, especially to a select few. I think you know who you are.
So, I guess I'm staying............ and tomorrow will be a new day!!!
I hope it's a great one for Everyone!!

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Nov 1 @ 4:33AM  
Sometimes we just need to hear that we'll be missed. It's okay. I think it happens to all of us.

Nov 1 @ 4:58AM  
What?? Now your staying?? That wasn't reverse psychology I was working on you with last night..............ah hell, I guess you found out that people do give a rat's ass about you..........tho after some of the stuff you called me yesterday I'm not sure I do........ And as for pulling your said you liked......ummmmm...... nevermind..........but welcome home honey.......glad you decided to stay.............without you we would have been one nut short of a full nut house................

Btw, I am so glad you saved me from having to tell them your secrets........I just wasn't sure how to explain your chamber of thrills........wasn't just for Halloween........

Nov 1 @ 5:50AM  
YEAH!!!! I'm so glad you're staying, I finally made one good friend on here and she "decided to leave" and I was heartbroken, but now I'm so happy that she's staying. Don't let the big dogs get ya down hun, keep your chin up and remember no matter what, you are loved!

Nov 1 @ 6:06AM  
We are glad you decided to stay. That may keep Dayna from picking on the rest of us. LOL I hope the new day bring joy and laughter back to your life.


Nov 1 @ 6:25AM  
well since your request was NEVER submitted...........i know your staying...........good for you n us.....

Nov 1 @ 6:31AM  
Being the friend that I am................thought i would give you a hand here.......


Nov 1 @ 6:45AM  

Nov 1 @ 7:57AM  
" When you are loved by one you are fourtunate, when you are loved by many you are rich." If that is so I would say that you just hit the lotto. Glad to hear you are going to be here awhile.

Nov 1 @ 8:09AM  
We are glad you decided to stay. That may keep Dayna from picking on the rest of us.

MIGHT...but I doubt it!

" When you are loved by one you are fourtunate, when you are loved by many you are rich." If that is so I would say that you just hit the lotto.

I like the way you guys think.

Nov 1 @ 8:40AM  
Thank you!! That is INCREDIBLE news to wake up to this morning!!!! So glad you decided to hang out a while longer!!

Nov 1 @ 9:28AM  

Nov 1 @ 9:34AM  
Now see wasn't this simpler than all the harrassing phone calls you were about to receive? All the nasty emails, the threats, the coercion??? Truthfully I am so happy you're staying! lubs ya Treas!

Nov 1 @ 10:17AM  
Glad to see you're sticking around....who else would Ewe have to pull hair with?

We've all had those proverbial "bad days"....and your friend is right, AMD is a great place to escape the stresses of the real world. can we all get back to what we do best here......raise hell and have fun?


Nov 1 @ 11:12AM  
I'm glad ur staying, Dayna pulled my hair last night, and it hurt!!!!!!!! Now she can pulls yours again.......geesh.

Glad your staying hon!!!

Nov 1 @ 11:58AM  
I'm so happy!! Now we can talk about everybody when they ain't looking for fun at 45

Nov 1 @ 1:57PM  
they ain't looking for fun at 45
Speaking of which.........what happened to that bitch.................ewe_wish ewe knew dontcha?

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Okay, I'm waving the white flag.