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Oh Man...Not This Fucking Guy Again...

posted 10/29/2007 10:48:27 AM |
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tagged: whig

It's ok...I know some of U are thinking it. That's ok, though. U know why? BECUZ HATERS MAKE ME GREATER MOTHERFUCKER!!! So go ahead and hate on me all U want. It don't make no difference 2 me.

Honestly...I don't even know what the fuck I am talking about. It's been so fucking long since I logged on with any regularity that I doubt anyone even remembers me (yeah...right!). Shit iz probably all fucking different. New members have undoubtedly come along who may not be familiar with my particular brand of irreverent humor. 2 these people I say, "Fuck U. I don't want U 2 read my shit anyway. Turn off the computer and go back 2 Canada U fucking worthlress piece of shit. Stupid motherfucker!" Of course, that statement probably wouldn't apply 2 those members who remember me. 2 those folks I simply apologize. If U have ever met me U probably understand what I mean right now.

I know I usually don't talk about this kinda shit on here, but one of the reasons I haven't been online much lately iz another bitch. Yeah...I know, I know...I said I wouldn't do this shit anymore...and I didn't. Not really, anyways. At least I didn't get sprung on this one like I did the hooker! That would have been ALL BAD.I tell U! But I did become emotionally involved...and I did get played a little bit. It really sucks. I don't just seems like everytime I put trust in another person this kinda shit happens. Fucking bitches. I wish PrincessKissy would just bring her fine self over here and let me stick my tongue up her ass. That might make me feel better. Or maybe I could talk LadieDarkStarr N2 reminding me how much fun it iz 2 fuck a 21 year old again. Be careful, though...I know about your exes, remember? U might just fuck around and fall in love with my ass if U aren't careful! That's especially true once I've gone ahead and made those thighs of Urs start shaking, girl. Trust me...I know what Im doing.

Except when it comes 2 my real life, of course. Then I don't know what the fuck iz going on. Beyond the fact that I keep fucking up, that iz. My latest fuck up wuz this hot little number who sashayed her way N2 my goddamn life and almost fucking destroyed it. She sure fucking tried, anyway. All the way 2 the point of snitching me off 2 my old lady. Ain't that a fucking biitch? I wuz going 2 fuck her 2. I hadn't quite worked out the particulars of the arrangement, but that's pretty much the jist of where I wuz going with this thing. FINALLY...I summon the courage 2 break it off with this bitch and go my own way.

So, long story short, what happened wuz this. This bitch tried 2 get me 4 $200.00 and put it off on my old lady, but I saw that shit coming and squashed it. That's when I pretty much had all this bitch's money on me, but I still remained %100 professional. Well...most of the time, anyway. I did spend one afternoon eating her pussy and finger fucking her, but thats about it. I'd hate 2 see things end like this, U know?

Just as I wuz coming 2 terms with the fact that not only wuz the white bitch gone, but I had indeed missed my opportunity 2 fuck her in the ass when I had the chance (FUCK!), what did I stumble N2 but a house full of goddamned hookers! Not just any fucking hookers, either. Nope...that would just be 2 goddamn easy, wouldn't it?

So now I am hanging out there. One of the girls iz an obvious lesbian, the other iz her girlfriend and the bitch who's apartment it iz and the third iz that bitch's little sister. Of the three of them she iz the one I would most like 2 fuck, BTW. She iz quiet as all hell, but her titties speak 4 themselves...kinda like dumblonde's.

I really wish there wuz some way around this, but if there iz I just don't see it. Word has come my way that Sunshine79 loves having her hair pulled while having her ass pounded from behind, and I just wanted 2 officially offer my expertise in this area. U watch and see, bitch...B4 I'm done with U I bet U get my fucking name tattooed somewhere on Ur body!

I love U guys. I promise 2 try not 2 be such a stranger (really? U think I can be stranger than that? I don't know...)

Keeping U posted


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Oct 29 @ 10:53AM  
Well, well, well, look what the winds have blown back onto AMD. I'm proud to know you are still obsessed by me, it does a woman proud.

And stick around this time, sheesh, we haven't have any of your kinda fun in ages. Nothing but trolls and blog hogs and whiners.

Oct 29 @ 10:58AM  
Wow.....I've been gone forFREAKINever and look what I come back to!

Really suxx that you've been thru the wringer, but it's good to see you've not lost your sense of (sick, twisted, perverted) humor.

Keep your chin up and your dick outta the gutter and you'll be fine!


Oct 29 @ 11:26AM  
Men do it too but; There are all kinds of women out there to take advantage of and exploit men or women. It's one of the less than desirable things that makes up the world and how it goes around.

Oct 29 @ 11:33AM  
Yep we missed ya DS sorry about the well you know! And you also lucked out on PK LDS probably won't either guess you'll find another one to umm play with???

Oct 29 @ 11:45AM  

Me thinks Lisa46 might just be a little sweet on me. God...I sure hope so. In fact...why don't U prove it 2 me, Lisa? Send me that nasty pic! LET ME LICK Ur ASSHOLE, LISA!!!!

It always seems 2 come back 2 that with me, huh? I am so fucked up in the head, I swear...



Oct 29 @ 1:35PM  
I didn't forget about you...I even sent you emails begging you to come back. And what did it mean to you. NOTHING. That's all I am to you...nothing. See if I share any more pictures of Ladie and Kissy (and you should see the ones of Ladie and the beer bottle! ). Humph!

Oct 29 @ 2:50PM  
Shit ...I'm already in Canada and its fucking cold ....send me a bitch...

Oct 29 @ 2:57PM  
I missed you too DS...........but I am not sweet on ya......its just your intellect I adore......

Oct 29 @ 3:17PM  
OH my damn! Shit L4E SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH those were a special moment for party goers ONLY LoL

Dicky babe, I've missed you. I've called you and my calls go unreturned :'( BUT I still love you. Ever wanna wander your ass to MICHIGAN PK and I'll pull out all the stops.


Oct 29 @ 4:09PM  
Shit L4E SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH those were a special moment for party goers ONLY

Don't you worry, LDS, he'd have to work pretty hard to get to see those now. Of course, he could start making it up to me now and who knows what kind of pictures he might end up with when I am up there in a couple of weeks. Let's just, me & PK all in the same room (and rumor has it that Belle1010 might be there...) and G with his fancy new camera...Yeah, DS best get started...

Oct 30 @ 2:21AM  
Oh man I am so sick of your obsession with my fiancee so please stop begging me to let you have her.......................Ok you win simply deposit $1000 in my secret bank account number 5877246071 (you know which bank) and I will send her to you but remember you will lose your deposit if she comes back too badly exhausted. Don't forget I will also be calling in a few favours after covering your tracks when we both worked at the cellar (and you have Crissy to thank for that too).

Oct 31 @ 2:55PM  
I love U guys. I promise 2 try not 2 be such a stranger (really? U think I can be stranger than that? I don't know...)

You and Straddle have to be in the top two when it comes to strange blogs.

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Oh Man...Not This Fucking Guy Again...