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Halloween stress

posted 10/31/2007 1:06:23 PM |
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tagged: daughter, straddle

Here's an update on my daughter. Yesterday afternoon after getting home after I finished cutting Kim's grass I saw where Natasha had tried to call me (2:55pm). I called her back at her friends house and she told me that Willie was laid off last Thursday after being on the job for only 3-4 days. And if that's not enough Willie's mom kicked them both out to where Natasha told me that their homeless. She said that she tried to go to the housing for emergency assistance and was told that that didn't have it set up this way, and that she would have to put an application through. Right now they have been staying at some friends house for the last 2-3 days. I may have to make room for the both of them here at my house. Natasha is unable to work because of the stress factor given that the doctor gave her orders not too. As for Willie, I'm not sure why he can't hold a job, he's going to have to learn to take care of all three of them and start making some strides in the right move with right decisions. Last night they both went to a Halloween party and I had tried to call last night a couple of times but was told by her friends that she was home yet. I'm going to wait and see if she makes an attempt to call me again today.

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Oct 31 @ 1:18PM  
I agree with you, they need to learn a little responsibility. Hard to believe they are out at a party when they are "homeless", except perhaps that they needed to release a little of their own stress. I hope Willie is able to find a job quickly, and they are able to find some sort of housing.

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Oct 31 @ 1:24PM  
Thank you, Crissy. I was trying to calm her down yesterday and told her that things will work out. She then went on about having to pay out a car payment and I told her first things first, we're going to have to find you a place, than we'll worry about all the other things when it's time to. I thought that since she was stressed out that maybe this party would be good for her to let off a lot of steam. Hopefully she's not as stressed out like she was yesterday.

Oct 31 @ 1:35PM  
Straddle , I do hope everything works out well for you and your daughter, as far as willie though, you really dont owe him anything , infact if you bring him to live with you , it maybe an enabling factor, perhaps that why he wont rather than cant hold a job.

Now having said that I dont know the whole situation so if I have spoken out of turn , my apologies please.

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Oct 31 @ 1:40PM  
Thanks, Maggiemae. You pretty much summed it up, I don't owe Willie anything, but I'm afraid that Willie and my daughter comes as a package. Seems like he always has to be part of everything with me and my daughter. Natasha likes including him in everything.

Oct 31 @ 1:42PM  
Shaun, I know that words are not going to be of as much comfort as we would like them to be. But know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and Natashia throughout this.
I hope things work out well. And yes, He needs to learn to step up and take care of his family.
Best wishes, Sweetie. I hope she contacts you today.

Oct 31 @ 1:47PM  
I hear you Willie needs to grow up I'm sorry Natasha even met him. Which is probably where more of her stress is comin from I'm sorry I also stepped out of bounds there but I hate it when young people don't even try

Oct 31 @ 3:00PM  
I know the stress of worrying about a daughter Shawn! When I lived in Mobile, AL for almost 7 years, I always thought things were going ok with her- at least when I called her, she sounded ok!

Turns out in between a couple jobs, she almost rented a store-all for a place to stay! I couldn't believe my ears- asked where her mom was during this time and she said she didn't want to bother her! I think her mom had a live-in boy friend at the time! Fortunately, she got a decent job and had some cash and was able to find a place with some friends! That's scary stuff for a father!

They'll get their acts together sooner or later- better sooner!

I hope everything works out for them and lessen the stress factor for you!


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Oct 31 @ 3:12PM  
Okay, I'm stressing big time right now. I just tried calling Tash up there at her friends house and was told that both her and Willie got back late last night and went back over to Willie's parents house. I was also told that Willie got her last night. That's all the person knew who I talked with. I hung up and tried calling Willie's mom and their phone is no longer working and disconnected.

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Oct 31 @ 5:05PM  
I just talked with Tash. I told her that if her and Willie came to live with me there are ground rules like Willie will have to go look for a job and get one. Both are going to pull their weight. And their friends cannot hang out here at my house. She didn't like that fact about her friends not hanging out here, but that's something I don't want. She said that all she has is me and 3, her two aunts, and her grandma, and that her friends have been there for her. Sorry, but I still don't want strange people hanging out in my house.

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Oct 31 @ 5:09PM  
Btw, as for Willie's injuries go, Tash ran over his foot with the car by accident.

Is it so wrong to feel as I do about setting those ground rules for both of them if they stayed with me?

Oct 31 @ 5:24PM  
well straddle she ran over his foot, now he sure wont try to get a job, lol he is injured ya know......

Ground rules have to be set by everybody, I dont know of one person that does not crave discipline, they may not admit it , but especially children need to know where the limits are, if you dont have limits how do I know you care?

Oct 31 @ 5:25PM  
Nothing wrong with setting ground rules. I would say that if you are HOME, she could have one or two friends over, if she asks in advance, and that it isn't a DAILY occurance, you do need your quiet time, but that you do not want strangers in your home when you are not there. It's called respect, and if she doesn't have any for you, I certainly wouldn't allow her in your home. As far as Willie, there is nothing wrong with demanding that he is searching for employment, I can understand you supporting Natasha (to a point) but you are under no obligation what-so-ever to support Willie. They need to be grateful that you are allowing them into your home and be willing to do whatever it takes to make it work for all concerned. They are about to be parents, and it sounds like they need some lessons in how to BE parents!!

Nov 1 @ 10:21AM  
Sorry I missed your blog yesterday Shawn, I hope all things work out for all of far as willie goes you may be enabling him if you give him a roof over his head but you will definitely cause problems between you and your daughter if you its probably the lessor of evils to give him a place to stay.......if she is anything like you she will wise up soon enough about him..........good luck.

Nov 1 @ 11:04AM  
Wow, that's rough. I hope everything works out for your daughter.

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Halloween stress