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So what is tonight?

posted 10/31/2007 2:08:41 PM |
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Halloween an evil day ya think? Do we open up ways for spirits to come back to us? All just a hoax thought up by someone Yrs ago? How bout seances ever been to one? Believe in em? Participate in em? You know they tried to bring back the spirit of Houdini, think he was hiding from them though , imagine that ....
I live pretty close the all the happenings of the Bell Witch, not sure if she was just someones guilty conscience or actually a spirit out for revenge..... anyway tell me of your experiences , beliefs etc......

ps Apologies to Sammy , this blog is in no way a poke at you or your beliefs , you know I love ya sista.......

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well damn and her shoes were dirty too.....
Thru her eyes
Yep I sure do
So what is tonight?
Does anybody really know you ?
the moon is almost full
what do you do if
So what if your hearts not married


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Oct 31 @ 2:37PM  
Tonight is the night when the veil between the spirit world and ours is the thinnest. I have had multiple experiences with ghosts and spirits, and even channeled one or two when my senses were in a heightened receptivity phase.

A word of caution to the inexperienced believer or the dilettante who bought a Ouija board at Toys 'R Us as a lark: BE VERY CAREFUL. Good and evil exist on both planes, and there are very dark spirits out there, just waiting for an opportunity to come across and wreak havoc on you and yours, and they will do so if you accidentally open a portal. If you wish to expplore their world and your connection to it, I can't express enough the need for caution as well as a more experienced companion to be with you.

The bottom line, I think, is that there are things in this world that are not of this world, and no amount of science or religious dogma can explain them away. If you believe, they will appear to you if and when it suits them. Oddly enough, they will do the same if you don't believe, but that is only to shock someone into believing when they need to believe the most.

Blessed Be

Oct 31 @ 3:19PM  
Anything mysterious in life tends to get all our interests. Don't you just love this time of year...

Oct 31 @ 3:36PM  
Yes sir I do straddle.........

Oct 31 @ 3:41PM  
It is a great time - brings out the curious child in us all

Oct 31 @ 4:16PM  
No worries miss Mags.. actually tonight is just halloween. Just a christianized holiday actually. Samhain isn't technically til the 7th when the moon is in 15 degrees of Saturn then watch out.. That's when the veil is the thinnest and most spooks will be roaming the earth. put out your plate of goodies for those who are lost .. and light your jack-o-lanterns so they can find their way home!

Seances.. don't need em.. talk to the dead all the time.. sometimes I wish they would shut the hell up.

I agree with azvagabond though about Ouija boards.. not a good thing to be farking around with. The original concept had spirits trapped inside the board.. not sure if they still do by association or if it's all just a toy now.. but I wouldn't mess with it anyway.

The original Halloween also known as Samhain (sow in) signals the end of summer and the beginning of the dark season of winter. it's a half year mark with Beltain (may day) being the first. The Celts brought offerings of food and drink to their dead relatives and such as a way of saying howdy. (that's where the trick or treating comes in) they felt that if they didn't do this.. that bad things would happen as the unhappy spirits would cause mischief in the villages. Traditionally it's a day of communing with those who have gone before, and feasting in preparation for the dark part of the year.. I'm gonna post a story about Jack-O-Lantern in a few mins.

Harpy Howlerween Mags.

Oct 31 @ 4:19PM  
Ouija board may look like a toy, but it's no toy...handle with care..
I've seen and heard of people with different experiences using a Ouija board.
Most of the experiences were not what I would call positive one's. the majority of spirits contacted were lower entities.
The Wiccan religion is one of the most mis-understood religions around.

Oct 31 @ 7:15PM  
True enough Holly. If you have some experience, it can be a useful tool for basic contact, i.e. a loved one, but only when the question is being posed by someone else and an experienced person is handling the board. I first saw it as a kid when my father and stepmother (newly married) went to a gathering and they asked if they would have children. The user predicted my little brothers birthday to the day and even his name - this was 3 months before he was even conceived. The user was a member of the group but not well acquainted with either of them, at least not enough to know the things that were brought out. The message from the other side ostensibly came from my grandmother, who had passed only days before. It led me down the spiritual path I follow today.

I was raised in the Pentecostal religion, Old Testament fire and brimstone God included,and this experience led me to start asking questions. I was already an avid reader (this happened when I was 8) and I readmany books on the subject. Over the years I have developed this philosophy: There is a higher power, and it can take many forms. No one belief is truly right or wrong, and each of us develops a personal relationship with that power we believe in. I believe that evil exists, as does good, and that they are opposite attributes of this higher power. I have a healthy respect for it, and if it is conscious of me at all, it is cognizant of that and respects me likewise. And it is so with each and all of us, or it can be.

Sorry to be such a long winded SOB, but this is a subject near and dear to me. Let me also say I agree Wicca is largely misunderstood. It's practitioners tap into this power in a different way than most religions, and it is at once a new idea and a very old one. That scares the shit out of a lot of people, sad to say.

Be well, Miss Holly, and all who suffer through my soliloquy. I am new here, but I am beginning to see there are some truly pleasant people here, and I look forward to becoming acquainted with them.

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So what is tonight?