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Tell Me About Your Kisses....

posted 10/30/2007 5:40:14 PM |
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tagged: kisses

I know that there is another blog about kissing on here right now. Which was a good blog, by the way..

It was a very small factor in this blog, but mostly it crossed my mind the other night and so I decided to ask the question..... Or questions.

How do you like to be kissed? What type of kisses? And what parts of your body being kissed just absolutely makes you want more? Do you really like kissing, or is it just one of those things?

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Oct 30 @ 6:26PM  
How do you like to be kissed?
I like it a LOT, but it has to be a really really good kisser.

What type of kisses?
I leave that to the kisser's imagination because surprise turns me on.

And what parts of your body being kissed just absolutely makes you want more?
That is part of the whole surprise thing. I can't predict just what will do it.
But if it's a really good kisser, wherever she goes I will want a lot more.

Do you really like kissing, or is it just one of those things?
He he he he he .................. wanna test me?

Oct 30 @ 6:30PM  
Do you really like kissing

Yes. But like other things, it depends on who's on the other end. Assuming they're acceptable - dental hygene is important, as is their kissing skills - then I want all kinds of kisses. The smash, the light, the gentle, or the probing of the tonsils all have their places.

Of course, the correct order has something do with it. Someone I barely knows who comes up and trys for the tonsils on the first kiss isn't going to rank very well. But a quick, light peck, complete with a shy glance and a million dollar smile will rank very well.

As for my sensitive spots, I'm particularly vulnerable to having my neck and ears kissed, and pretty much any where on my ribs.

Oct 30 @ 7:11PM  
Hmm let's see.. I like long kisses, short kisses full body contact kissing.. yeah I think that's my favorite kiss.. full body contact! Preferably naked full body contact..

what? there were other questions? sorry I gotta go in the bedroom and talk to rauol.

Oct 30 @ 8:05PM  
Long kisses, that's what I love most. Full body ones are pretty awesome too.

Oct 30 @ 9:01PM  
jeff bates said it best "long slow kisses"

Oct 30 @ 9:13PM  
Long Hot Wet Kisses All Over My Body!!!!

Oct 30 @ 9:34PM  
gently exploring my mouth then applying more pressure while he is pushing against me takes my head in his hands and kisses my socks off Oh yeah

Oct 30 @ 10:28PM  
Kissing is awesome when your tongues lightly touch.....nibbling on each others lips...trying to press closer than you already are..........that the first kiss is as comfortable (no nose bumping lol) as all the kisses after.........where you run your mouth over the neck and ears as your hands slowly explore each other.........definitely long slow kisses............

Oct 30 @ 10:31PM  
I like to kiss long and passionately while caressing and cradling my lovers head in my hands. I like to then gently kiss her face and neck so sftly it sends shivers up her spine. I like to be kissed by my ears since that is my most sensitive spot.

Oct 30 @ 11:08PM  
When his hand is on your neck, and his fingers are just softly stroking the hair at the base of your skull. Your faces inch towards each other, because you're not quite ready to break eye contact. Softly your lips touch, trying several different angles. Someone nips a lower lip between theirs. Your hand drifts up to his neck, pulling him infinitesimally closer and his hair drives just a little bit deeper into your hair. A tongue comes out and softly touches the others lips. More soft kisses, gently building a little pressure. You back off. Foreheads resting on one another. One tilts their head and drops back in for more kisses. Lips part, and tongues gently entwine. A few lip nibbles. More gentle licking on lips. Soft sighs. Bodies are pulled closer. His hand in your hair gets a little restless, pulling gently. You pull away and look deeply into one anothers eyes.

Yeah. I kinda like kissing. I think I'ma finish this up and blog it as an erotic story

Oct 30 @ 11:14PM  
Hot Damn, Princess!

I'm sorry, Casually.....what was the question?
I got distracted.

Oct 31 @ 12:17AM  
The only kiss I don't care for is the soppy, wet ones when you feel like your face is going to be devoured and you have a tongue forced halfway down your throat. That and that little dry peck when craving something much more. Of, course, some kisses are much better than others. Depends on the time and place on who is bestowing the kiss.

Oct 31 @ 3:30AM  
I love wet kisses almost everywhere on me.

Oct 31 @ 4:12AM  
Well, Kisses, hmmm?
Well, Long, passionate, exploring kisses are great! What a prelude to a long evening of intamacy! Tongues exploring one another!
Neck kisses are wonderful! And the body exploring kisses are heaven sent also!
I don't believe there is such a thing as a "bad kiss", just bad kissers.
I've been told I'm a really great kisser, and a great hugger, which to me kinda goes hand in hand.

It's been quite awhile since I've used those skills though? Hmm??

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Tell Me About Your Kisses....