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Sharing a Sunrise....

posted 10/28/2007 12:42:52 PM |
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tagged: erotic

I have never written an erotic story. And I still haven't, think of it more as a sensual story. Ya know since I'm so innocent and shy and all...... lol But either way, be gentle with your responses, after all it is my first time.... Oh what the hell, you either like it or you don't........

They stood there gazing into each others eyes. Their hands touching and the heat of their desire gradually growing, but not quite yet to that intense flame. He looked down lovingly at her, seeing the moisture slightly appearing between her shapely breasts.
He knew that this was his woman filled with desire for him. His love that put that sparkle in her blue-grey eyes that could melt any mans soul and heart. But it was his she was effecting, as well as the manhood he felt ever growing with anticipation of the night ahead.
As he gently pulled her top up over her head a slight mid September breeze whispered through the window and across her skin leaving tiny chill bumps and arousing her nipples to that point where he just had to see, caress and gently taste them. Sensing his thoughts, she without any reservations, reached around and undid her bra allowing it to uncover her and fall to the floor. A slight moan escaped from inside him that made her smile.
He gently cupped one breast and then the other while leaning down to place his wet mouth on her swollen nipples and allow his tongue to enjoy the feel of them. First one and then the other as she arched her back to allow him the ability to do anything he wanted with them. She was holding gently to his shoulders to steady herself as she was beginning to feel lightheaded with pleasure. As she moved one hand to grasp the back of his head to hold him right where he was, her breathing became a little deeper with every little move of his tongue or each new wet kiss to her sensitive nipples. Damn this felt so good.
She loosened her grasp as he moved his mouth and began allowing his tongue to trail slowly up her breast and to her neck. Placing kisses on her neck and again running his tongue to spots he knew drove her crazy, making shivers cascade over her entire body. He knew well how this excited her, as she felt a desire slowly building within her. She knew that she was extremely moist with anticipation and want for this man. Just as she was thinking she wasn't going to be able to stand much longer he looked into her eyes and slowly kissed her mouth. Tender and softly. Yet allowing his tongue to dance with hers and let her know he was wanting this. Wanting her. The kiss becoming more urgent and a little more demanding. He lifted her from the floor and she wrapped her bare legs around his waist as he continued to kiss her and make his way to the bed a few feet away. As he leaned over and sat her near the edge of the bed she was able to place her mouth on his bare stomach and trail butterfly kisses down his chest and stomach. He stood there enjoying the feel of her wet tongue on his skin knowing he wanted to feel that warmth somewhere just a little lower. As she stopped and looked up at him with teasing eyes he undid his levi's and she reached to undo the zipper. He instantly felt the need to step out of his jeans as she pulled them and his boxers complete down and allowed him to step out of them. But not letting him step away or move from where he was.
As he stood there in front of her, she leaned in and slightly touched the tip of that beautiful swollen head with her tongue tasting the sweet precum that had formed. Now he needed to hold onto her as she began swirling her tongue gently around and allowing her mouth to open around him and allow him to enter her mouth. At first she slowly licked and sucked letting him move in and out of her mouth. But only to a certain point. Keeping her hands on his hips to control his movement.His breathing was getting raspy and he wanted to feel the warm and wetness of her mouth cover him completely. To feel that suction and be completely devoured by her mouth. She must have read his mind because as he had fallen into her teasing rhytmn she moved her hands to have a better hold and pushed her mouth all the way down his shaft,making him gasp for air and making it difficult to swallow for just a second.He knew she had that ability to take his breath for a moment and loved when she did that.Given a choice between breathing and feeling this good, he'd take the feeling this good.
Burying him in her mouth and back out again she looked up at him as if to say "I can do anythng I want at this point and you are my willing prisoner." and he knew that was the truth. He firmly held the back of her head and thrust his entire manhood completely to the back of her throat, which she gladly accepted over and over til she felt his body start to tremble and his movement became faster paced. He was going to give her what she wanted from him. He filled her throat almost faster than she could swallow all of his cum. She wasn't going to let that happen so she sucked harder and continued to swallow as he expelled every last drop and she was satisfied that she wasn't missing any.
When his mind started to clear, he thought about what a night it was going to be. He knew they would see the sunrise together.
She knew he made her every sunrise better than the last and this would be no exception.

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Oct 28 @ 12:45PM  
Awww...thanX for this interlude.

Oct 28 @ 1:03PM  

Oct 28 @ 1:24PM  
Very Good

Oct 28 @ 1:29PM  
Lovely!!! Damn, now I have to go play......

Oct 28 @ 1:32PM  
Funny thing.. was talking with a friend who shared a vid of himself taking a shower, about how that was more erotic to me than watching some guy wank.. same deal with your story.. it's intimate and that's HOT!

Oct 28 @ 1:49PM  
Hmmm, daym good for a first time. Have me wishing I was the lucky guy. Looks like I need to take care of something.....

Oct 28 @ 2:02PM  
Wow, that was awesome!!

Oct 28 @ 2:39PM  
Kudos for an excellent & exciting story!

Oct 28 @ 2:44PM  
WOW this is great!! green thingie to you hon!

Oct 28 @ 9:25PM  

Oct 29 @ 3:32PM  
Well, Treas..............You already know what I think of your story.................

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Sharing a Sunrise....