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posted 10/28/2007 1:10:29 PM |
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I used to remember marriages based on love , trust, honesty and faithfulness. What ever happened to all that.

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Oct 28 @ 1:24PM  

Oct 28 @ 1:28PM  
you forgot marriage is supposed to be forever............................and whatever happened to that also?

Oct 28 @ 1:33PM  
Ok, I feel bad for my 1st answer, so I will add this..... Divorce is too damn easy. Couples get married knowing they can escape if they don't like it. They give up too easily. They have lost the ability to communicate and agree to disagree. Couple work too damn much and don't have time for each other anymore. They don't take the time to keep the FIRE ALIVE, so when someone else exciting comes along they bale.

It's a sad, sad scene that happens way to much.....

Oct 28 @ 1:42PM  
The internet dating age came around...need I say more?

Oct 28 @ 1:50PM  
People believe there are too many choices in the world. it is too easy with 6 and half billion people in the world to go find somone else. It is the easy thing to do. People dont have the courage to fight for what they believe in. Love isnt always easy. It not always a matter of walking away. And sometimes there is a time to quit fighting but that is not always the case. Used to be there was only a limited number of people in your area you found somone you loved and together you fought to make it last. you comunicated, you worked together to build a family, a life, a business, a farm, whatever life you chose. It was easy to walk away and find somone new. There wasnt a selection of people to choose from. Divorces were lokked on like a sin and People didnt go out with that sort. So people faught for there marriages. They worked together to make them work.. It wasnt the easy way it was the right way

Oct 28 @ 1:58PM  
I'm with Tom, it's too easy to walk away and too hard for some to stay. Which is such a tragedy.


Oct 28 @ 1:58PM  
I may find someone to spend the rest of my life with, but I feel no need to get the state involved.....

If 'he' wants to be legally married that badly, feels it to be important, then he will have some convincing to do.......

I do not need a license to prove my deep connection with a man.

Oct 28 @ 2:08PM  
Relationship with a legal piece of paper is called marriage.

relationships are a lot of hard work.

relationships are harder when people people are in the 30's and older ...

when there is another facets to include:

aging parents

children living with them or visitations

reduced income due to support for children or spouse

fear of pain..... experience from previous relationships
damaged people

I've come back into the dating world... from 17 to 47 ....

and this is what I have noticed.

Oct 28 @ 2:16PM  
Relationship with a legal piece of paper is called marriage.
Some states still recognize common-law........


Oct 28 @ 2:42PM  
You know that is why I haven't been married yet. When I can meet the man who makes my tummy do flips, my toes curl and get wet with just a look then I'll marry. Oh yeah he has to be house trained, take out the trash and have a job. The rest will figure itself all out

Oct 28 @ 3:34PM  

It does not exist anymore... After 18 years of marriage and two beautifull kids... My first wife decided she wanted to be a teenager all over again... She had everything she ever wanted... A faithfull hardworking husband, 12 year old twins (boy &girl), a big house, all the money she wanted, a new car every three years and that wasnt enough... She wanted to go out, get drunk and act like a fool.... I gave her an oppurtunity to shape up but she didnt... That was 7 years ago.... So, I played hardball too..... I took my two kids with me... took the house... took the car... took all the money and everything else one could imagine.... She had hooked up with an abusive boyfriend who is a drug addict and a drunk, beats her up every other day.... A broken arm and two black eyes not so long ago... she hasnt held a job in seven years, does not have a car and has spent the entire seven years living with friends and relatives.... As for me and my kids... We are doing quite well, they are now 19... they both work, go to school, have cars, dont drink, dont smoke, very dependable, mature and everything a parent could want...

Oct 28 @ 3:49PM  

Just for the record... Both of my kids and myself have offered to help her out financially if shes willing to help herself get out of the rut shes in.... We are willing to do that... The ball is in her court.... I guess, after all she has done I somehow still care for her... The thought of taking her back has never crossed my mind... Our divorce was final and forever.... I'm doing just fine at the moment....

Oct 28 @ 5:19PM  
i bust'd a cap n my wif hed cuz i didnt wanna b married i serv 5 yearz in jackson prison fo it

Oct 28 @ 8:57PM  
Whappened? The Pill. Birth control pill, that is.

For centuries men could fool around but unless they got "caught" with their pants down, nobody could really prove it. Women had the same wants and desires as men, but they had to deal with the stigma of unwanted pregnancy if they got "caught". Which was totally unfair since men are the ones who got them pregnant in the first place.

Anyway...... the invention of the birth control pill gave women a (relatively) reliable menthod of birth control... which.... let them have just as much fun as the men without getting "caught".

That, and as VG said...... divorce.... or rather the relative ease with which one can now get a divorce as opposed to years agon.

Oct 28 @ 9:28PM  
It went south. I feel marriage should be forever. But we all know it's not like that these days. Hopefully when I finally get married it will be for keeps.

Oct 29 @ 3:29PM  
I have to agree with Ash...........I have done the married routine 3 times.......once divorced.......once widowed..........and now seperated..............if i ever get involved again........................there will be no piece of paper from any state to say we are committed.........The next time i get involved to the point of living with someone it will be when we are both sure that this is it for the rest of our lives............

great blog. C.....

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